Carl Swanholm - Composer  

You are invited to listen to ORIGINAL Music at: [click]

Listen also to SOUND SAMPLES and watch FILMS Compressed so they will not take a lot of your time, saves real lives PENTALOGY!! Twenty Five Symphonic Concert Soundtracks, Twenty Clips, Forty Songs and Improvisations, Life's Work. Conducted world premiere of Three Fugues for Large String Orchestra recently; hope to also get other pieces performed, recorded and published Three Pieces for Augmented Brass and Percussions which include piccolo and contrabass trombones for unique range, timbre, counterpoint, harmony, linears, textures, tessituras, effects, conflict|performance to victory (both trisets Blacklike Webpage) along with works from expanded orchestra to soli to piano+electronics to Orbits to Futuristic Opera

Holds Advanced Degrees in Music Composition with Distinction


7+ hours of new music including improvisations 2006[Finished Song a Day!]--20..expanded orchestra to soli to choruses to songs, most recorded {{{Subwoofer-Surround Sound Suggested}}}

Pianist, Teacher, Conductor, Guitarist, Bassist, Improvisor, new A Cappella Choral Singing + Music Director, Autoharps, ukuleleist, Film Scorer

Interests: Exploring Groundbreaking Music for Timeless Uninveralish Posterities, Commissions, Performing, Publishing, Scoring Movies (two recent Film Clips and a Feature Film performing on piano, keyboard, guitar, voice; a recent live concert as conductor and UCLA Ext Movie Scenes (Motion Pictures + Conducting simultaneously), poetry, more Popular, Modern Classical Live, Proposed Projects, Studio Recordings