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small chamber ensemble Competitions & Call for pieces

 The Society of Recorder Players
Summary:Recorder Quartet Competition
Deadline: 15 December 2018
Date Posted: 13 June 2018
Details: Jonathan Dove to judge new composers competition for the Society of Recorder Players

The Society of Recorder Players (SRP) Players is proud to launch a new Composer’s Competition and warmly invites the submission of scores for recorder quartet from composers of all ages and nationalities.

Two categories: Open (any age) and 18 or under.

Short-listed submissions from both categories will be performed live by Block 4 and judged by Jonathan Dove (Honorary President of SRP) at the SRP’s Annual Recorder Festival in Durham, UK, on April 13th 2019. The highly respected recorder ensemble, Block4, will perform the winning compositions in a gala concert, a high-quality recording will be available for the winning composers, cash prizes and publication agreements are actively being sought by the organisers.

Entries should be submitted by 15th December 2018, be scored for recorder quartet and last between three to six minutes.

To broaden the repertoire for Recorder Ensemble

To stimulate composers to explore this field
To give composers an opportunity to get their works professionally performed and recorded
To expand the network of participants for further collaborations

A committee of experts will short-list four compositions for each age category. The final round will be judged by the internationally recognised composer Jonathan Dove.

The application is open to composers of all nationalities with no age limit and with no limit on compositional style. Composers whose works are short-listed will be invited to the finals
and hosted for the day of the performance.

Submission of completed application forms and scores 15th December 2018

Announcement of short-listed work 15th February 2019
Finals and announcement of winners 13th April 2019

For further information on this exciting opportunity visit or contact

 Diaphonia Edizioni (sax quartet)
Summary:Saxophone Quartet Competition
Deadline: 31 July 2018
Date Posted: 13 June 2018
Details: ‘Diaphonia Edizioni’, announces the composition contest “4 Sax”. The selected score will be published by ‘Diaphonia Edizioni’ and performed during a public concert organized by “Ente Concerti” in Pesaro (PU, Italy).

-The contest is open to all composers, regardless of their age or nationality
-Each composer has to send 1 or more scores for sax quartet or part of it. The use of different instruments it is not permitted
-The composition(s) should be between 4-12 minutes in length
-We accept compositions which have been already performed but not published
-Multiple submissions are possible. We request a fee of € 20 for the first score and
€ 15 for any additional scores
-The submission deadline is the 31th July 2018
-The composers whose works will be chosen, are welcome to attend the concerts but their
presence is not mandatory. They are responsible to pay for their own accommodation and travel expenses to Pesaro (PU, Italy).

In order to participate, please submit the following documents:
- A file in Word format containing the composer’s name, nationality, postal address and e-mail address. A short description of the composition(s) should be included together with the consent of processing the personal data, according to the Italian law. (You may want to use this formula: “In
compliance with the Italian legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003, I hereby authorize you to use and process my personal details contained in this document.” with signature)
- A recent photo in high resolution and a short biography (in English and/or in Italian)
- The proposed score(s) for consideration, in PDF only.
- A copy of the receipt of payment.
- An audio recording of the score(s) although it’s not mandatory (no midi, please).
-All documents should be sent by e-mail at or using a file sharing service (Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

The entry fee should be paid by Bank transfer.
The bank details are as follows:
IBAN: IT41G0200882071000300810189
payable to Associazione Diaphonia, via Maroncelli 46, Barcellona Pozzo di
Gotto (ME) 98051 – Italy.
It is also possible to pay by this paypal link:

-The winning composer will receive an award plaque.
-The selected score will be published by ‘Diaphonia Edizioni’ and performed during a public


 International Percussion Premiere Night
Summary:Percussion Duo Competition
Deadline: 06 July 2018
Date Posted: 06 June 2018
Details: The “Casa della Musica” of Trieste and artistic directors Gabriele Petracco and Marko Jugovic present the first edition of the “International Percussion Premiere Night”.

Composers from around the world are invited to write new music for percussion duo. A committee of experts will select four compositions which will be premiered and recorded by the Popocatepetl Percussion Duo on the September 8th 2018 in the “Casa della Musica” of Trieste, Italy.

