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 4th Progressive Classical Music Award
Summary:Violin Duet Competition
Deadline: 05 July 2019
Date Posted: 27 March 2019
Details: Inspire the audience with your music and win prize money totaling 11.000€ with your composition – take part in the Progressive Classical Music Award 2019!

Compose new music for two violins that goes under the skin and sweeps audiences off their feet. There is no limit to your imagination. Using virtuosity or simply great emotionality– always remember that the audience has to be touched or carried away!

The style does not matter. Playing technique should be challenging, unconventional, with new effects, nice melodies, extreme sounds or hot rhythms – let your imagination run wild!

Orchestration: 2 violins.

Form: about 5 minute music.

Info: The work has to be composed for this competition. Adaption or arrangements are not permitted. Multiple submissions are allowed.

Closing date for entries: 5. July 2019, 23:59 CET

Finale with LiveStream: September 28, 2019, 20:00 CET, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen D5, 68159 Mannheim UNESCO City of Music, Germany


1. Prize: 5.000€, sponsored by Spiegel Institut Mannheim
2. Prize: 3.000€, attribution pending
3. Prize: 1.000€, sponsored by Ingenieurbüro Bräuer + Späh
4. Prize: 800€, sponsored by Dr. Hans-Oskar Koch
5. Prize: 600€, sponsored by GMS CNC-Technik
6. Prize: 600€, sponsored by GMS CNC-Technik

Additionally, the prizewinner works will be recorded by The Twiolins and added to their concert repertoire.


After a thorough examination by the jury, six works will be selected from all submissions. These will be premiered in the prize winner concert by The Twiolins. Following the concert, the audience will vote on the awards. Additionally the prizewinner works will be recorded professionally on a CD. For details see terms and conditions.


Please read the terms and conditions. Please use the registration form to submit your composition.

If you have questions regarding your submission please use the contact form or email to

If you have any questions please read the FAQ or contact us here.

Please subscribe the newsletter to be informed about all news.
Entry Fee:€15

 International Music Competition “CittaÌ di Stresa
Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 24 April 2019
Date Posted: 13 March 2019
Details: The Competition includes a section dedicated to the composition, with the theme "Island", linked to the City of Stresa. The composer winner of the first prize will have his/her work premiered at the night of the Awards or in Stresa in 2020 in a public concert. The composition is requested for a chamber group (from solo to a maximum of a quartet) which may include one or more of these freely combined instruments: Pianoforte, Clarinet, Classical Guitar and Trumpet. For the pianoforte max four hands (duo).

Electronic music is not allowed.
Possible combinations are for solo instruments: Pianoforte, Classical Guitar, Clarinet, Strings ( to choose from Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Double Bass) and Trumpet.
Duos: Pianoforte and Clarinet, Pianoforte and Classical Guitar, Pianoforte and Trumpet,

Pianoforte and Strings(one instrument), Clarinet and Classical Guitar, Clarinet and Trumpet, Clarinet and Strings(one instrument), Classical Guitar and Strings(one instrument), Classical Guitar and Trumpet, Trumpet and Strings(one instrument).
Trios: Pianoforte-Clarinet-Classical Guitar, Pianoforte-Clarinet-Trumpet, Pianoforte-Classical Guitar-Trumpet, Pianoforte-Classical Guitar-Strings(one instrument), Clarinet-Classical Guitar- Trumpet, Clarinet-Classical Guitar-Strings(one instrument), Clarinet-Trumpet-Strings(one instrument).

Quartet: Pianoforte-Clarinet-Classical Guitar-Trumpet.

String Quartet(2 violins,viola and violoncello), String quintet (2 violins, viola, violoncello with soloist from one of the sections)

Time Limit is 5 minutes
Works must be sent until 23:59 of april 24th 2019 to: Attachments to send:
- Score in .pdf (anonymously. Without name, but with a Motto in order to identify)
- file audio .mp3 or MIDI of the work.
- Copy of the money transfer for the composition’s section of 50€
- copy of Valid ID
- Application filed.
If the application is not filed with the necessary requests the application will not be considered by the Jury of the Competition.

