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Summary:Writing for Amateurs commission
Deadline: 28 May 2012
Date Posted: 24 January 2012
Details: for CoMA Ensembles
Deadline for finished pieces: 28th May 2012

Composers are invited to write flexibly scored works on the theme The Natural World
for a CoMA ensemble in their region.

CoMA (Contemporary Music for All) is a national organisation dedicated to promoting
participation in contemporary music. CoMA runs a UK-wide network of amateur
contemporary music groups and regularly commissions leading composers to write music
which is technically suited to amateur ensembles, without any compromise in artistic integrity.

CoMA ensembles in Bristol, East Midlands, Leeds, London and Sussex will rehearse pieces
submitted for that ensemble in day-long workshops in the region. Each ensemble will be able
to workshop a maximum of 6 pieces. Works will be selected by a panel including established
composers and representatives of the relevant ensemble.

Workshops will be recorded and conclude with a play-through of all selected works. All works
submitted will also be considered for inclusion in the CoMA Library.

To take part you must:
Register interest with the CoMA office ( with your
telephone number
where you heard about this
Nominate the ensemble you would like to write for
Submit finished scores by Monday 28th May 2012 with a fee of 10 payable to CoMA
to cover administration costs
Send scores as pdf files to, or by post to CoMA Call for Pieces,
Rich Mix, 35 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

It is important that you look at the guidelines for writing flexibly scored pieces on the CoMA
website ( We also encourage you to contact your chosen ensemble to
arrange to sit in on a rehearsal or attend a concert. You are very welcome to arrange a visit
to the CoMA Library to look at scores, or you can see samples of scores on the website. The
theme The Natural World will give you an opportunity to explore some aspect of the natural
environment and our relationship with it in any way you see fit.

Workshops will take place on a Saturday or Sunday between July and December 2012, to be
decided by each ensemble involved. Composers who take up the offer of the workshop will
then be asked to send all parts to the ensemble with a fee of 30 which will cover the cost of
the conductor and the venue.

For any further information please contact Liz Herbert at

Call for pieces for CoMA Ensembles
Composers are invited to write a flexibly scored piece based on the theme The Natural World
for a mixed ensemble of amateur players. Selected pieces will be workshopped between July
December 2012 by CoMA ensembles in Brighton, Leeds, London, Nottingham or Bristol.
Deadline for submissions 28th May 2012
For more information contact Liz Herbert