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 CoDI Composer Pathways
Summary:Opportunities for Welsh Composers
Deadline: 29 June 2018
Date Posted: 13 June 2018
Details: Tŷ Cerdd launches programme of support for composers: CoDI Composer Pathways (codi in Welsh = to raise; CoDI = Composer Development Initiative)

Tŷ Cerdd is proud to launch CoDI Composer Pathways— a multi-faceted programme for composers across Wales. Through CoDI, Tŷ Cerdd aims to create a community of Welsh composers, promoting shared learning and collaboration, and providing creative opportunities.

The programme has four main strands: Chamber, Electronic, Theatre and Interact.

Following a call to composers, six composers will be selected for each of the Chamber and Electronic strands. Leading Wales-based composer Lynne Plowman and the Berkeley Ensemble will mentor the chamber composers – working with them over a series of workshops to create new works for performance at Cardiff University School of Music chamber music series in April 2019.

The six Electronic composers will work in a similar model – mentoring coming from Swansea Laptop Orchestra (its two composers Jenn Kirby and Simon Kilshaw), and culminating in a public performance at the Bangor Music Festival in February 2019.

Theatre will offer a role as composer-in-residence with Hijinx’s community company Odyssey – working with this inclusive theatre company through autumn 2018 to create a soundtrack for their Christmas musical theatre production. The selected composer will work with an experienced mentor, and with Director Jon Dafydd Kidd and writer Llinos Mai, to develop and realise the music for the production, which will run at the Wales Millennium Centre in December 2018.

Interact sits at the heart of CoDI – an online hub will be complemented by a series of workshops and networking sessions around Wales, as well as opportunities for mentoring, and eight Buddy placements for composers with non-professional music makers, such as choirs, bands and orchestras.

CoDI Composer Pathways is funded by support from Arts Council of Wales, and from PRS Foundation, by whom Tŷ Cerdd has been announced as one of 40 Talent Development Partners across the UK. In addition, PRS for Music is supporting the Chamber strand, in line with their work to develop the careers of composers around the UK. And the Presteigne Festival – a Welsh organisation celebrated for its support of new music – is also a partner in Chamber.

Tŷ Cerdd Director Deborah Keyser commented: “Tŷ Cerdd is here to nurture Welsh music – and where would Welsh music be without composers? These artists consistently tell us that they need more creative opportunities, more ways to connect with and learn from each other, so CoDI is our response. The composers themselves will be at the heart of the initiative – and we aim to continue expanding the programme. We are extremely grateful for the generous support of Arts Council of Wales, PRS Foundation, PRS for Music, and the Presteigne Festival – all of which has made CoDI possible. We very much look forward to connecting with composers from around Wales.”

About Tŷ Cerdd:
Tŷ Cerdd’s mission is to promote and celebrate the music of Wales, protect the legacy of Welsh music of the past, to nurture Welsh music of the present, and drive the development of new composition. It supports professionals and non-professionals, performers and audiences, to perform, compose and experience Welsh music.

For more information visit

Matthew Thistlewood
Tŷ Cerdd
Wales Millennium Centre
CF10 5AL

029 2063 5650

 Teatro Argentino de La Plata
Summary:Collaborative project and possible commission
Deadline: 28 June 2018
Date Posted: 13 June 2018
Details: El Teatro Argentino de La Plata y su Centro de Experimentación y Creación presentan la primera edición del TACEC Generación para compositores e intérpretes que ocurrirá del 19 al 23 de Septiembre de 2018.
TACEC Generación es un espacio de encuentro entre artistas en una instancia de colaboración recíproca. Compositores y músicos participantes de todas partes del mundo podrán compartir sus obras e ideas con maestros invitados.

Podrán aplicar compositores, ensambles y violonchelistas de todas partes del mundo sin límite de edad que quieran trabajar sus ideas junto a los artistas invitados del Festival TACEC18. Al finalizar el festival, un/a compositor/a recibirá un encargo para una nueva pieza o proyecto a ser estrenado durante el Festival TACEC19.

TACEC Generación 18 está dedicado a la música. Los maestros invitados son Simon Steen Andersen (Dinamarca, compositor), Séverine Ballon (Francia, violonchelista) y el Trio Catch(Alemania, Blogárka Pecze (clarinete), Eva Boesch (violonchelo) y Sun-Young Nam (piano)). En ediciones posteriores se sumarán los capítulos danza y teatro.

Teatro Argentino de La Plata and its Centro de Experimentación y Creación invites composers, cellists and ensembles to participate in the first edition of the TACEC Generación [music] that will take place between September 19th and 23th, 2018.

TACEC Generación is a meeting place for artists in an instance of reciprocal collaboration. Composers and performers from all over the world will be able to share their works and ideas with invited teachers. Encouraging new artists to be part of the creative history of TACEC in an open system.

Invited teachers are Simon Steen Andersen (Denmark, composer), Séverine Ballon (France, cellist) and the Trio Catch (Germany, Blogárka Pecze (clarinet), Eva Boesch (cello) and Sun-Young Nam (piano)).

Composers, ensembles and cellists from all over the world with no age limit who want to work on their ideas together with the invited artists of the TACEC Festival18 will be able to apply.

At the end of the festival, a composer will receive a commission for a new piece or project to be premiered during the TACEC19 Festival.TACEC Generación18 is centered on Music. Dance and Theater chapters will be added in future editions.

- TACEC Generación is intended for composers and musicians of all nationalities with no age limit. In future editions Dance and Theater chapters will be added.
- A jury composed of Simon Steen Andersen, Trio Catch and Séverine Ballon will select up to 8 composers and up to 5 active ensembles.

- Composers must apply with a work project (optional) and up to two chamber works (2 or more instruments) with score and audio.
- The application deadline for composers is June 28.
- The selected composers will be announced from June 30.
- Selected composers who choose to write for an active ensemble must submit the scores until August 19th.
- The selected composers who choose to write for Séverine Ballon must send the work until August 19th.
-Proposed pieces may propose amplification , live-electronic or visuals, although only 2 x d&b speakers, subwoofer and mixer will be offered by TACEC. Other requirements must be provided by the composer.
- The cost for Argentine active composers is ARS 2500 and for foreigners USD 350 including 5 hotel nights with half board.
- Each active composer will have a private class with Simon Steen Andersen of 45 minutes in length, the premiere of his work and access to a professional record.
- The Ministerio de Gestión Cultural de la Provincia de Buenos Aires will award up to 4 full scholarships for composers from Buenos Aires or with residence in the Province for more than 3 years.
- The Teatro Argentino de La Plata will award half scholarships based on the expressed need of each participant according to availability.

- At the end of the TACEC Generación 18 a composer will be selected among the participants, and will receive a commission for work or project to be premiered during the TACEC19 Festival.
- The selected composer will receive a commission of ARS 50,000 in fees. With this payment all rights concerning public performance, live-recording and publishing are covered.


 The Space City New Music Festival
Summary:New Music Festival Composing and Networking Opportunity
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 06 June 2018
Details: The Space City New Music Festival (SCNMF) is a one-of-a-kind summer festival in Texas housed in the heart of downtown Houston near the Theater District at the new arts facility: Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston.

SCNMF is a week-long summer festival that brings composers, performers, conductors, and teachers together to collaborate on newly composed works, study contemporary music, build lifelong relationships, and present 3 to 4 concerts for the community of Houston.

The 2018 Space City New Music Festival will be working and collaborating with:

- Guest Composer: Marcus K. Maroney
- Guest Artist: Crystal Chu (solo percussion)
- Guest Chamber Ensemble: 3G Percussion

Festival participants will have the opportunities to:
- Collaborate, promote, and perform newly composed works with guest artists
- Attend masterclasses and full-length concerts showcasing our guest composer, artist, and chamber ensemble
- Take composition lessons with guest composer, Marcus K. Maroney
- Perform for the community of Houston
- Each piece is guaranteed at least one performance by one of our guest artists.

Categories & required materials
I. Composer
- Completed 2018 Application
- up to 3 representative scores for any combination of instruments with a LIVE Recording/MIDI (preferably scored from 1-6 performers)
- A list of works
- A resumé OR CV
- (Optional) Up to 1 Letter of Recommendation
- (Optional) any other documents you want to share

II. Performers
- Completed 2018 Application
- up to 3 recordings (audio and/or video) of you performing in contrasting styles
- A repertoire list
- A resumé OR CV
- (Optional) Up to 1 Letter of Recommendation
- (Optional) any other documents you want to share

III. Conductors
- Completed 2018 Application
- Up to 2 videos (around 15 minutes total) of you conducting chamber and/or large ensembles (preferably contemporary music)
- A repertoire list
- A resumé OR CV
- (Optional) Up to 1 Letter of Recommendation
- (Optional) any other documents you want to share

IV. Auditors
- Completed 2018 Application
- A brief resumé

Web Site:www.spacecityperformingarts.or...

