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Azrieli Commissioning Competition

 Azrieli Commissioning Competition
Summary:Call for proposals
Deadline: 07 May 2017
Date Posted: 08 March 2017
Details: Submission deadline: May 7, 2017

The Azrieli Commission is open to Canadian composers of all faiths, backgrounds and affiliations, with the aim of encouraging creative and critical engagement with the question ‘What is Jewish Music?’*
A commissioning prize of $50,000 CAD is awarded biennially to the Canadian composer who proposes a response to this question that displays the utmost creativity, artistry and musical excellence.
The musical work resulting from the Prize will be premiered by a major Canadian orchestra as part of the AMP Gala Concert, scheduled for the fall of 2018, and subsequently audio recorded to commercial quality.
The winning composer will be invited to attend the rehearsals and the world premiere of their prize-winning work, and be publicly honoured at the AMP Gala Concert.

Please see the Foundation’s definition of ‘What is Jewish Music’ below to ensure that the proposed work complies with the selection criteria.

• Proposals will be accepted from Canadian citizens and permanent residents of all ages and levels of experience.
• Canadian citizens and permanent residents of all faiths, backgrounds and affiliations are eligible to submit a proposal.
• Eligible composers must prove within the body of their submission the relevancy of their proposed composition to the Prize theme – a celebration of excellence in new Jewish Music

The Proposal Package

Please note: all documents and media must be submitted electronically via the online application form.

All Proposal Packages must include:
-a completed application form;
-proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency;
-a current curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting relevant training, experience, performances and awards;
-a works list detailing all relevant completed works, their premiere dates and recordings, where applicable;
-a written proposal (not to exceed 1 000 words) describing the proposed work, including pertinent technical and aesthetic details, as well as an explanation of the work’s relevance to Jewish Music;
-where a proposed work contains text not written by the composer, then proof of the right to use the selected text; and
-two musical excerpts of the composer’s music – both score and audio recording – not to exceed three (3) minutes each.
-Selected excerpts should demonstrate the composer’s aptitude for writing orchestral compositions and/or Jewish Music.
-Scores must be submitted in PDF format, audio recordings in MP3 format.
-MIDI or piano reduction recordings may be submitted where live audio recordings are unavailable.
-Optional: Applications may be accompanied by no more than three letters of recommendation or reference.

Guidelines for Proposals
All proposed works must meet the following guidelines to be given consideration by the Jury.
Any work that does not meet these guidelines will be disqualified.
-Proposals must be for new works yet-to-be-written (i.e. the work may not be completed at the time of application.)
-Proposed works are to be a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes and a maximum of twenty-five (25) minutes in duration.
-Proposed works must be scored for a minimum of seventeen (17) string musicians (i.e. string orchestra) and a maximum of forty-five (45) musicians of mixed instrumentation (i.e. Mozart orchestra)
Maximum Instrumentation for nominated works is as follows:
-Brass: 2 trumpets / 2 trombones / 4 horns / 1 tuba
-Winds: 2 flutes / 2 oboes / 2 clarinets / 2 bassoons
-Strings: 8 1st violins/ 8 2nd violins/ 6 violas / 4 cellos / 4 double basses
-Percussion (2)
Works may feature:
-a soloist (vocal or instrumental); and/or
-pre-recorded digital media.

The Composer of the winning work agrees to:
-engage in the composition of their proposed work during the time allotted between the announcement of them as the Prize Winner and the deadline for submitting the score and parts to the performance partner for the AMP Gala Concert;
-report to the Manager, Azrieli Music Initiatives any major deviations from the original proposal over the course of composition, so that such deviations may be adequately discussed and negotiated;
-have their work performed as part of the AMP Gala Concert and subsequently audio recorded;
-be available in person for the rehearsals and performance of their work;
-grant the Azrieli Foundation the right to serve as primary commissioner, thereby retaining performance rights for the premiere as well as first recording rights. (The winning composer may apply for supplemental funding from other sources, as necessary.); and
-participate in outreach events, workshops, press conferences, media interviews and other such promotion and education activities as they relate to the Prize and its objectives to educate the general public about the universal appeal and artistic importance of the works that result from engaging with the topic of Jewish Music.

Letters of Reference (optional)
No more than three referees may submit letters of reference on behalf of the applicant.
All letters should clearly indicate the applicant’s name at the top of the page, as follows:
“(Candidate’s Name) Letter of Reference, Azrieli Commission for Jewish Music”

All letters of reference should be received via postal mail at the following address:
Attn: Jason van Eyk
Azrieli Music Prizes
22 St. Clair Ave. East, Suite 202
Toronto, ON M4T 2S3