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Member Profile - carlswanholm

Name Carl Kim Swanholm
CT Mail
User Name carlswanholm
Member Status  Full Member
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Date of birth 10/04/1954
Region United States  
Interests Exploring Breakthroughs, Commissions, Publishing, Movie Music, Performing, Recording, Teaching
Profile Holds Advanced Degrees in Music Composition with Distinction


6+ hours of new music 2006[Finished Song/Day!]--2009, extended orchestra to solos to choruses to songs, most recorded {{{Subwoofer-Surround Sound Suggested}}}
Pianist, Guitarist, Bassist, Improviser, Conductor, Teacher, new A Cappella Choral Singing + Music Director, ukuleleist, Film Scorer

Conducted world premiere of Three [programmatic quasi] Fugues for large string orchestra recently! Hope to also get other pieces performed, recorded and published which include piccolo and contrabass trombones, for unique intentions, (webpage) along with works from extended orchestra to piano+electronics to Rock Ballet and Futuristic Opera