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C:T talks to composer Dmitri Tymoczko whose piece 'The Story of Jazz ' will be premiered by pianist Ivan Ilic at Carnegie's Weill Hall this June 23rd.

C:T talks to trombonist Gregory van der Struik who runs the Trombonis Australis Project, hoping to encourage new work for the trombone.

C:T talks to composer Geoffrey Gordon who is currently writing a piece for the Boston Modern Orchestra Project

CT talks to string trio Kosmos, who explore the boundaries of Western Classical music with Eastern European, Gypsy, Balkan, Klezmer and Tango with contemporary influences.

C:T talks to Nick Collon, conductor and founder of the impressive young British group, The Aurora Orchestra.

From now on news items added to the site will be visible in the forum to encourage discussion and debate.

C:T talks to Graham Ross , composer and co-founder of The Dmitri Ensemble

C:T talks to Cassie Yukawa of the Yukawa-Chan Duo, who play a programme of 20th and 21st Century music at Carnegie Hall this March 20.

C:T talks to composer Alejandro Rutty whose new work The Conscious Sleepwalker Loops, is MATA’s first orchestral commission. It will be premiered by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) in Boston at Jordan Hall March 29th, and will receive its NY premiere at the 10th Annual MATA Festival in Brooklyn, April 1st, performed by BMOP.

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Kenneth Hesketh at 50
Christian Morris talks to composer Kenneth Hesketh, who is in his 50th birthday year.
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