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Call for Pieces

 Call for Pieces
Summary:Choir and ensemble competition
Deadline: 01 June 2017
Date Posted: 25 March 2017
Details: Choir and improvising ensemble

We are looking for new compositions for jazz ensemble and choir for a small festival in Bern (CH). We are interested to explore the relationship between written and improvised music, between music that is programmatic through its lyrics and instrumental parts.

The choir is put into place for the festival and will feature amateur singers, standing on stage with ten jazz musicians in varying combinations.

Image a campfire atmosphere, songs about nature, loneliness or protest, rooted in an american tradition of blues, folk, jazz, combined with modern composition techniques and ideas.

- two works will be chosen and performed and recorded (audio/video) at the festival, winning composers will be rewarded 200
- submitted works must be new, unpublished and not yet performed
- instrumentation: choir, alto and tenor saxophone, two guitars (acoustic or electric), piano. Works can feature either choir+saxophones, choir+guitars, choir+piano, choir+piano+guitars, or choir only. The choir consists of 10-15 singers (soprano, alto), choir parts should preferably be in unisono or two parts, in a comfortable range for amateur singers
- works should be between 1-5 minutes in length
- works can, but don't have to, include lyrics. Lyrics can be provided if needed
- scores must be submitted via e-mail (vignettiste (at), an administrative fee of 15 will need to be transferred via Paypal
- additional information on

Deadline: June 1, 2017