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MA/IN 2020

 MA/IN 2020
Summary:Competition with 4 categories
Deadline: 12 January 2020
Date Posted: 27 November 2019

The LOXOSconcept organization promotes the FIFTH edition of the MA/IN 2020 [MAtera INtermedia festival].

The MA/IN 2020 will take place in MATERA at the beginning of JUNE 2020.

The city of Matera has been the “European Capital of Culture 2019”, and LOXOSconcept was project leader for the 2019 Sound Art cultural programming.

LOXOSconcept wants to focus the attention on the electro-acoustic culture and to offer an important stimulus for the composers and multimedia artists, giving visibility to the electroacoustic genre.

Every year LOXOS tries to create a musical flux through partnerships with international organization in order to provide performative opportunities.

DEADLINE: Jan 12th, 2020 (23:59 - Rome time)

[A] Acousmatic ~ fixed media music. Multi-channel compositions are accepted.

[B] Mixed Media ~ for instruments and electronics/ multimedia (fixed or live).
This year the [B] category is focused on:

1. the QUARTETTO MAURICE (string quartet)
[please consider submissions just for the whole quartet - no solo/duo/trio]

Georgia Privitera, violin Laura Bertolino, violin Francesco Vernero, viola Aline Privitera, cello

2. the L’ARSENALE ENSEMBLE 4) [submitted work may use the whole ensemble as well as part of it | e.g. solo + elelctronics]

Livia Rado, soprano
Ilario Morciano, sax
Igor Zobin, accordion
Lorenzo Tomio, guitars
Roberto Durante, piano and synth Filippo Perocco, conductor

3. THAUMA TRIO (percussion trio)

[proposals for percussion duo, solo or combinations with other instruments are accepted]

Fabio Macchia : percussion Giulio Cintoni : percussion Simone Buttà : percussion

Instruments not included in the list above are available in any combination anyway. As usual the organization will provide other musicians. The composer can provide their own performers.

[C] AudioVisual ~ works with pre-prepared video and music. The video part can be of any kind. It must be single-screen (up to full HD).

[D] LivePerformance/SoundArt ~ works that include electronics and other elements [for instance, a piece with a new interface, laptop, performer and interactive live video, real-time coding, laptop improvisation etc]. Sound Installation are allowed [this category covers audio-visual installations, pre-recorded or generated in real-time, interactive or not].

If your work does not fit into any of above categories, please choose a category anyway.

All entries will be evaluated in the arrival order and according to the following criteria: aesthetics, originality, innovation, technology and quality of the presentation.

More information: