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Composer Opportunities

 San Marino
Summary:New Music Project
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 13 March 2017
Details: A new summer course for contemporary music is born!
Join world renowned experts from each group of instruments and make music in beautiful San Marino.

In addition to the usual lessons, there will be a focus on improvisation, music theater and composer-performers in daily afternoon classes taught by faculty. Students will not only work with the expert in their chosen discipline, but will have the opportunity to study with ALL of our faculty. Cash prize in performance and composition will give the winner a chance to perform a solo recital and write a piece for faculty to be presented in the 2017 New Music Project. Instead of sight read performances, student and faculty will present carefully prepared pieces in quality evenings.

The narrow aesthetic preferences defended by some will be replaced by an open minded perspective embracing all forward looking tendencies in new music.

M° Nicholas Isherwood
Artistic Director of New Music Project

 CMA Classical Commissioning Program
Summary:Commission Opportunity
Deadline: 02 April 2017
Date Posted: 08 March 2017
Details: CMA provides funding to CMA member ensembles and presenters for commissions of new chamber works.

Grants are made for commissioning fees, copying costs and ensemble rehearsal honoraria. Compositions must be written for small ensembles (2 to 10 musicians) performing one to a part, generally without a conductor, and may represent a diverse musical spectrum, including contemporary art music, world music, and works that include electronics.

The new composition must be performed a minimum of three times in the U.S.

• must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
• may not have outstanding commitments to this commissioning program, or to New Jazz Works
• may be a member of the applicant’s ensemble
• is an individual, not a group
• may not appear as a composer on more than one application to a CMA commissioning program—including
New Jazz Works—for the period beginning July 1, 2017

Supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, and the Chamber Music America Endowment Fund.

For more details:

 Azrieli Commissioning Competition
Summary:Call for proposals
Deadline: 07 May 2017
Date Posted: 08 March 2017
Details: Submission deadline: May 7, 2017

The Azrieli Commission is open to Canadian composers of all faiths, backgrounds and affiliations, with the aim of encouraging creative and critical engagement with the question ‘What is Jewish Music?’*
A commissioning prize of $50,000 CAD is awarded biennially to the Canadian composer who proposes a response to this question that displays the utmost creativity, artistry and musical excellence.
The musical work resulting from the Prize will be premiered by a major Canadian orchestra as part of the AMP Gala Concert, scheduled for the fall of 2018, and subsequently audio recorded to commercial quality.
The winning composer will be invited to attend the rehearsals and the world premiere of their prize-winning work, and be publicly honoured at the AMP Gala Concert.

Please see the Foundation’s definition of ‘What is Jewish Music’ below to ensure that the proposed work complies with the selection criteria.

• Proposals will be accepted from Canadian citizens and permanent residents of all ages and levels of experience.
• Canadian citizens and permanent residents of all faiths, backgrounds and affiliations are eligible to submit a proposal.
• Eligible composers must prove within the body of their submission the relevancy of their proposed composition to the Prize theme – a celebration of excellence in new Jewish Music

The Proposal Package

Please note: all documents and media must be submitted electronically via the online application form.

All Proposal Packages must include:
-a completed application form;
-proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency;
-a current curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting relevant training, experience, performances and awards;
-a works list detailing all relevant completed works, their premiere dates and recordings, where applicable;
-a written proposal (not to exceed 1 000 words) describing the proposed work, including pertinent technical and aesthetic details, as well as an explanation of the work’s relevance to Jewish Music;
-where a proposed work contains text not written by the composer, then proof of the right to use the selected text; and
-two musical excerpts of the composer’s music – both score and audio recording – not to exceed three (3) minutes each.
-Selected excerpts should demonstrate the composer’s aptitude for writing orchestral compositions and/or Jewish Music.
-Scores must be submitted in PDF format, audio recordings in MP3 format.
-MIDI or piano reduction recordings may be submitted where live audio recordings are unavailable.
-Optional: Applications may be accompanied by no more than three letters of recommendation or reference.

Guidelines for Proposals
All proposed works must meet the following guidelines to be given consideration by the Jury.
Any work that does not meet these guidelines will be disqualified.
-Proposals must be for new works yet-to-be-written (i.e. the work may not be completed at the time of application.)
-Proposed works are to be a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes and a maximum of twenty-five (25) minutes in duration.
-Proposed works must be scored for a minimum of seventeen (17) string musicians (i.e. string orchestra) and a maximum of forty-five (45) musicians of mixed instrumentation (i.e. Mozart orchestra)
Maximum Instrumentation for nominated works is as follows:
-Brass: 2 trumpets / 2 trombones / 4 horns / 1 tuba
-Winds: 2 flutes / 2 oboes / 2 clarinets / 2 bassoons
-Strings: 8 1st violins/ 8 2nd violins/ 6 violas / 4 cellos / 4 double basses
-Percussion (2)
Works may feature:
-a soloist (vocal or instrumental); and/or
-pre-recorded digital media.

The Composer of the winning work agrees to:
-engage in the composition of their proposed work during the time allotted between the announcement of them as the Prize Winner and the deadline for submitting the score and parts to the performance partner for the AMP Gala Concert;
-report to the Manager, Azrieli Music Initiatives any major deviations from the original proposal over the course of composition, so that such deviations may be adequately discussed and negotiated;
-have their work performed as part of the AMP Gala Concert and subsequently audio recorded;
-be available in person for the rehearsals and performance of their work;
-grant the Azrieli Foundation the right to serve as primary commissioner, thereby retaining performance rights for the premiere as well as first recording rights. (The winning composer may apply for supplemental funding from other sources, as necessary.); and
-participate in outreach events, workshops, press conferences, media interviews and other such promotion and education activities as they relate to the Prize and its objectives to educate the general public about the universal appeal and artistic importance of the works that result from engaging with the topic of Jewish Music.

Letters of Reference (optional)
No more than three referees may submit letters of reference on behalf of the applicant.
All letters should clearly indicate the applicant’s name at the top of the page, as follows:
“(Candidate’s Name) Letter of Reference, Azrieli Commission for Jewish Music”

All letters of reference should be received via postal mail at the following address:
Attn: Jason van Eyk
Azrieli Music Prizes
22 St. Clair Ave. East, Suite 202
Toronto, ON M4T 2S3

 48-hour Opera Festival
Summary:Opera Festival
Deadline: 01 April 2017
Date Posted: 08 March 2017
Details: What it's all about

As part of our 2017 season, Opera Theater Unlimited is introducing The 48-hour Opera Festival. Participants will conceive, create, rehearse, and perform 10-15 minute operatic pieces within a 48-hour period. The festival will bring creative new works to life, foster cross-disciplinary artistic relationships, and present great Bay Area artists.

The festival will take place April 28-30 in San Francisco. The final performance will be publicly ticketed on the evening of Sunday, April 30 at the Custom Made Theatre in downtown San Francisco.

Ticketing information will be made available as the event approaches.


We're now welcoming submissions from local artists. Participants will be selected from the submissions and divided into teams. Each team will include a librettist, composer, stage director, a pianist, and a small group of operatic singers. There is no pay for involvement in the festival, and there is no fee for submission or participation. The festival will begin with a kickoff event the evening of April 28 and conclude with a public performance the evening of April 30.

Please see details below for submission instructions. If you’re interested in more than area (i.e. librettist & stage director, or composer & pianist) please let us know in your email. Submissions are due by April 1, 2017. Early submission is encouraged, and priority will be given to submissions received by March 12.

Contact with any questions.


Send an email to with the subject line “Composer Submission - YOUR NAME”. Include the following:

• CV and/or bio, specifying any works for voice
• Work samples:
-PDF of scores
-Any available recording (video or audio, MIDI is acceptable) as link or attachment
Works for voice strongly preferred. Dramatic works (ex. Opera, musical theater) are preferred if available
-Excerpts preferred, total not to exceed 15 minutes
• Short statement (can be the body of the email) on why you’re interested in joining us for the festival
• Please note in your email any experience as a rehearsal pianist or conductor, as well as whether you have access to rehearsal space in the San Francisco Bay Area that you’d be able to lend for any portion of the weekend (even if it’s just your living room!)

