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Composer Opportunities

 InMusic 17: Innovation in Music Conference 2017
Deadline: 06 September 2017
Date Posted: 17 August 2017
Details: Innovation In Music (InMusic) is a European music industry conference which brings together researchers and professionals interested in the future of the music industry, from the artist through to the consumer. The 2017 conference includes keynote lectures and panel sessions with award winning music industry professionals including Imogen Heap, Talvin Singh, Mandy Parnell and Ken Scott.

InMusic17 will provide an outstanding opportunity for all those interested in the fast-moving changes taking place in the music industry to mix with experts in the field, exchange experiences and learn about the latest trends and innovative developments. Participants can also achieve a peer reviewed publication in the conference proceedings.

Innovation In Music welcomes academics, artists, producers, engineers, music industry professionals and manufacturers to come together and hear papers on a wide range of topics.

Conference themes include:
– Music production: past, present and future
– Performance and composition: human and beyond
– Innovation in music business
– Music consumer behaviour: the changing psychology and perceived value of music
– Technologies for remuneration and data management
– Platforms for music sale, streaming and broadcast
– Studio technology innovation
– Innovative music creation and songwriting
– Sound engineering: audio and acoustics
– Mastering commercial music
– Hi-res audio and future music formats
– Piracy in 2017 and beyond
– Post production innovation: plugins, workstations, automated mixing
– Sound design and music for video games
– Knowledge transfer between music industry and academia
– Cross-disciplinary topics around music and innovation

Keynote and Panel Speakers
• Imogen Heap – Grammy Award-winning songwriter, recording artist, producer and engineer
• Talvin Singh OBE – Mercury Music Prize winning percussionist, producer and composer
• Mandy Parnell – Grammy Award-winning master engineer and UK MPG Mastering Engineer of the Year 2017
• Ken Scott – Music producer and studio engineer for David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Beatles
• Peter Oxendale – Forensic musicologist and expert copyright witness
• Jonathan Bailey - CTO at iZotope

Innovation Panel
A special Innovation Panel to be held at Innovation In Music 2017 will bring together a number of practitioners at
the cutting edge of music technology and sound innovation, including:
• Jon Eades – Innovation Manager for Abbey Rd Studios
• Hakan Lidbo – Music Producer, Sound Artist
• Josh Saunders – Head Of Technical & Creative for Warner Music Group UK
• Adam John Williams – Digital Artist, Hardware Hacker

Conference Fees
The early-bird discount fee period EXTENDED. Early-bird fee is £260 fee per delegate if you register by Sunday 9 July 2017 and includes attendance at the conference banquet. From Monday 10 July 2017, the conference attendance fee will be £295 per delegate.


 Voice Transpiring Music
Summary:Musical 'entanglement'...
Deadline: 09 September 2017
Date Posted: 17 August 2017
Details: It's not a performance - it's not a workshop - it' entanglement...

Jenni Roditi – vocals, conductor, entangler
Sam Enthoven – theremin and electronica
Alain Man – keyboards and loops
Alistair Smith – gongs and singing bowls

Composer of four operas, plus chamber and choral work, prolific songwriter and voice work facilitator for 25 years. Currently directing two improvisation choirs TIC and TOC and just finished being a composer-teacher for a research project with adult non-singers at the Guildhall. Founder of Vocal Tai Chi.

SAM ENTHOVEN plays found sounds, analogue synths and a unique instrument from the dawn of electronic music – the theremin. Though relatively new to the exploratory music and sound art scene, he’s been performing frequently at venues all over London for over two years now.
ALAIN MAN – keyboard and loops

A multi instrumentalist, primarily piano/keyboards and vocals, he learned from a very young age. He has played with bands that have toured the UK and Europe. He composes, produces, does session work in most genres and collaborates on a number of projects with different artists. His passion lies with improvisation and he attempts to incorporate that free spirit in all his work. He currently performs with The Improvisers Choir led by Jenni Roditi and Apocalypse Jazz Unit led by Rick Jensen.

ALISTAIR SMITH – gongs and bowlsCompleted his sound healing practitioner training in 2014 and graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2005 with first class honours, receiving the Barnard and Hails prize for music. He has since completed a Masters in composition at Goldsmiths studying under Roger Redgate. He teaches guitar and music theory in north London and has recently had the privilege of being blogger and essayist for Jenni Roditi's TIC-TOC choirs, the latter of which he is a member.

Jenni is creating a new musical space with adventurous musicians, all experienced improvisers.

Instead of creating a straight-forward band Jenni will bring her considerable experience as a facilitator of others (Guildhall, Vocal Tai Chi) to entangle with her and her musicians, inviting a number of participants, probably one at a time, from the audience, to join them on stage. The idea behind this is to break with the audience/performer duality and seek new riches and contexts provided by each participant.

You do not have to be ‘a musician’ to have a ‘transpiration’ with the band. Jenni will draw out a direction in which she senses you will benefit from the experience. If you are a musician you will be in the space with others who are interested in engaging with you and any questions you have about how music can work best, right now in this situation.

Jenni will use her skills as a vocalist, composer and facilitator to help uncover what you may be exploring, through a ‘support, challenge, reflect and release’ approach. This can be done without any prior preparation from the participant. You may be engaging with some material written by Jenni or you may devise an idea, or a felt-sense feeling, in the moment together.

This is a four hour session and will mix performance and workshop modalities in a new entangled and engaging format. There will be time for up to eight (hopefully) people to have an experience making music with the band. This will be directed by Jenni and may involve some dialogue about what might transpire before music making begins. The band are all experienced improvisers and enjoy being responsive.

The band is currently in formation with, so far, Sam Enthoven, booked in. Sam plays an array of subtle electronica and has mastered the 'theremin' - a very mysterious electronic instrument that is played by moving your hand in the air above the module. There will be an annoucment in due course about one or two other band members as well once they are booked!

The band will listen to the call from each participant. In between these individual engagements with members of the participating group, the band will perform, drawing on the material that has transpired in the space through the participants, and moving in their own directions too.

The idea behind this is to break with the audience - performer mentality; the duality of us and them.

The sessions are open to all, though not everyone will necessarily be involved directly in a transpiration. Upper limit will be 8 for transpiration, but more are welcome to come and witness and soak up the vibes.

The time will be divided as equally as possible between everyone participating. When you are in the hot seat with Jenni, others in the audience may become become a secondary accompaniment, or simply remain an actively responsive audience.

Summary:Promotion/curation opportunity
Deadline: 15 September 2017
Date Posted: 17 August 2017

Submission Form:

We are pleased to announce our 2017 Fall Season Call for Works! We will select 30 - 40 pieces to be programmed on our channels from September 2017 through January 2018. We are switching to a call for submissions model for our channels instead of a rolling submissions model to help us with our curation process and streamline our communications with the community.

Unlike Follow My Score 2016, this year’s campaign will have no commission, crowdfunding campaign, or open voting. The works will be selected by the score follower team, typical of our normal submission process. We will hold a similar call for submissions twice every year (one in the fall, one in the spring).

This project is an effort to promote and curate many works by living composers; it is not a commissioning contest, as was FMS16.

• Submissions must be received by: September 15
• Submission is free! There is no fee but we would be incredibly grateful if you spread the word about our project on Patreon or support it directly. Donations will not be considered in the selection process.
• Each composer may submit up to two works. The works should be submitted by filling out using the link to our Google Form. Links to the pieces should be using a non-expiring cloud sharing service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Scores should be in pdf format.
• Please send a score and audio file for each work submitted. Keep in mind that higher quality recordings are preferred.
• If your work is selected, we will need you to secure permission for posting on our channel from any publisher, recording company, or performer/ensemble involved in the work. If you think this will not be possible, please do not submit. We will also ask for the names of performers in order to credit them in the video description. We will not upload your piece if permissions are not able to be secured.
• Submissions may come from composers of any age, nationality, background.
• Works may be of any duration.
• Submitted material should not be anonymized.
• Works must be completed (no works-in-progress).
• Submissions may include works for instrument(s) and electronics.
• Large ensemble or works with similarly tall systems display poorly on YouTube's 16:9 landscape frame, because of this, we prefer you submit chamber or solo works.
• We also accept works that include visual footage in addition to or in lieu of a score. In the case that such a work is selected, it would be uploaded to our Mediated Scores channel.
• Composers previously featured on our channels may still apply.


 Large Objects Moving Air
Summary:Conference Opportunity
Deadline: 15 September 2017
Date Posted: 09 August 2017
Details: Large Objects Moving Air 2018 is a one day conference exploring the presence, agency and materiality of air from the microscale to macroscale, through both literal and figurative interpretations. We are looking for papers exploring the materialities of air, vibration, politics and power from researchers, writers and artists within the sciences, humanities, arts and other creative disciplines.

What comes to mind when one thinks about air? Air is everywhere and nowhere. It is a carrier of frequencies, energies, vibrations, toxins, pollutants and blast waves. It supports life and is a site of communication. It is clouds and The Cloud. Who owns it? Can it be owned? Who or what are the agents in the transmission and circulation of air? How does it circulate and what circulates within it?

