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Sound Bank - Violin

This example shows the small but often useful variation in violin sound when using different types of bowing.
Bowing in 4s
Bowing in 2s
Bowing 1 then 3
Bowing each note separately
Bowing Spiccato (bouncing)

Probably most noticeable here is the slight change in accent between the different bowings. The 1-3 bowing clearly emphasizes the first note of each four, and perhaps gives a subtler accent than if a notated accent were to be added.

Similarly bowing in 2s inevitably stresses the 1st and 3rd of each four.

Of the three remaining 'even patterns', there is a kind of increasing sense of liveliness, with the first, bowing in 4, being calm and smooth; bowing separately is more lively, and spiccato is liveliest of all.