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XII° Destellos Competition 2019

 XII° Destellos Competition 2019
Summary:Electro-acoustic Composition
Deadline: 15 March 2019
Date Posted: 17 January 2019
Details: The Foundation Destellos, call for works for the Twelfth Competition of Electro-acoustic Composition and Visual music.

The objectives of this competition are the promotion and development of the artistic creation in relation with new technologies. Likewise, it is an intention of the Foundation Destellos to stimulate the creativity of the young generations of artists and to provide them new routes of diffusion of their works.

Will be attributed three first prizes of an amount of 600 American dollars each, in the categories:
A. Acousmatic music
B. Mixed Music
C. Visual music electro-acoustic

Also, as in former editions, will be granted second prizes, consisting in collections of CD of electroacoustic music offered by: Akusma
1. The call is open to composers of any nationality, age and gender.
2.Each candidate can send only one work by category, not been published for commercial purposes or prized before. It is recommended to get off the piece of any web site (ex. YouTube, SoundCloud etc).
3. Participants must pay a contribution bonus, which will be allocated to management and advertising expenses of an amount of 20u$a for one work and 5u$a for each one of the following. Payment must be made through PayPal, using the "donate" button located on the home page of the website:
4. For Category A, Acousmatic music: will be accepted stereophonic and multitrack works up to 11' duration.
5. Category B, Mixed Music: will be accepted works for instruments and electronic, of a maximum duration of 11 '.
6. All mixed works must be accompanied by their written score. Midi formats; improvisations or works that require devices in real time will not be accepted.
7. For Category C, visual music, will be accepted video works up to 6', in format. mov.H264. The Video Music category is for works that reflects principles drawn from music composition.
8. The participants will have to register before, sending by e-mail :
a. The submission form (attached below) properly completed by computer, preserving the format. Manuscript forms will not be accepted.
c. Send both as attached document to:
8. Each candidate will receive an e-mail of confirmation and a Code of inscription.
9. Once obtained the ID of inscription, the materials must be sent by: We Transfer, Dropbox or similar to:
10. All audio files must be send in mp3 (320kbps-high quality). Multitrack pieces must be sent : 1) a stereo version 2) the separated files, all contained in a .ZIP folder.
11. Pieces with instruments must be send in a ZIP folder containing : a) score in .pdf format, b) mixed version, in mp3 (320kbps-high quality) c) electronic part alone, same format.
12. The files and/or folders must be labeled ONLY with the Code Number+Title of the work (ex.: "021_Mypiece"). The name of author/s should not be included in any of the media supports (score, audio files). Please don't send audio materials by email.
13. The Submission that don't fill ALL the requirements established in this guidelines, will be rejected, and the payment will not be returned.
14. The works will not be returned and will be kept in the archives of the Foundation.
15. Prize winners of the two earlier Destellos Competition cannot participate, neither members of the jury and their families.
16. The works must be sent before Mars 15th, 2019.
17. The jury will be integrated by recognized international members.
18. The jury has the right to declare the prize deserted and give one or more mentions, also to design an "ex-æquo" prize to works of the same quality level.
19. The foundation has the right to postdate, to annul or to modify the rules of the competition at any moment. All changes will be published at the time.
20. The prizewinners are engaged to write the mention "Prix Destellos 2019", in all concert programs that include the work. The authors must inform the Foundation of the public presentations of the prized work.
21. Participants who do not meet ALL of the requirements set out in these rules will be canceled and the payment will not be refunded.
22. Candidates are asked to accept all the conditions of these regulations.
Entry Fee:$20