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Fort Worth Opera showcase

 Fort Worth Opera showcase
Summary:6-8 new operas showcase
Deadline: 31 May 2012
Date Posted: 17 January 2012
Details: Contact: Kurt Howard, Curator, at
Entry Fee: $25
Open to: All composers who are residents of the Americas (North America, Central America, South
America, and associated territories)
Prize: Six to eight winning pieces workshopped and showcased during the 2013 Fort Worth Opera
Festival; housing and travel to Fort Worth will be awarded to the selected composers.
Deadline: May 31, 2012
Receipt Type: Postmark or registered mail receipt

Awards: Six to eight pieces will be selected and showcased. Composers of the selected works must
attend the rehearsal and showcase period (May 6-11, 2013). Lodging and round-trip travel will be
provided, as well as an audio recording of the showcased selection. Works not selected will not be
reconsidered for future showcases automatically but may be submitted again for the next yearís
workshop. The selected composers will be announced in September 2012.

Eligibility: All composers who are citizens or residents of the Americas (North America, Central America,
South America, and associated territories) are eligible. Only unpublished or self-published operatic
works will be considered. A minimum of 15 minutes of the composition must be completed. The
selection does not need to be contiguous. While the works may ultimately consist of grand scale
personnel or orchestral forces, submitted selections may only utilize one to six singers. Only works that
can be performed with solo piano accompaniment will be accepted for the showcase; no additional
electronic, percussion, acoustic instrument, or other equipment shall be included in the showcase.
Works submitted may be in any language. Composers may only submit one work for consideration for
the Frontiers 2013 Showcase.

Preparing Your Entry: Please contact Kurt Howard, Curator, at for submission
address and information. For the anonymous submission, remove or mask all indications of the
composerís name on scores, recordings, synopsis, and libretti. Submissions shall be assigned numbers
randomly by the administrator to be used by the jury in the review process. Only 15-25 minutes of a
composition will be considered. Send 2 bound copies and 1 unbound copy of the piano/vocal score and
1 CD recording of the selection. MIDI recordings are permissible; recordings of piano and vocals are also
acceptable. Electronic submission of the synopsis and libretto of the complete work are preferred;
otherwise 3 copies of each should be included with submission. Works not in English should include an
English translation of the synopsis and libretto, if available. Also, in a sealed, blank envelope include the
composerís name, address, telephone number, email (to be used for administrative purposes only), and
a bio of the composer and associated artistic personnel. If you want your materials returned, enclose a
self-addressed envelope bearing the proper postage. Fort Worth Opera is not liable for accidental loss or
damage to materials. A non-refundable entry fee of $25US is due on submission. A check payable to Fort
Worth Opera must be included with submission. Fort Worth Opera retains the right to select fewer than 6
works for the showcase. Entry fees will be returned if no selections are selected or if the showcase is
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