With the futures of people, animals, plants and microbial ecologies constantly up in the air, LOMA 2018 offers an opportunity for reflection about that which is all around us, its vitality but also its precarity and potential as carrier of threat and harm.

For LOMA 2018 we are seeking presentations and artworks in different formats and deploying various strategies to animate the air in and around the conference setting of the London College of Communication in Elephant and Castle, South London. Through these multiple representations we hope to foster the recalibration of our position within the local and planetary scale ecologies, of vectors of mass transit, and flux in the sky, on the surface and beyond.

The theme of the conference relates to works that reflect (but are not limited to) the following areas around the literal / metaphorical / abstracted examples of the movement of large bodies on a range of scales:

Acoustic ecology
Nuclear culture and the military industrial complex
Protest movements, propaganda and the voice
Media Infrastructures
Bass and soundsystem culture
Unsound / Infrasonics / Ultrasonics / EEG
Call for Works

We would like to invite proposals for the commission of an artwork installation and/or performance for LOMA 2018 in response to one or more of the conference themes. We are particularly interested in proposals for works influenced by sonic encounters.

We have two potential spaces for the installation/performance, the Upper Gallery (suited for performance or low intensity work) or the Black Box (sound proofed theatre/performance space). Technical support and resources will be made available and a fee of £150 will be awarded to the selected work.

The successful proposal will need to be presented at LOMA on Monday, 8th January 2018. For installations, it will be possible to install on Friday, 5 January 2018. The installation/documentation of work will only be able to remain in the space for the day of the conference.

For proposals of artworks and/or performances for LOMA, we request that you submit a project description (500 words maximum) along with any audio, video, or images that may help illustrate the proposal. Submissions should be made as a .pdf document (no longer than 2 sides of A4 including images and links to media). Contact us with any questions regarding technical possibilities in advance of the deadline.

Submissions should be sent to by 15 September 2017.

 Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts
Summary:Artist residency programme
Deadline: 01 September 2017
Date Posted: 12 July 2017
Details: The artist residency program at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts offers two sessions per year, which cover programs of two, or four weeks, depending on availability and the applicant’s ranking in jury process. Preference will go to the 4 week requests. The Winter Spring artist retreats run from January – May with the application deadline on September 1 of the previous year. The Summer/Fall session runs from June – November with the application deadline on March 1 of the same year. A blind jury will rank residents based on work samples provided with application. Visual Artists (including but not limited to drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, installation, new media and video) shall provide 10 - 20 images OR a short video. Language Arts (including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenplay or script writing, and scientific writing) shall include no more than 20 pages of material. Musicians and composers provide two scores and two music files for listening. Do NOT include your name or website on any work samples. Label with titles only. Selected artists will receive housing, most meals, exclusive studio access and use of the library, lounge and kitchen, which are all nestled in a meadow along the riparian corridor of Brush Creek. Residents are responsible for all supplies, and either transportation to Brush Creek Ranch or Laramie Regional Airport. Applicants will provide work samples formatted to Cafe standards; CV or Resume; Artist Statement and description of your project; and contact information for two individuals capable of providing a character reference. Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts is a separate non-profit program, apart from the Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch.

Visit for more information.

Summary:Conference Opportunity
Deadline: 17 September 2017
Date Posted: 12 July 2017
Details: The University of North Georgia announces the 2017 Research on Contemporary Composition Conference, to be held at the University of North Georgia December 2, 2017. The conference will feature music performances and research focused on music composed within the past 15 years.

We invite proposals on all topics related to the composition, performance, and teaching of recently composed music. We are especially interested in presentations addressing:

• professional programming of composers of diverse backgrounds
• analytical research on recent composition
• exploration of lesser known composers
• experimentalism
• scholarship of teaching and learning contemporary composition
• interchange with disciplines outside of music
• commisioning contemporary composition
• current roles of composers and performers
• exploration of music for films/games, jazz composition and arranging, and commercial settings

All proposals will be submitted blindly and selected based on relevance and quality of the proposal. We encourage music scholarship on any level (K-12, higher education, community) with emphasis given to research on contemporary (music composed within the past 15 years). We invite proposals in the following formats: lecture/papers, lecture recitals, and workshops (however all presentations will be limited to 30 minutes).

Proposals due by September 17, 2017. Invited participants will be required to register for the conference. Registration for the conference will be open in August 2017.

