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We've added some new trumpet mute sounds to the sound bank today. The new sounds are for plunger and harmon mute.

We have more trumpet sounds inline to be added shortly.

We've added a new section of the site - Contemporary Music Concert Listings.

We'll be adding many of the larger concerts ourselves, but there is also an online wizard which allows you to instantly add your own new music concert - for free (part membership required.)

With our membership growing every day, it's a great way to advertise your concert.

The listings section is currently divided into UK, US and other international to allow you to easily find concerts in your area.

C:T talks to one of the leading figures in British Contemporary music, Robert Saxton. Robert is currently University Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford. Current projects include a work for Steven Isserlis and The Wandering Jew - a dramatic radio operatic fantasy commissioned by BBC Radio 3

C:T talks to Gwyn Pritchard, composer, founder of the Uroboros Ensemble and Artistic Director of the Reggello International Festival of Contemporary & Classical Music in Tuscany, Italy. The festival invites ensembles and soloists from many parts of the world to participate, programming music which is seldom heard in Italy. He also directs the RIF Composers' Competition which is hosted by the festival.

New interview with composer Graham Fitkin.
Recent works by Graham Fitkin include Double Concerto for two Pianos and Orchestra - CIRCUIT, commissioned by the BBC and featuring soloists Kathyrn Stott and Noriko Ogawa, and KAPLAN, a sixty minute piece for keyboards based on the central character from Hitchcock's North By Northwest.

C:T talks to composer Ross Lorraine, whose music has been performed throughout the world at many major music festivals. It ranges in style from extreme experimentalism to accessible songs for music-theatre. within what changlessness can be heard in this season's BMIC Cutting Edge Series, performed by Ensemble Exposť on 9 December at The Warehouse.

Most composers do other work to supplement their income. In the first of an ocassional series, C:T talks to a freelance editor at Universal Edition who has worked on the scores of Harrison Birtwistle and Morton Feldman.

C:T talks to composer Gabriel Jackson. Gabriel's music has been performed and broadcast throughout Europe and the USA and an interest in visual arts has led to performances at Tate Britain and elsewhere. Gabriel says his pieces are "not about conflict and resolution; even when animated, they are essentially contemplative".

New Interview with Julian Grant. Julian's operas include: The Skin Drum (winner, 1988 National Opera Association of America's biennial chamber opera competition: produced at Banff, New Mexico, Oberlin and the ENO Studio), Out of Season (ROH Garden Venture, 1991 - Olivier Award nominee), A Family Affair (Almeida 1993), Jump Into My Sack (Mecklenburgh 1996) and works for Tete a Tete.

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Maarten Beirens Interview
CT talks to Maarten Beirens, artistic director of the Transit Festival
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