-To broaden the repertoire for percussion ensemble
-To stimulate composers to explore this field
-To give composers an opportunity to get their works professionally performed and recorded
-To expand the network of participants for further collaborations

The works
-Each work should last between five and twelve minutes.
The use of audio and/or video tapes is allowed, but NOT live electronics.
-Composers may submit multiple works.
-Composers can choose instruments from the following list:

• 2 marimbas 5 octaves • 2vibraphones
• 1xylophone
• 2 timpani
• 2 kick drums (it is possible to play them with drum sticks as well)
• various snare drums
• various tom-toms
• various cymbals
• 2 sets of temple blocks • 1 tam-tam
• 6 small thai gongs (EU notation: c#’, e’, f’, c#”, e”, f”)
• 1 octave crotales • 1 wind chimes
• 1 triangle
• junk percussion

Only works for percussion duo that haven’t been performed professionally and/or published as of July 6th 2018 will be accepted.

For any questions about instrumentation please contact us at

The Jury is formed of three internationally renowned musicians who will meet, discuss, and then select the four works which will be performed.

You can find their biographies on the website

• Fabio Nieder (IT - pianist, composer)
• Fabiàn Pèrez Tedesco
(RA - percussionist, composer)
• Hans Leenders (NL - percussionist, conductor)

Application form
The application is open to composers of all nationalities with no age limit and with no limit on composition style. Composers whose works are selected will be invited to the concert and hosted for the day of the performance, but they must pay their own travel expenses. A non refundable application fee of 35€ is required. For each additional composition there is an additional fee of 10€.

The application should include:
• Thecompletedapplicationform,
which you can download from the website
• A curriculum vitae with optional catalogue of works
• The scores of all compositions with program notes in PDF format
• Theconfirmationofpayment

• Application forms July 6th 2018
• Arrival of scores July 6th 2018
• Announcement of successful works July 10th 2018

Applications will not be considered until all the materials has been received, and no incomplete applications will be considered after July 6th 2018.

Please send scores and completed forms
to this address:

Popocatepetl Percussion Duo makes no claims on any of the entered compositions beyond the right to premiere the winning compositions, and to make non-commercial audio recordings for archival and publicity purposes. Submission of an application to participate in the competition confirms that the contestants unconditionally accept all the rules as established in this announcement.

 Composition Contest “4Viola”
Summary:Viola quartet competition
Deadline: 15 October 2018
Date Posted: 06 June 2018
Details: In the context of the 45th International Viola Congress 2018, we invite composers around the world to submit a short work for four violas (viola quartet). The contest is open to professionals, students and amateurs. A €500 cash prize is awarded for the best composition in the professionals/student category (upper age limit: 35), no cash prize for amateurs.

The best works will be performed live by the renowned Zemtsov Viola Quartet at the 4Viola Results Ceremony during the IVC2018 Congress.

Submission deadline: October 15th, 2018

Leo Samama (chairman),
Jeppe Moulijn
Mikhail Zemtsov

Note on Category definitions professionals/amateurs:
Except for the hard upper age limit in the professional category (by design), we fully appreciate that there are lots of grey zones when distinguishing “amateurs” and “professionals”. We cannot hope to close them all by definitions, nor do we have resources to background check all contestants. We encourage the prospective contestant to consult his/her own sense of “fair play” when he/she has a choice w.r.t. the Category to register in

Advance Registration is required for all contestants:
Fill in and submit the IVC2018 4Viola Contestant Registration Form.
But first – please read the contest rules below carefully!


 Alban Berg Foundation
Summary:Piano trio competition
Deadline: 31 August 2018
Date Posted: 31 May 2018
Details: Die Alban Berg Stiftung schreibt in Kooperation mit dem Boulanger-Trio, Berlin, für Komponistinnen und Komponisten mit Geburtsdatum nach dem 1.3. 1991 im Rahmen eines Wettbewerbes drei Kompositionspreise à 5000.- Euro für Klavier-Trio in der Besetzung Klavier, Violine, Violoncello aus.

Die eingereichten Werke sollen eine Spieldauer zwischen 12 und 15 Minuten aufweisen und dürfen noch nicht öffentlich aufgeführt worden sein. Bis zu drei gleich hohe Preise stehen - vergeben von einer Fach-Jury - für die Wettbewerbsteilnehmerinnen zur Verfügung.

