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Summary:Chamber music competition
Deadline: 15 April 2020
Date Posted: 18 December 2019
Details: Art. 1 – Definition
The cultural association MusiCosmicaMente announces a composition contest on the occasion of the first anniversary of its activity (July, 3rd 2020), in order to establish its own musical archive and to have it performed in a public representation of unpublished music composed especially for the occasion, foreseeing also the assignment of final prizes.

Art. 2 – Requirements
The notice is open to composers of all ages and of any nationality. The score must be composed for solo piano or piano combined with one or more of the following instruments: violin, transverse flute, clarinet, saxophone. The score must be original, therefore never executed and in any case not deposited at institutions that protect copyrights.

This deposit can be made at the composer's discretion, in the future, only after the final execution of the three scores selected as winners.

The score must have a minimum duration of 4 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes.

The piece of music must be inspired by the following theme: "The Cosmos". The title of the composition can be freely chosen by the author. Each candidate can participate with a single piece, which must be sent in the manner described in the following Art. 3, in PDF format.

Art. 3 - Presentation procedure
The score must be presented exclusively by e-mail in PDF format at

The PDF of the score, must not bear the name of the composer, to not being excluded from the competition.

At every PDF file will be assigned by the Organization board a numerical code and presented with it to the Commission, to hide in advance the name of the composer. In addition to the PDF of the music score, the payment slip of the participation fee must also be attached to the e-mail, as it's reported by the following Art. 5, adding a copy of a valid identity document. The following data must be indicated in the e-mail:

1) Surname and name; 2) Place (or foreign state) and date of birth; 3) Municipality of residence and address; 4) Italian fiscal code (if in possession); 5) Telephone number (optional); 6) E- mail address (mandatory) where you wish to receive communications for the conduct of the competition, if different from the sender; 7) Duration of the sent score; 8) Short musical curriculum.

Personal data will be processed in compliance with current privacy legislation. The personal data (from 1 to 4) have the purpose of inserting the candidate in the Members' Book of this association

(the Statute of the association is always available at ). The e- mail address is mandatory and fundamental to receive the essential data for the competition from the Organization. All scores received through this mode will become part of a special archive at the headquarters of the Association.

Art. 4 - Timing and development of the competition
The deadline for the presentation of the scores is set for April 15th, 2020. The Commission will judge the candidates' works with unquestionable opinion and will express it by May 30th, 2020. The Commission will decide the five most deserving works, but without creating a score ranking. The five most deserving candidates will therefore be invited to perform their own compositions on the occasion of a concert organized by the Association for the celebrations of its first year of activity (second half of June, by July, 3rd). On this occasion the Commission will decide the first, second and third place, after listening to the works. Candidates who request, can have a rehearsal with the performers in the afternoon before the concert, to be able to listen to their own composition in advance, and relate to the performers. Expenditure for executors is in responsibility to the Association. The exact date and the exact location (city of Perugia) of the execution will be communicated to all the participants by e-mail and however reported on the website of the Association .

Art. 5 - Costs and premiums
Participation in the competition requires the registration of each candidate in the Members' Book of the MusiCosmicaMente Cultural Association (Statute available on the website Therefore, participation in the competition also includes the payment of the membership fee, valid until 2020 and possibly renewable by February 15th 2021. Therefore, the candidate is required to pay a participation fee of € 100.00 (one hundred / 00), including: - membership fee: € 50.00 + - competition fees: € 50.00. The payment of the participation fee must be made by bank transfer to a current account held by Ass.Cult. Musicosmicamente, bank Crιdit Agricole (Perugia) to the following

IBAN: IT 43 O 06230 03000 000043331239, specifying in the description "Concorso Anniversario" plus the surname of the candidate.

The payment slip must be attached to the submission e-mail. The prize for the three finalists is as follows:

– first prize: € 500.00
– - second prize: € 300.00 – - third prize: € 100.00.

To the first classified will also be offered a printing contract at a publisher affiliated with the organizing Association, for the publication of the score considered winner of the competition. 25 copies will be printed, one of which will remain in the Association's archives and the other 24 will be delivered to the winner.

– Note 1 to Art. 5: The membership fee is set by Resolution 2/19 of this Association; the validity for the whole of 2020 of the membership fee, even for those who register during the year 2019, is set by Resolution 3/19 of this Association.

– Note 2 to the Art. 5: The event is not part of: competitions or prize operations pursuant to Art. 6 paragraph 1 of Presidential Decree 430/2001 (Italian law), therefore the prizes will not be subject to withholding tax. The earner is responsible for understanding the amount of the prize in his annual income tax return.

Art. 6 - Commission
The judgment of the Commission is unquestionable. In compliance with the anonymity of the candidates and the proper conduct of the competition, the names of the commissioners will be announced during the performance evening of the five pieces selected and added on that occasion to the Association's website.

Perugia, November 7th 2019

MusiCosmicaMente Cultural Association via del Parione, 7 – PERUGIA (Italy)
CF: 94172340542