Summary:Composer in residence opportunity
Deadline: 20 June 2018
Date Posted: 31 May 2018
Details: Award-winning national charity Streetwise Opera is excited to announce its Composers in Residence scheme for 2018-2019, supported by PRS Foundation. We will be commissioning five composers to develop five short operatic choruses that will be dramatised for performance during our Opera Hour season in spring 2019.

Streetwise Opera is one of the UK’s leading commissioners of contemporary opera, having commissioned 19 composers over the past 12 years including Orlando Gough, Anna Meredith, Will Todd, James MacMillan, Anna Appleby and Mira Calix. Our artistic policy is to combine existing classical repertoire with new music to create inspiring new opera. We are committed to investing in music creators and giving our performers, who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness, the opportunity to work with the highest quality artists, through new music that inspires and challenges them.

We have a biennial cycle which includes one major production and annual Opera Hour performances in each region that we work in, all responding to a shared theme. Opera Hour performances take place in a variety of different venues from high-profile to local arts venues, giving audiences the opportunity to experience a range of Streetwise Opera’s work in an informal setting.

This is our third Composer in Residence scheme supported by PRS Foundation, following successful residencies in 2014/15 and 2016/17. We will be selecting one composer local to each of the five regions where Streetwise Opera runs its programmes: Greater London, Greater Manchester, Nottingham, Teesside and Tyneside.

The texts for the commissions will be inspired by the theme “Community and Belonging”, and written in collaboration with our performers through a process of experimentation and exploration, allowing Streetwise Opera’s performers to make creative decisions and feel a sense of ownership over the final piece.

Streetwise Opera’s workshop leaders will help facilitate the process and composers will be supported throughout by the Artistic Director of Workshops and the Head of Programme.

If you wish to apply, please download the full brief for composers.

Please send your application to by midnight 20 June 2018, with the subject line ‘Composers in Residence application’. Applications must include:

● Your CV [max. two pages], please make sure to include your postal address

● A one-page letter outlining your suitability for the project, identifying the region that you are applying to, and introducing your specific, and locally rooted, interpretation of the theme

● Electronic scores for two vocal pieces that you have composed

● Links to recordings of these pieces if available – for pieces with a duration over 5 minutes, please identify a 5-minute excerpt that we should listen to

 Arts Letters & Numbers
Summary:Residency Programme
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 05 April 2018
Details: Arts Letters & Numbers was founded in 2011. At that point the summer workshop was the driving force of the organization. When the facilities grew so did the program. In 2015 the first Artist in Residence arrived. Since then we have continuously been cultivating this program to encourage individual and collaborative creation: to think, make and act alongside others within a community. The program has brought together artists from a wide range of disciplines, to ask and engage their questions, create and share their work. When people are free to act, interact with and support one another, new works and ideas emerge.

Update: We are excited to announce a new addition to our Artist in Residence Program: Day Residency - For commuting artists. Over the course of the last three years we have seen the great impact the program has had on national and international artists. With such a diverse community of creative people we have realized it’s time to make the program more accessible for regionally based artists. A Day Resident will follow the same application procedure, apply for 1-12 weeks residency, and have access to all working facilities, just like any other artists who joins the program. More information below.

Arts Letters & Numbers is a place of creative urgency and intensity of purpose, a place to create new linkages, new thought processes, new path- ways of understanding that embody our best hopes and aspirations. It is a place where many elements come together to co-construct questions and works, of empathy, of ethics, of imagination; it is a place to explore the nuanced fragilities in our shared stories.

We are situated within an enthusiastic and supportive community that is highly active in the short term programming of Arts Letters & Numbers, including Events, Courses, and Workshops that run in parallel to and interweave with the Residency Program. To further expand the conversation and space of Arts Letters & Numbers – both within the Residency Program and the broader community – as an Artist in Residence you will be encouraged to participate in and host some of these features, as well as proposing your own events to foster and enrich this dialogue, i.e. lectures, exhibitions, performances, etc.

Arts Letters & Numbers is constructed by us: not just those who are directly involved in its day to day operation, not just the fellows, participants, visiting artists and local community members, it has and continues to be built by everyone who sets foot in this remarkable place. It is being constructed by and between us. This aspect of Arts Letters & Numbers is foundational.

Residency History
Arts Letters & Numbers was founded in 2011. At that point the summer workshop was the driving force of the organization. When the facilities grew so did the program. In 2015 the first Artist in Residence arrived.

Duration of Residency
Residencies may be from 1 week to 12 weeks. All applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.
Due to our annual Summer Workshop, we do not accept any Residencies between July 1st and August 15th.

Residency Fee and Accommodation
Shared accommodations sleeps 2 to 4 people $175/week
Private rooms $275/week
You will be hosted in the House on the Hill, in one of our nine bedrooms; these vary in size and, we offer both private and shared arrangements. (Although all three of our bathrooms are shared). We will do our best and try to give everyone the privacy they need.
One of our traditions has been the sharing of ideas over a great meal, and this has become a vital part of Arts Letters & Numbers. We will all share one kitchen and though you are individually responsible for your food, it is often the case that everyone in the house gathers to cook and share dinners together.

Day Residency
Day Residency, no accommodation included $95/week
The Day Residency is for commuting Residents only. The artists will, just like any other artist in the program, have access to all working facilities.

Studio / Workspace
Because each artist's studio needs and space differs, we work with each artist to find the best possible working situation for their time. Currently, the Mill is under construction and is unfortunately not to be used for creative work. In addition to the Mill we also have our Barn, located next to the house. This flexible indoor - outdoor space serves as our main studio space, with additional more private spaces to be found in the Houseas well as space for our 9' grand Baldwin piano.

Expectations Towards the Artist
Artists are expected to pursue their individual creative endeavor and many times this calls for leading a workshop, giving a lecture, sharing a film, partake in critique, exhibiting/performing work etc. These are optional but has proven to be an integral tool for artists to find inspiration and to allow others to experience the works in progress or previous works. The artist will be encouraged to propose any form of sharing suitable for their work.

Available Weekly Happenings
Monday Evening: T-time; serious casual discussion, linkage making, mounting of enquiries for critical reception and processing with other minds, development of discourse, emergent language to signify thoughts and works and ways of thinking through work, relating experience to abstraction and larger contexts.
Tuesday Evening: Table Tennis gathering; potluck dinner and ping pong at various houses in the local community
Friday Morning: Liver and Onions; very casual conversations with the local community over potluck breakfast
Other available happenings: Open Mic (opportunity of sharing in progress or completed works, as well as sharing of influences and references.) Exhibitions, Performances, Workshops, Construction, Dinners and Excursions to Museums etc. (Organized and hosted by Fellows and Resident Artists)

Disciplines Support and Technical Information
The basis for Arts Letters and Numbers Residency Program is to encourage cross-disciplinary linkages. Work samples are required for evaluating applications. The application form asks for a website but if you do not maintain one as the site for samples of your work, please send samples, writing or images directly to

Selection Process
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and will be reviewed within 14 - 30 days. If you have any questions regarding your application do not hesitate to ask at

There are a limited number of Residency Work Scholarships available. Scholarships are only for residencies 8 weeks or longer. Please enquire if you are interested in work exchange discount.


 New Music Message Board
Summary:Opportunity to connect with performers
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 31 August 2016
Details: This is a new group dedicated to connecting composers of new works with performers of new music. Composers can post whatever they feel comfortable. Performers can search for the desired instrumentation with the search tool, and hopefully curate some performances. Please don't hesitate to post as many works as you would like.

The group is in the formative stages, and will hopefully grow from a Facebook group to a professional website and online community. So, please share the group with anyone who may be interested from anywhere in the world!!

 BBC Introducing
Summary:Showcase Opportunity
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 12 April 2016
Details: Whether you’re a performer or composer writing music under any classical style BBC Introducing is a fantastic platform to get involved with. Introducing has been supporting unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar since 2007, giving new UK artists a chance to get their music out to new fans. To date the Uploader has had from over 150,000 artists and have seen many of them go on to achieve fantastic milestones in their career from recording a session at Maida Vale to headlining Glastonbury!With BBC Introducing the process is simple; you go to and share your music via the BBC Introducing Uploader. A team of presenters and producers here at Radio 3 will then listen to your music and choose a selection of the best compositions and performances to play on the station.From performing at a BBC showcase to being approached by other composers and writers, there are lots of opportunities that could you could send your music to us via the BBC Uploader and, in some cases, be played on the radio just hours later. If you’re an emerging musician and looking for new opportunities then head over to the for opportunities on Radio 3 and beyond.

 C4 Ensemble
Summary:Call for choral scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 18 September 2012
Details: The C4 ensemble invites composers to submit scores for chorus and electronics for possible future performances. More details can be obtained from the ensemble via the link listed above.