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Kozani International Music Seminars

 Kozani International Music Seminars
Summary:Call with short deadline
Deadline: 15 July 2017
Date Posted: 12 July 2017
Details: The 17th Kozani International Music Seminars announce the 2017 Composition Competition with the aim of providing 4 fee-waiving scholarships for the composition class of the 2017 KIMS.


The competition is open to composers of all nationalities and ages. The only ‘affirmative’ action implemented is that of selecting the music deemed best for performance; no political or other extra-musical quota will affect the decisions of the jury.

The competition accepts any unpublished or creative commons compositions, including compositions which have been previously performed.

The duration of the submitted compositions should be between 5 and 15 minutes.

The instrumental lineup is violin, clarinet (doubling bass) and piano. These instruments above may be used in any combination, while solo works may also be submitted.

It is possible to use a stereo audio track on CD to accompany the performance of the chamber instrumental group or solo instrument.


Submissions are to be made no later than 15th July to DIPETHE of Kozani, Aithousa Technis, Aghios Demetrios Park [for the KIMS Composition Competition], 50100 Kozani, Greece

consisting of

2 already existing works and/or 2 recordings
an anonymous, bound score
a short text about the work
a separate envelope with the composer’s details and receipt of payment
or electronically to:

consisting of

2 already existing works in pdf and/or 2 recordings
an anonymous pdf of the score
parts in pdf format
a short text about the work
a word file with the composer’s details and scanned receipt of payment
Jury / Selection

The jury consists of the KIMS teachers who will perform the works. The jury will convene in July 2017 and rehearse all submitted works. The choice of 4 works will be made by vote of the ensemble members, on the basis of musical merit alone, not performability, recording ease, or other extra-musical criteria. Regardless of the number of submissions, a group reading of the score is guaranteed.

The jury’s decision is final, but feedback will be readily available upon request.

Certain, unselected works may be shortlisted for the 2018 competition at no extra fee.


The submission fee is € 40 Euros, payable to the following bank accounts:

National Bank of Greece, Acc. no. 377/ 296129-62 – IBAN GR7601103770000037729612962

Piraeus Bank, Acc. No. 6238-0103620316 – IBAN GR2601712380006238010362316

It is stressed that KIMS make no profit from the Composition Competition whatsoever, but no external funding is allocated to it, so that the decision making process is left entirely to the members of the ensemble.

All pre-production and recording costs are covered by the 18th KIMS.


Winning entries will receive a fee-waiving scholarship for active participation in the KIMS composition class of 2017 and a professional recording of their work, to be released by KIMS in 2018.

For more information, please contact us at