Librettists (Playwrights and Poets)

Send an email to with the subject line “Librettist Submission - YOUR NAME”. Include the following:

• CV and/or bio, specifying any poetic or dramatic works
• Work samples:
-PDFs preferred
-Any available video recording of dramatic work (optional)
-Excerpts preferred, total not to exceed 15 minutes of recording and 20 pages of text sample
-Submitted samples must be in English
• Short statement (can be the body of the email) on why you’re interested in joining us for the festival
Please note in your email any other theatrical experience or skills, as well as whether you have access to rehearsal space in the San Francisco Bay Area that you’d be able to lend for any portion of the weekend (even if it’s just your living room!)

Stage Directors

Send an email to with the subject line “Stage Director Submission - YOUR NAME”. Include the following:

• CV and/or bio
• Work samples (optional):
◦ -Excerpts of any available video recording of dramatic work. Opera preferred, musical theatre or straight theatre accepted
◦ -Any other portfolio materials you’d like to send along (i.e. production photos & descriptions)
◦ -Total not to exceed 15 minutes of recording and/or 10 pages of portfolio sample
• Short statement (can be the body of the email) on why you’re interested in joining us for the festival
Please note in your email any other theatrical experience or skills, as well as whether you have access to rehearsal space in the San Francisco Bay Area that you’d be able to lend for any portion of the weekend (even if it’s just your living room!)


Send an email to with the subject line “Pianist Submission - YOUR NAME”. Include the following:

• CV and/or bio
• Work samples (optional):
-Excerpts of any available recording (audio or video). Work with singers preferred.
-Total not to exceed 15 minutes
• Short statement (can be the body of the email) on why you’re interested in joining us for the festival
• Please note in your email any particular experience as a vocal coach or rehearsal pianist if it's not clear from your CV, as well as whether you have access to rehearsal space in the San Francisco Bay Area that you’d be able to lend for any portion of the weekend (even if it’s just your living room!)


Send an email to with the subject line “Singer Submission - YOUR NAME”. Include the following:

• Resume and headshot
• Recordings:
-Excerpts of any available recording (audio or video, staged or unstaged)
-At least one excerpt of music composed after 1900 preferred
-At least one excerpt in English preferred
-Total not to exceed 15 minutes
• Short statement (can be the body of the email) on why you’re interested in joining us for the festival
Please note in your email any particular experience with new music (if not evident in your resume) as well as whether you have access to rehearsal space in the San Francisco Bay Area that you’d be able to lend for any portion of the weekend (even if it’s just your living room!)


 International Masterclass
Summary:Masterclass Opportunity
Deadline: 31 March 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017

The masterclass is aimed at composers and performers of any level or nationality who are interested in bettering their knowledge of contemporary music.

It is divided in two courses:
• the composition course, held by Yannis Kyriakides;
• the interpretation course, held by Dario Calderone.

The classes are structured in to four days, ending with a concert performed by the teachers, as well as a concert performed by the students in the interpretation course. By virtue of the strong artistic and professional collaboration between the two teachers, both courses will be interconnected; enrolling in one of the courses naturally determines the opportunity to follow the other.

 2017 Student Composer Readings
Summary:Reading Session
Deadline: 15 May 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017
Details: Synchromy and Music @ Boston Court announce a Master Class/Reading Session for High School and Undergraduate student composers as part of DuoFest, LA’s Most Fearless Fusions.

As part of Music @ Boston Court’s DuoFest: LA’s Most Fearless Fusions, a weeklong festival of performing duos, Synchromy will be hosting a master class/reading session for student composers in Southern California. Selected composers will have their works read by some of the top professional musicians in Los Angeles and will receive feedback from both the performers and the professional composers of Synchromy. This will be a public session at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, California on Monday, July 10, 2016, 7:00 PM.

