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Silenzio Musica Competition

 Silenzio Musica Competition
Summary:Voice composition competition
Deadline: 24 July 2017
Date Posted: 03 April 2017
Details: The Cultural Association DGMA, is pleased to announce the 4th Edition of the Silenzio Musica Competition under the Patronage of: Commissione Europea, Regio- ne Emilia-Romagna, Provincia di Rimini, Comune di Riccione, EUA-UN European Union Association-UN, ASEM-UN Asia Europe NGOs Network, Rosini Gut- man Foundation.

The Silenzio Musica Competition theme of this year is the Lullaby, one of the most ancient musical expressions with a long history of countless outstanding works in music, as well as in poetry and visual art. Lullaby is a high didactic and social value – it is the first natural musical form by which the baby, is introduced to music and to the rhythm of life, as well as the first and fundamental instrument in human learning.

Composers of any nationality, with no age limit, may apply.
There is only one section, and the composers may choose from two instrumentations: Soprano solo / Soprano and piano.
Entries must include a score and an audio recording or a digital simulation.
The lyrics that will be set to music must be chosen from among those specifically proposed by DGMA and published on the site of the association. Composers may also receive them upon written request to DGMA administration office. The composition must be between 3’ (three minutes) and 7’ (seven minutes).


The first place winner will receive a scholarship of € 500,00 (five hundred Euros) and a work of art by an international artist.
The second Classified will receive a work of art by an international artist. The third Classified will receive a work of art by an international artist.
The classified compositions will be published by Ut Orpheus Edizioni, Bologna along with the poems proposed and their authors, and perfor- merd during the evening of the concert “Dal sogno alla rêverie” within the festival Musica d’Arte 2017.

The first three classifieds will be awarded with prizes, the scholarship and the certificates of merit at the award cere- mony on August 26, 2017, during the concert within the festival Musica d’Arte 2017. In case the winners will not be able to attend the award ceremony, the delivery of the scho- larships and prizes to the recipients of the awards, will be arranged by DGMA.


The deadline for sending the scores is Monday, July 24, 2017, (date as postmark or electronic sending date). Scores must arrive at DGMA by July 28, 2017.


The international Jury is formed by: Massimo Botter (com- poser), Uri Brener (composer and performer), Carlo Fiore (music critic), Delilah Gutman (composer and performer), Gaia Maffezzoli (composer). The Jury has the right to accord to other non classified compositions, special mentions and their performance during the award concert; it also has the right, as well, not to award prices. The decisions of the Jury are final. The classified Composers will be notified by telephone and e-mail, and published on web- site by August 20, 2017.


The anonymous envelope or electronic file must include:
a five copies of the proposed score clearly legible. Each copy must bear, in block letters or typed, with black ink, the title and the year of composition, a motto or pseu- donym (no reference that might allow the identification of the author is permitted), the duration of the work and a cd with the instrumental recording or a digital sound simulation of the work (.mp3 format).

b a sealed envelope bearing the same motto or pseudonym chosen for the score, the envelope must contain:
– the herewith enclosed detachable application form completed and signed in all its parts.

– the entrant’s name surname, date and place of birth, photocopy of an identity card or equivalent;
– the title of the submitted composition and date of the composition along with a signed declaration stating that the composition is unpublished and original;

– composer presentation and explicatory notes;
– instrumentation and duration;
– postal address, telephone number (fax, if any) and e-mail address;
– a copy of the entry fee payment receipt.

The envelope or the electronic file must be sent to:

Associazione Culturale DGMA c/o Delilah Gutman
Via Ippolito Nievo 11
47838 Riccione (RN) – Italia
or e-mail address:


The entry fee is € 50,00 (fifty). For Composers who are still students at Music Academies, Conservatory or University - and for each second and third work - the entry fee is 25€ (twenty five). Payment of the fee:

Associazione Culturale DGMA
Banca Carim, Viale Dante - Riccione (Rn): Bank transfer from Italy
IBAN: N 06285 24120 CC0208000370

Bank transfer from abroad
IBAN: IT85 N062 8524 120C C020 8000 370


The submitted Composition must be original, unpublished and never been performed in a public concert. Each Composer may submit from one to a maximum of 3 works. Each additional composition shall be enrolled separately and sent in separate envelope. The cover of the score must bear the title of the composition and the motto or pseudonym. The score must be clearly photocopied in black & white, writ- ten with black ink, or printed out from a computer (with an appropriate notation software). The applicant must keep the original copy of the submitted work and forward five copies of it to DGMA. The materials submitted will not be returned. The entry fee will not be reimbursed. Exception is made in case the Competition 2017 will be suspended by an official communication of DGMA. The registration to Silenzio Musica Competition implies full acceptance of the regulations. Any claim must refer to the text in Italian. Pla- ce of jurisdiction is Foro of Rimini - Italia.


By participating in Silenzio Musica Competition the se- lected composers cede the following rights free of charges to DGMA: the performance rights for the world premiere of the winning work within the music festival Musica d’Arte 2017; the rights to broadcast all the performances of the win- ning works by television or radio or any other means, including broadcasts on the Internet, cable networks, satellite, terrestrial or other broadcasting means, live or prerecorded, in Italy or abroad; the right to record, reproduce and arrange for the reproduction of all performances of the Festival on record cd, cd-dom/cdi, dvd or any other existing or future medium.


Associazione Culturale DGMA c/o Delilah Gutman
Via Ippolito Nievo 11
47838 Riccione (RN) – Italia Sede Legale:

Via Monte Titano 8
47900 Rimini – Italia
tel. +39 347 7717575 / + 39 345 0310255