Italian rules:
Il Concorso prevede una sezione dedicata alla Composizione, con la tematica “Isola”, legata alla CittaÌ di Stresa.

Il brano vincitore avraÌ la sua prima esecuzione nella serata di premiazione del concorso oppure in un concerto pubblico offerto dal comune di Stresa nell'anno 2020.

La composizione eÌ destinata ad una formazione cameristica (dallo strumento solo al quintetto) che puoÌ includere uno o piuÌ dei seguenti strumenti liberamente combinati: pianoforte, clarinetto, chitarra, tromba e uno strumento ad arco (a scelta tra violino, viola, violoncello e contrabbasso).

Per il Pianoforte non piuÌ di 2 esecutori, da considerarsi a quattro mani.

Non eÌ previsto l'uso dell'elettronica.

Le formazioni quindi possibili sono: pianoforte solo, clarinetto solo, chitarra sola, strum. ad arco solo e tromba sola. Duo: pianoforte e clarinetto, pianoforte e chitarra, pianoforte e tromba, pianoforte e strum. ad arco, clarinetto e chitarra, clarinetto e tromba, chitarra e tromba, clarinetto e strum. ad arco, chitarra e strum. ad arco, Trii: pianoforte-clarinetto-chitarra, pianoforte- clarinetto-tromba, pianoforte-chitarra-tromba, pianoforte-clarinetto-arco, pianoforte-chitarra- arco, clarinetto-chitarra-arco, clarinetto-chitarra-tromba, chitarra-arco-tromba, clarinetto-arco- tromba. Quartetti: pianoforte-clarinetto-chitarra-tromba, pianoforte-clarinetto-chitarra-arco, pianoforte-clarinetto-tromba-arco, clarinetto-chitarra-arco-tromba. Quintetto: pianoforte- clarinetto-chitarra-tromba-arco. Sono altresiÌ possibili le seguenti formazioni: Quartetto d’Archi (2 violini, viola e violoncello) e Quartetto d'archi piuÌ solista (2 violini, viola, violoncello e strumento solista a scelta tra pianoforte, chitarra, clarinetto o tromba)

La durata massima della composizione eÌ di 5 minuti.

Le domande di partecipazione alla sezione Composizione dovranno pervenire entro le ore 23.59 del giorno 24 aprile 2019

all'indirizzo di posta elettronica Allegati obbligatori:

- partitura in formato .pdf (in forma anonima. Non recante il nome del compositore, ma un motto identificativo)

- file audio in formato .mp3 o MIDI della composizione

- ricevuta del bonifico bancario/postale della quota di partecipazione di 50€

- copia di un documento di identitaÌ valido

- modulo di iscrizione al Concorso per la sezione Composizione.

Qualora le domande non dovessero soddisfare i criteri sopraelencati non saranno prese in considerazione dalla Giuria del Concorso.

 Garth Newel Music Center
Summary:Piano Quartet Competition
Deadline: 01 November 2019
Date Posted: 06 February 2019
Details: Now accepting submissions for the 9th Composition Competition
Founded in 1973, Garth Newel Music Center is one of the most active chamber music organizations in the country. Its resident ensemble—the Garth Newel Piano Quartet—performs over 60 concerts annually both at the Center and on tour. Through this competition, the Quartet seeks to broaden the piano quartet repertoire and to support the Center’s ongoing commitment to contemporary music.

The Winner will receive:
• A $3000 cash prize
• A performance of the winning work by the Garth Newel Piano Quartet on the 2018 Summer Music Festival in July, 2020
• A travel stipend to work with the Garth Newel Piano Quartet and attend the premiere in Hot Springs, Virginia
• A high-quality recording of the premiere
• Frequent performances of their work by the Garth Newel Piano Quartet, and an eventual studio recording for public release by the quartet.
• The opportunity to also participate in a short-term residency during the time of the premiere. The residency will take place during Garth Newel’s prestigious Emerging Artist Fellowship chamber music program.
• The winner will have the opportunity to work closely with the Garth Newel Piano Quartet and our Emerging Artist Fellows, with the possibility of readings and performances of her/his/their other chamber works.
• Collaborate and network with talented musicians from the top music schools.