Mit den Geldpreisen verbunden sind je 3 Aufführungen im In-oder Ausland durch das Boulanger­ Trio zwischen 2019 und 2021. In diesen Jahren stehen die preisgekrönten Werke dem Boulanger-Trio zu exklusivem Aufführungsrecht in der Öffentlichkeit zu.

Nach jedem Konzert mit einem preisgekrönten Werk stehen der Komponist bzw. die Komponistin und das Boulanger-Trio für einen kurzen Workshop und für Fragen des Publikums im Rahmen einer "Boulangerie" zur Verfügung.

Die Trio-Komposition muss, gemeinsam mit einem Lebenslauf und der Kopie der Lichtbildseite des Reissepasses, bis 31.8.2018 am Sitz der Alban Berg Stiftung in Trauttmansdorffgasse 27, A-1130 Wien (Kennwort: "Klaviertrio") eingelangt sein.

Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen.


The Alban Berg Foundation writes in cooperation with the Boulanger Trio, Berlin, for composers born after 1.3. 1991 in the context of a competition three composition prices à 5000.- Euro for piano trio in the occupation piano, violin, cello from.

The submitted works should have a playing time of between 12 and 15 minutes and may not have been performed publicly yet. Up to three equally high prizes - awarded by a specialist jury - are available to the contest participants.

The cash prizes include three performances at home or abroad by the Boulanger Trio between 2019 and 2021. During these years, the award-winning works are entitled to the Boulanger Trio for exclusive performance rights in public.

After each concert with an award-winning work, the composer and the Boulanger Trio are available for a short workshop and for questions from the audience as part of a "boulangerie".

The trio composition, together with a curriculum vitae and the copy of the photograph of the Reissepass, must have been received at the headquarters of the Alban Berg Foundation in Trauttmansdorffgasse 27, A-1130 Vienna (password: "Piano Trio") until 31.8.2018.

Summary:Call for sketches
Deadline: 01 August 2018
Date Posted: 31 May 2018
Details: Gaudeamus invites young composers (35 years or younger) worldwide to write for the Kugoni Trio. Composer Wim Henderickx supervises the corresponding Reading Session on 7th September 2018.

Kugoni trio is an internationally active Belgian trio that stands out because of their unique instrumentation namely piano (Bert Koch), violin (Nicolas Dupont) and saxophone (Kurt Bertels). The Trio commissions several works each year and they are a source of inspiration for many (Belgian) contemporary composers. In 2016, they released their first CD Timelapse with music of Astor Piazzolla framed by music of Belgian contemporary composers. They won the first prize during the Supernova competition 2014 and Forte Limburg competition 2015. During the seasons 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, the trio was a resident ensemble at SWUK Flanders.

Wim Henderickx is a well-known Flemish composer who has written for opera, music theatre, orchestra, choirs, windband and chamber music. He is also a professor of composition at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp and at the Conservatoire in Amsterdam. In 2011, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Lier (BE), his birthplace and in 2015, he was appointed as a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium (KVAB) for Science and the Arts.

Call for sketches
Send a composition sketch with a maximum length of one minute before August 1 via our website We would like to receive sheet music/PDF and a midi file.

Reading Session
From the entries, a selection will be made for the Reading Session. On August 8th we will make known which sketches are selected. During the Reading Session on 7th September 2018, all selected sketches are played and you have the opportunity to work with the three members of the trio. This Session is supervised by Wim Henderickx. At the end of the Reading Session, several composers will be able to develop their sketch for a whole 5-7 minute composition with a possible performance in Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019.

Deadline: before 1 August 2018

Sign up at:


 North Texas Euphonium Quartet
Summary:Quartet competition
Deadline: 20 June 2018
Date Posted: 09 May 2018
Details: Announcing a new composition competition!

The North Texas Euphonium Quartet has emerged as the leader among a formidable crop of new euphonium quartets from across the globe. NTEQ has become one of the most active young chamber ensembles in the United States through performances at universities and music conferences across the United States, commissioning of new works specifically for euphonium quartet.

NTEQ is excited to offer composers the unique opportunity to write for a new chamber medium whose repertoire is just now being formed!

