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Summary:Competition with 4 categories
Deadline: 05 May 2019
Date Posted: 27 February 2019
Details: The artistic collective LOXOSconcept, with the support of Matera - Basilicata 2019 Foundation, KEYHOLE cultural association, BLUE CAT BLUES association, Spaziomusica association, the Arsenale Ensemble promotes the fourth edition of MA/IN 2019 [MAtera INtermedia festival].

The MA/IN 2019 will take place in MATERA 19 - 22 September 2019.
The city of Matera is “European Capital of Culture 2019”, and LOXOSconcept is project leader for the 2019 Sound Art cultural programming.

The MA/IN festival is aimed at the production and promotion of sonic and digital arts at an international level.
DEADLINE: May 5th, 2019 (23:59 - Rome time)

[A] Acousmatic ~
Fixed media music. Multi-channel compositions are accepted.

[B] Mixed Media ~
For instruments and electronics/multimedia (fixed or live).
It is possible submit works written for any kind of instrument and combination except acoustic keyboards (piano, harpsichord, celesta, organs).

Preferred instruments are:
Flute (Alto, C, Bass)
Paetzold flute
Voice (Soprano, Mezzosoprano) Percussion (max #2 percussionists) Violin
Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor) Clarinet (Bb, Bass)
Electric Guitar
Synth and digital Piano

Musicians will be provided by the organisers. The composer can provide their own performers.

[C] AudioVisual ~
Works with pre-prepared video and music. The video part can be of any kind. It must be single-screen, A full HD projector is available.

[D] LivePerformance/SoundArt ~
Works that include electronics and other elements [for instance, a piece with a new interface, laptop, performer and interactive live video, real-time coding, laptop improvisation etc]. Sound Installation are allowed [this category covers audio-visual installations, pre-recorded or generated in real-time, interactive or not].

If your work does not fit into any of above categories, please choose a category anyway.

All entries will be evaluated in the arrival order and according to the following criteria: aesthetics, originality, innovation, technology and quality of the presentation.
Entry Fee:€25