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Summary:Programme for emerging composers
Deadline: 03 December 2019
Date Posted: 19 June 2019
Details: KEEP COMPOSERS WEIRD – A program for emerging composers held in Austin, TX the “Live Music Capital of the World”. ***Now accepting applications for 2020***

KEEP COMPOSERS WEIRD program provides an opportunity for selected composers from around the world, ages 21+, to submit a newly written work that is to be rehearsed, recorded in a professional studio and performed at a concert in Austin, TX. In addition, for 5-6 days, each composer will participate in lectures, networking events and establish professional relationships with colleagues in the music and arts industry.

The program name draws inspiration from the city of Austin’s motto of “Keep Austin Weird.” Most composers do not have professional studio recordings of their compositions, and most who do, have subpar live recordings. With quality studio recordings there is an opportunity to place compositions in film, commercials, and radio. In Austin, a city rich in music and culture, these visiting composers will also have the opportunity to build relationships and broaden their network.

KEEP COMPOSERS WEIRD takes place for 8-10 days in Austin, Texas. Participants will be required to compose a work specifically for the program. Each composer will have the opportunity to work with an ensemble in a rehearsal and a recording session at Cacophony Records, recording and engineering done by Grammy winning producer, Erik Wofford. All tracking will be done in Austin, mixing and mastering will be conducted post-program and sent to the composer (composer retains all rights to music). A performance will be booked in advance and promoted to showcase each composer. In addition, conferences, panels, and mixers will be held at various venues around town to provide networking opportunities. Participants will be provided with housing (house includes full kitchen, living room, backyard, Wi-fi, TV, A/C etc), catered breakfasts, lunches.

Participants (tuition + housing + two meals per day): $1,560 USD (contributes toward recording, musicians, performance)
Application should be sent by email to (cost to apply is $15 USD)
1) Please send the following information:
a. Name
b. Birth date
c. Nationality
d. CV
e. Short paragraph talking about yourself (i.e – interests, goals, etc)
f. One letter of recommendation (if possible)

2) PDF files of one – two of your works with recordings or midi (if available)

3) $15(USD) fee payable by paypal to

Dec.3.2019: Application deadline
Dec.5. 2019: Announcement of results
Dec.15.2019: Notification to reserve spot in program (via deposit; flexible)
Dec.20. 2019: The selected participants will receive instrumentation for their works
Jan.7.2020: Deadline for sending finished composition
Jan.13/14. 2020: – arrival and accommodation in Austin
Jan.21/22.2020: – departure from Austin
Entry Fee:$15 USD

 Festival DME - Dias de Música Electroacústica
Summary:International Masterclass
Deadline: 02 August 2019
Date Posted: 06 June 2019
Details: Festival DME - Dias de Música Electroacústica - is very pleased to announce the international masterclass ‘SPATIAL INTERPRETATION OF ACOUSMATIC MUSIC’ with Annette Vande Gorne that will take place in September 9-14 2019 at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Portugal.
Musicians of any age and nationality are invited to apply.

The active participants will have the opportunity to learn about the art of spatialisation, as well as to spatialise a reference work in the final concert through a 16 channel-system.

The participation fee is the following:

Active Participants
ESML student: €50
external student: €150

ESML student: €20
external student: €80

The language of the masterclass is English and French.
The participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation costs.

To submit an application please fill the form below:

Deadline for submission: August 2nd, 2019
Announcement of the participants: August 6th, 2019

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Summary:Percussion Workshop
Deadline: 01 July 2019
Date Posted: 06 June 2019
Details: As a collective, Cisum Percussion shares a goal of expanding and developing the styles and capabilities within modern day percussion literature. The diversity of backgrounds the ensemble possesses span a plethora of musical styles and creates a unique environment in which anything is possible. The group revels in the performance of a crossbreed of styles such as contemporary classical music, rock, minimalism, funk, jazz, combined with the use of visual arts and theater. Constantly seeking out new works and composers, Cisum Percussion continues to explore this genre-melding sound world.