• Submitted works must be for violin, viola, cello and piano. Piano trios and quintets are not accepted.
• There is no time limit for works.
• Submissions from any composer, regardless of age or citizenship, are welcome.
• The work must be originally conceived as a piano quartet. Arrangements of previously completed work that have been performed or published are not acceptable

Compositions are ineligible if:
• They require live electronics or cannot be performed with just stereo playback
• The work has already received a professional premiere.
• If they are a transcription or arrangement of another work that has been performed or published.
• They have already been professionally recorded for commercial CD release;
• The work, in any instrumentation, has been published.
Refer to our FAQ for more clarification

Each composer must submit:
• A legible score and parts of professional quality labeled with a pseudonym. No marks identifying the composer may appear anywhere on the score. The title of the work is permissible.
• An envelope labeled with the composer’s pseudonym. Information within the envelope should include the composer’s name, address, telephone number, email address and one-paragraph biography.
• A digital recording of the work labeled with the composer’s pseudonym (CDs or flash drives are acceptable). MIDI realizations are acceptable.
• A self-addressed stamped envelope of appropriate size if the composer wishes to have their materials returned.

All materials should be mailed to:
Composer Competition
Garth Newel Music Center
403 Garth Newel Lane
Hot Springs, VA 24445

For electronic submission:
• Email the score, instrumental parts, and audio file under a pseudonym to, along with the composer’s info in a pdf/word document labeled “do not open until after the results are determined”.
• Recordings that are too big can be sent via Dropbox or google drive. Please label the titles of digital tracks with the composition name as well as the composer’s pseudonym.
For electronic submissions, email your score, instrumental parts, and audio file under a pseudonym to, along with your biographical info in a pdf/word document labeled “do not open until after the results are determined”.

All materials must be received by November 1, 2019. Applicants will be notified of the result by e-mail no later than January 31, 2020.

For further information or questions, please call Garth Newel Music Center at 540-839-5018 or email

Summary:Lute with voice/viol
Deadline: 17 May 2019
Date Posted: 30 January 2019
Details: The organisers of Alwinton Summer Concerts 2019 and its Artistic Director John Casken are pleased to announce their third national Composers’ Competition. Three scores will be selected for a Workshop in Alwinton Church on Saturday 15 June 2019 and one work will be selected for performance in the evening concert to be given by Jacob Heringman, Susanna Pell and John Potter. The winning work will also feature in the York Late Music Festival 2019.

Alwinton Summer Concerts ( take place in the church of St Michael and All Angels, with its fine acoustic and located just outside of the remote, rural village of Alwinton in the beautiful and dramatic landscape of Upper Coquetdale, Northumberland. The series has established itself as one of the major music events in the North-East of England.

The Rules and Conditions of the Competition are as follows:
o Instrumentation:
Composers are invited to write for ONE of the following combinations:
o Tenor, Lute, and Viol (Treble or Bass)
o Tenor and Lute
o Viol and Lute

Those wishing to write for tenor are free to choose their own poem or text.
o Duration:
3-4 minutes
o Eligibility:
Composers must be currently resident in, or studying in, the UK.
o Score and parts:
Scores should be marked with a pseudonym and sent as paper copies (three copies) together with contact details by Friday 3 May 2019 to:

Anne Jones, Secretary
Alwinton Summer Concerts,
The Leash, Harbottle
Northumberland, NE65 7DQ

Those composers shortlisted for the Workshop will be asked to produce performance material by Friday 17 May 2019.
o Requirement:
Composers are required to engage in an original way with the traditions from which this ensemble stems.
The piece will be unconducted and must be capable of being rehearsed so that the performers can make an efficient use of the limited time that will be available.
o Information about the instruments and voice:
Information regarding writing for lute will be sent to composers on request by Jacob Heringman (, and for viol by Susanna Pell ( Notation for the lute part is acceptable as modern notation (piano-style score) on two staves.
The range of the tenor is from C an octave below middle C to the F a fourth above.
o Judges:
The jury will consist of John Casken (composer and Artistic Director, Alwinton Summer Concerts), composer Philip Grange (Professor of Composition, The University of Manchester) and the three performers.
o Prize:
In addition to the performances in Alwinton and York, the winning composer will receive a cheque for £250.
o For further information or queries, please contact Anne Jones, Secretary of Alwinton Summer Concerts, by email:

 Open Recorder Days Amsterdam 2019
Summary:Recorder competition
Deadline: 01 June 2019
Date Posted: 24 January 2019
Details: Nature of the contest
The ORDA-2019 composition contest is part of the international festival Open Recorder Days Amsterdam 2019. The aim of this competition is to increase the number of high quality ensemble compositions written for the recorder, and to stimulate composers and recorder players to work together by giving a platform to new, challenging and exciting ensemble repertoire.The finalist compositions will be presented during the finals of the ORDA-2019 recorder competition, with an estimated audience of 300 people in the hall.

1. General rules
1.1 The competition is open for students pursuing a professional degree in composition and to professional composers. There is no age limit.
1.2 The composition contest consists of two rounds:
1. Pre-selection: The jury selects a maximum of three finalists by the 1st of September 2019.
2. Finals: public performance of the finalists composition on the 27th of October 2019, afterwards announcement of the winner and possible honorable mentions.

1.3 The deadline for submission is the 1st of June 2019.

1.4 A maximum of three finalists will be announced on the 1 st of September 2019 by personal communication to all participants via e-mail. At the same time, the results of the pre-selection will be made public on the website and on the social media profiles of the Open Recorder Days Amsterdam on Facebook and Twitter.

1.5 The setting for the composition must be: 2, 3 or 4 recorder players plus percussion (1 player, obligatory). Optionally, the setting may include live electronics.
- The choice of type of recorders is free.
- The choice of type of percussion is free.
- For a specification of the contest`s requirements for optional live electronics, please have a look at the appendix below.

1.6 The length of the composition should be minimum 5, maximum 7 minutes.

1.7 Only works which have not yet been premiered by the 15th of January 2019 may be submitted. Arrangements of existing music are not allowed.

1.8 The participant may choose any style of notation.
Entry Fee:€ 31,50

 L+M Duo
Summary:Marimba and Piano Call
Deadline: 31 May 2019
Date Posted: 17 January 2019
Details: L+M Duo announces its inaugural Call for Scores for marimba and piano duos by women composers of contemporary classical music. Submissions are welcome from all ages and career points, binary and non-binary women, from anywhere in the world. Winning compositions will be performed by L+M Duo during their 2019-2020 season.

Submission Requirements
- Required instrumentation of marimba and piano duo. Fixed media allowed.
- Work must not have been previously performed
- Any length
- Electronic submission of PDF files strongly preferred with subject line, "L+M Duo Call for Scores 2019 - [your name]" to the following address: Submission may also include sound files and/or program notes.
- Submit any hard copies to the following address:
James Madison University
Music Dept. - Laurel Black
MSC 7310
880 S. Main St.
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

Composer/Performer Agreement
- Composer will not charge a licensing fee nor rental fee to L+M Duo for any performance of chosen work
- Composer will engrave chosen work with the text, "Written for L+M Duo: Laurel Black and Marianne Parker"
- L+M Duo will give three performances of chosen works during their 2019-2020 season

Deadline for Submission is May 31, 2019 at 11:59pm EST

 Call for scores - Osmose Intermezzo 2019
Summary:Duet Competition
Deadline: 31 August 2019
Date Posted: 10 January 2019
Details: Call for scores - Osmose Intermezzo 2019

We kindly invite composers to submit scores. The call is open to composers of any nationality and age. Pieces should be written for professionnal duo clarinet Bb and violoncello. Submitted work must be premiered work in Belgium.

Duration : 1 minute

Géraldine Fastré, clarinet & Bruno Ispiola, cello

Participation fee : 20 euros per score (the entry fees are not refundable). Registration becomes effective after receipt of the fee. Please send short recent CV (10 lines), proof of the paiement and readable score format PDF to the following address :

Deadline : August, 31, 2019

Selected composers will be notified by email at the end of September, the concert will take place on November, 15, 2019.