All events will happen on the University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus. This picturesque community, about an hour north of metro Atlanta, is the home of the first major gold rush in the nation and a popular tourist attraction nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With stunning waterfalls surrounded by lush forests inhabited by abundant wildlife, the north Georgia region draws visitors who enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, canoeing, and camping.

Please address questions to the event coordinator, David Peoples - dpeoples "@"


Summary:Multiple Opportunities
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 08 February 2017
Details: From Beethoven to Carter, forging relationships with composers and commissioning new music has been at the heart of the Royal Philharmonic Society’s work since 1813.

We believe that encouraging creativity is an essential part of live music making. Since 1813 our commissions have included masterworks such as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony and Dvorak’s 7th Symphony. Today we continue to thrill and challenge audiences with the new and have commissioned over 60 composers in the last 10 years.

Our current commissioning programme includes:

Chamber Music

An ongoing partnership with BBC Radio 3 has created a series of over 30 new chamber works for the outstanding talents of the BBC New Generation Artists.

RPS Composition Prizes

The RPS offers pportunities for emerging composers and composers age 18 and under to take part in workshops and to write for high profile professional performances, while the Elgar Bursary recognises that older composers may also benefit from support to write an orchestral work with a guaranteed performance and broadcast.

RPS Drummond Fund

Commissioning new music for dance.

RPS Bicentenary Commissions

Over 20 new commissions were at the heart of our Bicentenary celebrations in 2013, from major international figures to those just entering the profession. Read about our Bicentenary Commissions.

For more information:

 New Music Message Board
Summary:Opportunity to connect with performers
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 31 August 2016
Details: This is a new group dedicated to connecting composers of new works with performers of new music. Composers can post whatever they feel comfortable. Performers can search for the desired instrumentation with the search tool, and hopefully curate some performances. Please don't hesitate to post as many works as you would like.

The group is in the formative stages, and will hopefully grow from a Facebook group to a professional website and online community. So, please share the group with anyone who may be interested from anywhere in the world!!

 Resonance Extra
Summary:Broadcast Call
Deadline: 31 August 2017
Date Posted: 25 August 2016
Details: Resonance Extra is a 24/7 broadcast platform based at Resonance FM’s London Bridge studios. Dedicated to supporting experimental musicians and sound artists, the station broadcasts online via its website and on Small Scale DAB Digital Radio in Brighton & Hove. Following Ofcom’s decision in 2016 to extend its DAB trial license by a further two years, the platform seeks new contributions with an Open Call for Broadcast Proposals.

Radio Art, Experimental Music and Documentary

Resonance Extra seeks local and international artists, broadcasters, students, sound artists, musicians, producers, archivists, festivals, venues and arts organisations to submit proposals for ambitious broadcasts (or programmes of broadcasts) in the following broad categories:

• Sound and Radio Artworks
• Experimental and Global Music Radio
• Documentary - Sound and Music

Submit a Broadcast Proposal

To submit a proposal or programming idea, please email Peter Lanceley on, including in your submission: your full name (in the subject line); a brief description of what you propose (no more than 250 words); a link to your website, artistic CV, or previous work.

Responses to the Open Call will be considered on an ongoing basis until September 2017. We regret that we cannot necessarily respond to nor commit to providing feedback for unsuccessful applicants. For more information on Strands, a separate round of paid artistic commissions for UK sound and radio artists under the age of 28, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, visit our Commissions webpage.

 BBC Introducing
Summary:Showcase Opportunity
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 12 April 2016
Details: Whether you’re a performer or composer writing music under any classical style BBC Introducing is a fantastic platform to get involved with. Introducing has been supporting unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar since 2007, giving new UK artists a chance to get their music out to new fans. To date the Uploader has had from over 150,000 artists and have seen many of them go on to achieve fantastic milestones in their career from recording a session at Maida Vale to headlining Glastonbury!With BBC Introducing the process is simple; you go to and share your music via the BBC Introducing Uploader. A team of presenters and producers here at Radio 3 will then listen to your music and choose a selection of the best compositions and performances to play on the station.From performing at a BBC showcase to being approached by other composers and writers, there are lots of opportunities that could you could send your music to us via the BBC Uploader and, in some cases, be played on the radio just hours later. If you’re an emerging musician and looking for new opportunities then head over to the for opportunities on Radio 3 and beyond.

 C4 Ensemble
Summary:Call for choral scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 18 September 2012
Details: The C4 ensemble invites composers to submit scores for chorus and electronics for possible future performances. More details can be obtained from the ensemble via the link listed above.