In an effort to further expand their educational outreach and to more easily give composers the tools they need for success, Cisum Percussion presents a three (3) day workshop with a focus on writing for percussion. Composers will be selected as fellows for the program to receive one-on-one access to rehearsals/instruction as well as admission to concerts and masterclasses. Each of the composer fellows will receive a world premiere and a recording of a new work written for percussion. Cisum Percussion views this opportunity not only as a learning experience for composers, but rather an opportunity to create career-long relationships between musicians and composers.


Composing for Percussion 2019 will be hosted in NYC from Friday November 22nd through Sunday November 24th. Over the course of the weekend, selected composer fellows and student composers will have the opportunity to explore new sounds within a hands-on approach to writing for percussion. Each fellow/student will learn about the unique sounds of percussion timbres as well as bring a new piece of music to life over the workshop weekend.


Each composer fellow/student will have dedicated rehearsal time with the members of Cisum Percussion over the workshop weekend. These rehearsals are a time to explore the pieces they’ve written and fine tune some small details about their music before a public showing of their work.


Several masterclasses will be hosted throughout the workshop weekend with a focus on techniques when writing for percussion. With a combination of Cisum members as well as guest speakers (to be announced) the composer fellows/students will have the opportunity to learn about percussion notation, be hands on with our instruments, and hear from leading professionals within the industry. Past guest speakers include composer Dave Molk and Ian Rosenbaum of Sandbox Percussion.

Open Readings

Cisum Percussion will host an open reading of all student composer works that will be filmed/recorded for archival purposes after the workshop. These readings will be paired with a masterclass/Q&A discussing problems and solutions when writing for percussion.

World Premieres

Cisum Percussion will host a performance of all fellow composer works that will be filmed/recorded for archival purposes after the workshop. This performance will be a culmination of all the rehearsals and masterclasses throughout the workshop weekend.

Please follow the link at the bottom of this section to pay the $10 application fee. After your payment is processed, click on the "return to merchant" button and it will bring you to the online application form. Please be prepared to submit all materials as you cannot save your progress and complete the application at a later time. If you do pay the application fee and have an issue with the application form, such as losing connection or submission not sending, please email us at with a copy/screenshot of your application fee receipt. We can setup a new form in this rare situation for you to complete.

• Eligible applicants must currently reside in the United States.
• There are no age restrictions for applicants.
• Submissions DO NOT need to be anonymous, please leave all names and information on the score.
• Submitted documents, scores and audio must be hosted through an online hosting service with a link that will not expire (Example: Dropbox, Google Drive, Etc.). Be prepared to have these links ready on the application page.
• Required submission materials include:
o Name and contact e-mail
o 1 - 2 page resume / bio (in one pdf file)
o 2 - 3 score samples (pdf)
- Submitted scores may be of any chamber instrumentation. Although scores that use percussion are encouraged, this is not necessary to receive a fellow position. The goal is to work with both composers who have experience writing for percussion and those who do not.
o 2 - 3 audio samples (mp3 or wav)
- Submitted audio samples must match the submitted scores. Although MIDI is accepted, we highly recommend the use of live recordings.
• Deadline for submissions is July 1st, 2019. No late or incomplete submissions will be reviewed.

Entry Fee:$10

Summary:Composition Course
Deadline: 17 July 2019
Date Posted: 27 March 2019
Details: Laurel Halo is an electronic musician originally from Michigan, USA but based in Berlin. She has released music in a variety of styles, ranging from ambient and experimental club, to avant-pop and dubwise electronica. Though the breadth of genre is varied, there's an intrinsic logic to Halo's aesthetic, focussed on the interplay between digital and analog production techniques, and the general subversion of standard sonic hierarchies. She has released on labels such as Honest Jon's, Latency, Livity Sound and, most notably, Hyperdub; her debut album Quarantine was named Wire Magazine's album of the year. She has collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never, John Cale, Lisa Gerrard, Eli Keszler, Rashad Becker, Julia Holter and NH'Koxyen amongst others.

