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Summary:Compositions up to 18 performers
Deadline: 15 June 2019
Date Posted: 01 May 2019
Details: North/South Consonance, Inc. is currently conducting an open search for compositions to be featured as part of its New York City free-admission concerts during 2019-20.

The upcoming season will celebrate the 40th anniversary of North/South Consonance's advocacy efforts on behalf of music by living composers. North/South Consonance concerts and recordings consistently feature music by composers hailing from throughout the world and representing a wide spectrum of aesthetic views.

Composers are invited to submit works for consideration in accordance with the following guidelines:
A. All composers are eligible.
There are no restrictions regarding age, citizenship or institutional affiliation.

B. Compositions submitted may be scored for any solo instrument, solo voices, string ensembles, Pierrot–like ensemble and/or other mixed ensembles up to a maximum of 18 (eighteen) performers.
Compositions employing voice, percussion and/or electronic means are acceptable.

C. A non-refundable registration/processing fee of $30 (US Dollars) per composition must accompany all submissions.
o Payment can be made via Paypal or check/money order issued by a US Bank.
o If using PayPal please indicate that payment is for the account of North/South Consonance, Inc. PayPal payments should be sent to
o If paying by check or money order, please make check or money order payable to NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, INC.
o All checks must be payable through a US bank.
o Submissions not accompanied by the required registration/processing fee will not be considered.

D. Entries submitted electronically will be accepted until June 15, 2019 @ 11:59 PM (EST)
Submit your entry electronically here!

E. Entries sent via regular mail must be received no later than June 15, 2019.
o Please register through the Call for Scores website before making s submission via regular mail.
o Submit one bound copy of the complete score.
o Do not send parts at this time.
o Do not send original copies of scores or unique manuscripts.
o The Board of Directors of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, Inc. cannot accept any responsibility for scores or any other materials lost, misdirected or damaged while in transit
o If available, an audio CD recording of the work identifying the performers as well as the date and place of performance should accompany the submitted score.
o A current address, e-mail and telephone number for the author should also be included.
o Please indicate if the work is registered with ASCAP, BMI or another performing rights agency.
o Materials submitted for consideration via regular mail will not be returned.
o Do not send materials via registered, certified and/or express mail.
o All submissions and/or communications should be addressed to: NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, INC.
P.O. Box 698—Cathedral Station
New York, NY 10025-0698

F. Compositions that have not been performed in New York City under professional auspices will be given preference.
Works that have received performances in universities and conservatories are eligible for consideration.
Recordings accompanying score submissions must identify featured performer and/or ensemble as well as date and place where performance took place.
Please make sure this information is visible on the title page of the score.

G. All communications concerning this Call for Scores will be made via e-mail.
Composers whose works are selected for performances will be notified via e-mail by October 31, 2019.
Final programming decisions will be published on the North/South Consonance website during November 2019.

H. A panel of distinguished musicians and composers will select the compositions to be performed during the 2019-20 season.
The members of this panel will also determine the exact number of compositions to be performed during the 2019-20 season.
The Board of Directors of NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, Inc will appoint the members of the 2019-20 selection committee.
The recommendations and opinions of all members of the selection committee will be strictly confidential.
No feedback will be provided to composers who submit works for consideration in response to this call for scores.
The recommendations and decisions of the selection committee will be considered final and will not be subject to appeal.
All individuals responding to this Call for Scores agree to abide by all stated competition guidelines including regulations, general policies, terms of use, and privacy policy.

I. Composers whose works are selected will be responsible for providing adequate performance materials twelve weeks prior to the concert.
Composers will assume full responsibility for costs incurred in the rental, copying, reproduction and/or mailing of performance materials.

J. The NORTH/SOUTH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA and appropriate guest artists will perform the compositions selected for the 2019-20 season.
NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE, Inc. will assume full responsibility for hiring musicians, performer fees, publicity and other concert related expenses.

Entry Fee:$30