Applicants can apply in one of two categories:
• Category A: young composers currently enrolled in high schools;
• Category B: undergraduate students currently enrolled in composition programs in the U.S.

Send us your new or previously composed original compositions (unpublished or self-published) up to 5 minutes in length, for one of the following instrumental combinations:
• Cello and Piano;
• Flute and Piano;
• Flute and Cello;
• Piano 4-hands.

In Category A (high school-level) applicants may also submit solos for any of the instruments included above.

How to enter
Please submit the following materials by Monday, May 15, 2017 at 6:00pm Pacific Time:
• Application fee of $25, paid via PayPal to (include “call for scores” and the name of the composer as a “note” when you process this payment). Please copy PayPal transaction ID and add it to the application form (This application fee is non-refundable)
• The application form (click here to download .pdf, fill it out, and send as an attachment with your submission)
• Computer-engraved score (.pdf file) with program notes (if available)
• Recording, if available (attach mp3 file or include a permanent link to a larger .wav or .aif file; MIDI realizations converted to an audio file are acceptable)
• Short bio (.pdf file)

Hand-written manuscripts, arrangements of the works of other composers, or compositions with electronics will not be considered. Composers can submit only one piece for consideration. We only accept electronic submissions.
Please mark your score and bio clearly with your full name and the title of the piece. Please label all electronic files with your last name, title of the piece and name of the file (for example: Smith_Trio_score.pdf).

Email all application materials to . [IMPORTANT this is not the same email address as the one used to submit your application fee.]

Participation in the reading session is free for students selected through this call for scores. Attendance of the reading session at Boston Court Performing Arts Center (Pasadena, California, USA) on Monday, July 10, 2016, at 7:00 PM is Mandatory. Please note that no compensation will be offered to composers for the reading session participation or for travel and other expenses. Recordings of the session may be made, but may not be released publicly.
The selected composers will be notified via email by June 1, 2017. Composers must supply instrumental part for duets with piano (as an electronic .pdf file) via email by June 10, 2017.


Summary:Residency Opportunity
Deadline: 19 June 2017
Date Posted: 14 February 2017
Details: A residency for emerging composers worldwide, to be held in Melbourne on 5th to 11th of November 2017.

Keep Composer's Weird provides an opportunity for selected composers from around the world, ages 21+, to submit a newly composed work that is to be rehearsed, recorded and performed at a concert in Melbourne. Each composer will work with an established Melbourne ensemble to workshop their composition and the performance will take place on Saturday 11th of November.

The performance will be promoted to showcase each composer and conferences, panels, and mixers will be held at various venues across Melbourne to provide networking opportunities. In addition, for 5-6 days, each composer will participate in lectures, networking events and establish professional relationships with colleagues in the Australian music and arts industry. Participants will be provided with housing (house includes full kitchen, living room, Wi-fi, TV, A/C etc), catered breakfasts, lunches.

The residency is held in between Melbourne Festival and Melbourne Music Week, a great time to discover the live music capital of Australia.

Participants (tuition + housing + two meals per day): $2,000 AUD
Application should be sent by email to by 19th of June 2017
Please send the following information:
a. Name
b. Birth date
c. Nationality
d. CV/biography
e. Short paragraph talking about yourself (i.e – interests, goals, etc)
f. Two letters of recommendation
g. website or other online material (soundcloud/youtube/blog)

2) PDF files of two of your works with recordings or midi (if available)

3) $20 (AUD) application fee payable by paypal to

19th of June 2017 - Application deadline
3rd of July 2017 - Announcement of results
17th of July 2017 - Notification to reserve spot in program
5th of August 2017 - Selected participants will receive instrumentation for their works
5th of October 2017 - Deadline for sending finished composition
5th of November 2017 - Arrival and accommodation in Melbourne
11th of November 2017 - Performance
12th of November 2017 - End of residency and check out of accommodation in Melbourne

The first Keep Composer's Weird was hosted by U.S composer Nathan Felix in Austin, Texas and was a huge success - below is a recap of the residency.

