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Clarinet Workshop Jan 07

Jan Freidlin -Italian Album

We did two pieces from Jan Freidlin's Italian Album - At the Tomb of Juliet and the Dance of the Harlequin. Despite some extremely challenging writing, particular in the second piece, Stuart managed to play both pieces.

( Download At The Tomb of Juliet - 4091Kb )

( Download Harlequin - 1870Kb )

What do you think? Add your comments below.

What do you think? Add your comments below.

Comments by other Members

Posted by :  John Robertson at 14:59 on 22 January 2007
Congrats, I enjoyed the Dance of the Harlequin
Posted by :  Lizelle at 08:39 on 23 August 2007
Wonderful! Particularly enjoyed Harlequin. Just the sort of thing I love to play.
Posted by :  JennEngla at 13:52 on 15 April 2020
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