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Clarinet Workshop Jan 07

Emily Koh -Two miniatures for Clarinet

Emily Koh's Two miniatures for Clarinet was difficult but not impossible. The glisses in the second piece where generally easier to perform down than up - as may be audible in the recording. Stuart also found that the high A flutter tongued pianissimo very difficult - but again, possible!

( Download Piece no.1 - 1028Kb )

( Download Piece no.2 - 2126Kb )

What do you think? Add your comments below.

What do you think? Add your comments below.

Comments by other Members

Posted by :  emilykoh at 15:33 on 22 January 2007

I think Stuart did a great job playing my piece, and I am very pleased with the recording.

I guess there are some tech glitches with the links and comments now, but I'm sure that would be fixed very soon! I would LOVE to see Stuart's comments (and others' comments too!)

Anyway, many thanks Stuart! & also Many thanks to for having these great workshops too! =)

Posted by :  gtudorsax at 18:11 on 02 April 2009
really great piece !!! Congratulations Emily and real nice clarinet playing!!!
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