-Live, work and study with Laurel Halo for five days in the epic Pyrenean mountains
-Develop your critical listening skills through group listening and critique sessions
-Create new work to concept, including scoring silent films, through one-to-one and group sessions
-Unlimited use of our recording facilities, editing suites, arts library and performance spaces
-Optional outdoors activities including ascent of Mont Ceint, and the spectacular Cascade d'Ars

 Composing and Arranging for School Bands
Summary:Workshop Opportunity
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 06 February 2019
Details: The workshop, “Composing and Arranging for School Bands,” is being offered this summer, July 22-26, 2019, by The University of the Arts (Philadelphia). The course is designed for composers and arrangers interested in strengthening/improving their writing while broadening their audience to any level of school band. Topics include writing inside the school band “grading system,” getting published, marketing your music to the school band community, and more. During the week, participants will have the opportunity to create, refine and present their music for helpful feedback. To learn more, check out the video course description at the following link:

To register, visit: Questions? Email

 Opportunity: New Voices, Talent Development Programme
Summary:Register interest for programme
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 20 September 2017
Details: Date: Registration closes, noon on Tues 17th Oct
Produced by: Sound and Music
New Voices: a new Talent Development Programme for new ideas, new sounds and new music

Do you create or compose your own music or sound? Then this could be the opportunity for you!

Taking the successful models, wonderful partnerships and expertise from our previous Embedded and Portfolio Programmes, as well as our Pathways Programme we are thrilled to announce and introduce you to New Voices, Sound and Music's reimagined Talent Development Programme.

We are looking for composers and artists creating their own original new music and sound to be part of New Voices

New Voices aims to be representative of the diverse range of composers working across the UK today.


Become part of New Voices, an 18 month Talent Development Programme tailored to your needs
Get the benefit of 6 months of bespoke, external and expert coaching and mentoring
Explore and realise your creative ideas and ambitions, in your own style, in your own way
Join a network of your creative peers from across the UK, who will be going through the New Voices programme at the same time as you
Be part of a unique supportive residential weekend with these peers and with Sound and Music staff
Make public facing work for audiences, through your own creative activity and collaborations, and/or through working with other organisations
Receive a bursary of £1,500, travel and accommodation expenses, plus a production grant of up to £6,000 if you are organising the final public outcome yourself
Work with Sound and Music to explore digital as well as live outcomes of your work
Sound good?

Great. At this stage, you only need to register your interest, and then we will get in contact to discuss and to find out if this opportunity is a good fit.

If you need any other support to access this opportunity, or need this information in another format then we’re here to help, so please do contact us: Director of Programmes,

Keep reading to find out more.

 Soundfly's new online course with Tim Hansen teaches you the fundamentals of Composition
Summary:Composition Course
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 16 November 2016
Details: SOUNDFLY'S NEW COURSE TEACHES YOU THE FUNDAMENTALS OF MUSIC COMPOSITION & DEEPENS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF EMPLOYING THEORY code: SOUNDANDMUSIC for 20% off!As a composer, there are many different tools in your tool belt that can bring interest and originality to your music. You can use time signatures to add complexity, tonality to add emotional pull, rhythm to add drive, or something else to create some other unique dynamic. This course will take you through the essential elements of modern composing. Led by Australian composer Tim Hansen, you'll explore the beat, time signatures, rhythm, tonality, timbre, texture, and structure, with key examples to demonstrate along the way. By the end of this course, you'll be able to employee these tools more effectively in your compositions.This one-of-a-kind month-long course combines fun instructional videos, step-by-step guides, downloadable resources, and professional support and feedback to help you unlock your vision for notated music. You'll have the opportunity to get personal mentorship and consulting from an industry expert, as well as access to a revolving-door community of fellow students and advisors. Now who's ready to get composing?