2016 Recap of Keep Composers Weird

The first official Keep Composers Weird in 2016 was a huge success. KCW was officially sponsored by the Texas Music Office, Backspace Pizza, Heineken, Chameleon Cold Brew, Visit Austin & The Austin Music Video Festival. The official composers were Kitty Xiao (AU), Gabriel Bolanos (NI), and Scott Shell (US). Their recorded works will be posted when the final mix and masters are completed. Here are some photos that include the live performance, recording at Cacophony, interview at KOOP radio, meet and greet with Graham Reynolds and a lunch at Backspace Pizza. Stay tuned for information on how to apply for Keep Composers Weird 2017.

Summary:Multiple Opportunities
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 08 February 2017
Details: From Beethoven to Carter, forging relationships with composers and commissioning new music has been at the heart of the Royal Philharmonic Society’s work since 1813.

We believe that encouraging creativity is an essential part of live music making. Since 1813 our commissions have included masterworks such as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony and Dvorak’s 7th Symphony. Today we continue to thrill and challenge audiences with the new and have commissioned over 60 composers in the last 10 years.

Our current commissioning programme includes:

Chamber Music

An ongoing partnership with BBC Radio 3 has created a series of over 30 new chamber works for the outstanding talents of the BBC New Generation Artists.

RPS Composition Prizes

The RPS offers pportunities for emerging composers and composers age 18 and under to take part in workshops and to write for high profile professional performances, while the Elgar Bursary recognises that older composers may also benefit from support to write an orchestral work with a guaranteed performance and broadcast.

RPS Drummond Fund

Commissioning new music for dance.

RPS Bicentenary Commissions

Over 20 new commissions were at the heart of our Bicentenary celebrations in 2013, from major international figures to those just entering the profession. Read about our Bicentenary Commissions.

For more information:

 2017 Australian Composition Seminar - Plexus
Summary:Workshop call for scores
Deadline: 23 June 2017
Date Posted: 16 November 2016
Details: Following a successful inaugural seminar in 2015 and a gigantic 2016 seminar, Richard Gill, Karen Carey and Andrew Batt-Rawden team up again to deliver another astounding compositional development experience for high school music 1 and music 2 students in years 8, 9, 10 and 11 with a choice of either Monday 24 July 2017, or Tuesday 25 July 2017. The workshop will run from 9am to 2:30pm.

The day has three core components;

- workshop/analysis of students' works
- analysis of contemporary Australian work composed by Stefan Cassomenos
- a performance and discussion other repertoire commissioned by Plexus, by both international and local composers.

A kit will be distributed on the day that includes; all student scores being played through, an educational guide to Stefan Cassemenos' work, scores of other works being performed and a guide to approaching their analysis.

Students are invited to submit a work that is no longer than a minute of a piece for the trio, clarinet (including bass), violin and piano.

PDFs of scores may be emailed to
Scores must be received by June 23, 2017.

We will give broad analysis/pointers on as many works submitted as possible (there will by the necessity of time be a limit to how many works we can get through). All scores being played through in the workshop are published in a booklet that is handed out to all students attending on the day. This encourages students to learn from, and be inspired by, each others' scores.

In addition to workshopping the students' music, we will also give an in depth analysis of one of Stefan Cassemenos's works (details of exact repertoire will be sent prior to Term 1, 2017).

Any questions, please contact Andrew at

Mon., 24/07/2017, 9:00 am –
Tue., 25/07/2017, 2:30 pm AEST

Santa Sabina College
90 The Boulevarde
Strathfield, NSW 2135

 New Music Message Board
Summary:Opportunity to connect with performers
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 31 August 2016
Details: This is a new group dedicated to connecting composers of new works with performers of new music. Composers can post whatever they feel comfortable. Performers can search for the desired instrumentation with the search tool, and hopefully curate some performances. Please don't hesitate to post as many works as you would like.

