Randall Poshek-Gladbach - Composer  

Randall Poshek-Gladbach is a Chicago-based composer. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri and spent the first twenty-five years of his musical career as a pianist and harpsichordist specializing in the music and performance practices of the 18th century. For a second act, he has turned to composing music for the new millennium.

Writing for a variety of instruments and ensembles, Poshek-Gladbach is particularly keen on writing solo and chamber works for the piano and harpsichord. His recent compositions include: Variations on a Children's Song (flute & piano); Toccata (solo piano); Abreactions (solo piano); Mosaic (trio for horn, violin, & piano); Suite for Trombone & Flute; Introduction & Meditation on the Annunciation (chamber organ); and 3 Contrasting Trifles for B-Flat Clarinet. His Prayer of Consolation for oboe and piano, written in memory of composer, Walter Aschaffenburg (1927-2005), was recently premiered.

Poshek-Gladbach pursued his musical studies at Central Methodist University, Missouri University, Arizona State University, Florida State University, and the University of Michigan. His teachers include Kirsten Broberg, Edward R. Thaden, John Boda, Karol R. Welcelean, & Thomas L. Yancey, Jr.