Requirements and prizes for the competition are listed below:
LENGTH: one 5-7 minute work originally composed for euphonium quartet
PRIZE: The winning composer will receive a $100 cash prize and the composition will be featured on our upcoming album. Additionally, the top three submissions will be programed for premieres for an entire year on our 2018-2019 tours.

Submissions are due no later than 5:00pm on June 20th

More information about our quartet visit our website and our Soundcloud links below:

SUBMIT HERE by filling out the following google form and uploading your entry to the dropbox link provided in the link below:
We look forward to hearing your submissions! Good luck to everyone!

 Cypress Winds Clarinet Quartet
Summary:Quartet call
Deadline: 01 November 2018
Date Posted: 29 March 2018
Details: The Cypress Winds Clarinet Quartet is pleased to announce its first annual clarinet quartet Composition Competition.

The winning compositions will be performed by the Cypress Winds Clarinet Quartet at a special concert during the 2018-19 season.

Winning composer will receive public recognition and an MP3 and/or video file of the composition.

• Works must be written for the Cypress Winds Clarinet Quartet using the following instrumentation:
- 3 Bb Soprano Clarinets, 1Bb Bass Clarinet or
- 2 Bb Soprano Clarinets, 1Eb Alto Clarinet, 1 Bb Bass Clarinet or
- 1 Eb Soprano Clarinet, 2Bb Soprano Clarinets, 1 Bb Bass Clarinet or
- 1 Eb Soprano Clarinet, 1Bb Soprano Clarinet,1 Eb Alto Clarinet, 1Bb Bass Clarinet
• Compositions must be engraved with the dedication “Composed for the Cypress Winds Clarinet Quartet“
• Compositions written prior to April 1, 2018 are not eligible
• A candidate may submit more than one work, but each work must be submitted separately
• Max length of ten minutes
• Please submit score and parts in PDF file format (please include a midi file if available)
• Classical as well as non-classical styles are eligible
• No electronic devices
• Submit score and parts here:
• Competition Launch: April 1, 2018
• Deadline: November 1, 2018
• Announcement of winners: December 1, 2018
• Entry fee: $10.00 – please login to to pay the entry fee.

 Trumpetoon – Call for Scores
Summary:Trio call
Deadline: 01 December 2018
Date Posted: 01 March 2018
Details: Trumpetoon – Call for Scores for B-flat Trumpet and Bassoon Duo
Entry Deadline: December 1, 2018 (winners will be notified by December 31, 2018)
Entry Fee: $5 for each piece submitted (up to 2 pieces, this goes to the prize!)
Eligibility: All adult U.S. citizens (18 or older)
Prize: $75, and a recording on the Minute of Music Project YouTube Channel.
Performers: Jason Taurins (B-flat trumpet) and Quinn O’Donnell (Bassoon)

Submission Link Below (please read the rules first)!

Up to 2 entries per person. Send in your best work!
Entrant must be at least 18 when submission is completed.
Entrant must reside in and be a legal citizen of the United States.
Entry must be for B-flat trumpet and bassoon duo (with no other accompaniment or electronics).
Entry must be no longer than one minute in length. Moderate difficulty is preferred.
Entry must be engraved with the dedication “For the Minute of Music Project.”

Composition must have been written since January 1, 2018.
Entry must be the sole property of the composer and entirely original.
No arrangements or copyrighted material will be accepted.
The secret word for the submission form is “ditto.”

One winner will be selected, and awarded the monetary prize. Up to 3 honorable mentions may be selected as well.

Composers reserve their copyright and recording rights.
Mr. Taurins and Mrs. O’Donnell reserve the sole right to accept or reject submissions.
Mr. Taurins and Mrs. O’Donnell reserve the sole right to judge submissions.
All judgement decisions will be made by Mr. Taurins and Mrs. O’Donnell and are final, without the ability to appeal.
Mr. Taurins and Mrs. O’Donnell reserve the right to decline any and all submissions.
Mr. Taurins and Mrs. O’Donnell will pay no license or rental fees for the music.
Mr. Taurins and Mrs. O’Donnell will perform selected entries and record them on YouTube. By submitting your piece, you agree to allow Mr. Taurins and Mrs. O’Donnell to record your entry free of charge.
Selected pieces will be announced here and composers will be notified via email by December 31.
Your submission will only be complete and recognized when the payment is received.
All payments are non-refundable. Payments are not tax-deductible.
By submitting your piece, you agree to the terms listed here.

 Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2018
Summary:Singer with chamber ensemble competition
Deadline: 01 July 2018
Date Posted: 15 February 2018
Details: The Alba Rosa Viétor Foundation is pleased to announce the distinguished jurors who will be selecting the 3rd Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition prize winners. Our jury is a truly international group of composers, representing a broad range of styles in contemporary music. We are grateful to them for sharing their time and expertise, and for their commitment to support the next generation of composers.

Chairman of the Jury is Dutch composer Willem Jeths. He will be assisted by the English composer Tansy Davies, Italian pianist and composer Paolo Marzocchi, German composer Manfred Trojahn and Greek composer Calliope Tsoupaki.

The Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition is part of the Alba Rosa Viva! Festival, named after the Italian composer, violinist and pianist Alba Rosa Viëtor.

The Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2018 invites composers to submit an original work, not exceeding 9 minutes, for one singer (soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, countertenor, tenor, baritone or bass) and piano trio (violin, violoncello and piano).

Inspired by Shostakovich’s wonderful and unique Alexander Blok suite, we would like to encourage young composers to write for this combination of voice and instruments. This does not imply the need for any relationship to the music of Shostakovich.

Composers 35 years of age and under, residing anywhere in the world, are invited to apply.

Five works will be selected to be premiered on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, during the Alba Rosa Viva! Festival at The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). They will be performed by talented young musicians. Dutch radio presenter Maartje Stokkers will introduce the finalists.
The winning composers will be awarded a First prize of €2,000, a Second Prize of €1,000 or an Audience Prize of €1,000.

• The application deadline is July 1st, 2018
• The composition must be for one singer and piano trio and no longer than 9 minutes
• Only one work may be submitted
• There is a registration fee of €35.
• The registration form below must be completed, together with an e-mail sent to
Each e-mail submission must include:
1 The full score, with separate instrumental parts, as a PDF file, formatted as A4, created in either Sibelius or Finale. The score does not have be anonymous.
2 A (sample or live) recording of the work in MP3 format
3 A second PDF-file containing a copy of the composer’s passport and a short CV
4 A statement by the composer that the submitted work has neither been published, performed in public and/or broadcast previously, nor awarded a prize in any other composition competition

The registration fee of € 35 should be remitted to account number IBAN NL14ABNA0537207163 (BIC ABNANL2A) of the Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, no later than July 1st, 2018.

One can also use PayPal as a payment method. Please use to send the money.

The Jury will select 5 works from the applications submitted by October 15th, 2018 at the latest. The composers of the works selected for the Finale on December 2nd, 2018 will be notified by email.


 Call for scores / Appel à partitions – Festival Osmose, Belgium
Summary:Flute/mariba duo call
Deadline: 25 August 2018
Date Posted: 14 December 2017
Details: We kindly invite composers to submit scores. The call is open to composers of any nationality and age.

1) Concert of November, 30, 2018 : Pieces should be written for professionnal duo flute/marimba, only one work per composer. Submitted work must be premiered work in Belgium.

Duration : 3 minutes maximum

Participation fee : 20 euros (the entry fees are not refundable). Registration becomes effective after receipt of the fee. Please send short CV (5 lines), proof of the paiement and readable score format PDF to the following address :

Deadline : August, 25, 2018

Composers will be given a copy of the recording of their work. Selected composers will be notified by email at the end of September.

 Duo Scordatura "Call for Scores"
Summary:Violin and Viola Duet Call for Scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 28 May 2014
Details: Want to have your composition performed next year?....
Yeah you do!!!

Through out the the 2014-2015 season WE will be selecting and performing new works for the Duo of violin and viola.

1. There are no guidelines or fees!!
2. Your composition must be awesome. (very very important!!!)
3. You can use scordatura tuning (but not rules #1 and #2)
4. Summit compositions to us through our email address icon at top right corner
4a. include a resume/bio
4b. include PDF of composition....score and individual parts
4c. recommended to also summit any recording or midi of the piece
4d. last but not least your contact info.