The group is in the formative stages, and will hopefully grow from a Facebook group to a professional website and online community. So, please share the group with anyone who may be interested from anywhere in the world!!

 Resonance Extra
Summary:Broadcast Call
Deadline: 31 August 2017
Date Posted: 25 August 2016
Details: Resonance Extra is a 24/7 broadcast platform based at Resonance FM’s London Bridge studios. Dedicated to supporting experimental musicians and sound artists, the station broadcasts online via its website and on Small Scale DAB Digital Radio in Brighton & Hove. Following Ofcom’s decision in 2016 to extend its DAB trial license by a further two years, the platform seeks new contributions with an Open Call for Broadcast Proposals.

Radio Art, Experimental Music and Documentary

Resonance Extra seeks local and international artists, broadcasters, students, sound artists, musicians, producers, archivists, festivals, venues and arts organisations to submit proposals for ambitious broadcasts (or programmes of broadcasts) in the following broad categories:

• Sound and Radio Artworks
• Experimental and Global Music Radio
• Documentary - Sound and Music

Submit a Broadcast Proposal

To submit a proposal or programming idea, please email Peter Lanceley on, including in your submission: your full name (in the subject line); a brief description of what you propose (no more than 250 words); a link to your website, artistic CV, or previous work.

Responses to the Open Call will be considered on an ongoing basis until September 2017. We regret that we cannot necessarily respond to nor commit to providing feedback for unsuccessful applicants. For more information on Strands, a separate round of paid artistic commissions for UK sound and radio artists under the age of 28, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, visit our Commissions webpage.

 Ablaze Records Mastertapes Series
Summary:Recording Opportunity
Deadline: 01 April 2017
Date Posted: 25 August 2016
Details: Have you got a great recording of your original composition that you would like issued on a commercially released CD? Now is your chance with the ABLAZE Records call for Mastertapes.

Send a CD of your mastertape (digital recordings only please) to us for your chance to win a place on our Millennial Masters, Vol. 8 CD. If our expert panel of composers and audio engineers chooses your work, you will win a spot on our EIGHTH Millennial Masters CD. This will entitle you to a partially subsidized commercial release of your work worldwide.

1. The works can be for any ACOUSTIC medium.
2. For any works involving texts the composer must also submit proof of copyright clearance and permission for use on a commercial recording.
3. The work should preferably be a studio (rather than a ‘live’) recording
4. Works must be fully edited/mixed to a version suitable for mastering to a CD publication
5. Works must be in digital format (to at least 44.1K sample rate and at 24 bit resolution)
6. Include notes about the performers, composer and work

What we are looking for:
1. Very high quality recordings
2. Very high quality compositions
3. Very high quality performances

Who is Eligible:
Any composer without restriction as to style of music, age or nationality may submit a mastertape for consideration.

Submission Deadline
APRIL 1, 2017

 BBC Introducing
Summary:Showcase Opportunity
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 12 April 2016
Details: Whether you’re a performer or composer writing music under any classical style BBC Introducing is a fantastic platform to get involved with. Introducing has been supporting unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar since 2007, giving new UK artists a chance to get their music out to new fans. To date the Uploader has had from over 150,000 artists and have seen many of them go on to achieve fantastic milestones in their career from recording a session at Maida Vale to headlining Glastonbury!With BBC Introducing the process is simple; you go to and share your music via the BBC Introducing Uploader. A team of presenters and producers here at Radio 3 will then listen to your music and choose a selection of the best compositions and performances to play on the station.From performing at a BBC showcase to being approached by other composers and writers, there are lots of opportunities that could you could send your music to us via the BBC Uploader and, in some cases, be played on the radio just hours later. If you’re an emerging musician and looking for new opportunities then head over to the for opportunities on Radio 3 and beyond.

 C4 Ensemble
Summary:Call for choral scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 18 September 2012
Details: The C4 ensemble invites composers to submit scores for chorus and electronics for possible future performances. More details can be obtained from the ensemble via the link listed above.