Summary:String Quartet Competition
Deadline: 30 June 2019
Date Posted: 20 December 2018
Details: Third Edition 2019

Applications are open for the International Composition Competition for Junior String Quartet dedicated to the memory of Piero Farulli, viola of the legendary Quartetto Italiano and founder of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole.

Important news regarding the Jury: Giacomo Manzoni will be the chairman of the Jury whose members include Adriano Guarnieri (I), Joerg Widmann(D), Daniel Herrera (CH) and Chia-Ying Lin, young composer from Taiwan who was the first winner of the first Competition 2015 and now is doing an absolutely brilliant international career.

The third Edition is proud to host, yet again, a Jury of the highest level!
The aim of the competition is to increase and enrich the virtually non-existent repertoire for young and very young players of stringed instruments, who will be encouraged and enabled to play music together using contemporary musical language.

There will be two prizes of €2.000 each.
1. Primary or intermediate level of instrumental difficulty (Level A)
2. Advanced level of instrumental difficulty (Level B).
The competition enjoys the patronage of the President of the Republic and the Municipality of Florence. It is being held in collaboration with the Orchestra della Toscana who will be managing the applications for the Competition from her headquarter c/o Teatro Verdi in Florence where the Jury’s final meeting will be held in September 2017.

Casa Ricordi will publish the two winning compositions, which they will add to the teaching series Piero Farulli per il quartetto d’archi (Piero Farulli for String Quartets). The Utopian philosophy of Piero Farulli was that of bringing music to everyone; he wanted to fill stadiums with concerts of Beethoven’s quartets! This is the perspective of the Competition, which last edition received 60 entries from composers from all over the world.

30th June 2019 deadline for applications .

Application form can be downloaded from website

Please send scores via to or by post to:
Concorso di composizione Piero Farulli C/O Orchestra della Toscana, via Verdi 5, 50122.

Web Site:www.associazionepierofarulli.c...

 Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble
Summary:Open call to submit scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 17 October 2018
Details: Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble has begun work on a new system, our Scores Database. Composers are now able to submit works at any time to be considered for future performances, free of charge! Due to the nature of our ever changing instrumentation and desire to work with new, living composers, we have decided replace our original Call for Submissions with something more accessible to composers of all abilities and locations.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out the information form found here:
Submit a score and (optional) recording, either via email to (note that this is not our normal contact email), or you can add files in the form itself.

As for the instrumentation of works, we will be selecting pieces based on the needs of each individual performance. Our core instrumentation is Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet or Baritone Saxophone, and French Horn, so works that include some or all of these instruments are more likely to be performed, but don’t feel limited by this. We often add other performers to our concerts, such as percussionists, vocalists, other woodwinds and brass, and strings. We are also open to works with non Western-traditional instrumentations, electronics, and added media elements. Ensemble size usually ranges from solo instruments to about eight musicians. We do not accept works for large ensembles such as orchestras or wind ensembles, or full operas, but will consider chamber orchestra and chamber opera pieces. We welcome graphic scores, text-based scores, and whatever other type of non-traditional score you might have. Completed works only, please, no drafts. Works may have been performed previously. There is no submission/adjudication fee (AKA, it’s free to submit as many works as you’d like)!

 Duo Scordatura "Call for Scores"
Summary:Violin and Viola Duet Call for Scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 28 May 2014
Details: Want to have your composition performed next year?....
Yeah you do!!!

Through out the the 2014-2015 season WE will be selecting and performing new works for the Duo of violin and viola.

1. There are no guidelines or fees!!
2. Your composition must be awesome. (very very important!!!)
3. You can use scordatura tuning (but not rules #1 and #2)
4. Summit compositions to us through our email address icon at top right corner
4a. include a resume/bio
4b. include PDF of composition....score and individual parts
4c. recommended to also summit any recording or midi of the piece
4d. last but not least your contact info.