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Large chamber ensemble Competitions & Call for pieces

Summary:Soprano plus ensemble competition
Deadline: 30 April 2019
Date Posted: 11 April 2019
Details: Latina, I edition 2019

The Music Academy LUOGO ARTE, with the support of the Councilorship of Culture
of the Municipality of Latina, announces the first International Competition "Musica Nova".

Art. 1 – Purpose
The Musica Nova International Competition is reserved for compositions of original pieces and is finalized to the exploitation of new talent in the field of musical writing.

Art. 2 – Admission requirement
The competition is open to musicians of all ages and nationalities.

The competition is not held anonymously, so all communications and material sent they must contain the name and surname of the competitor.

The compositions presented must be unpublished and not awarded in previous competitions.

Art. 3 - Type of compositions
The stylistic choice of reference for the proposed musical languages should focus on a period between the compositional language of the late nineteenth century and our days, with no distinction on geographic areas, with the exclusion of pop, rock, jazz and similar languages, unless they exist linguistic references relevant to contemporary music.

The group must be composed for the “ensemble” (vocal and / or instrumental) indicated in the following article 6, or for the “Pentarte Ensemble”.

The composition in competition can be written and presented by the soloist or/and by the entire ensemble. About electronic music, few interventions are welcomed with the exclusion of the acusmatic execution

All the musical parts must still be executable live.
Time limit of the piece is 10 minutes and must not exceed.

Art. 4 - How to participate: preliminary phase
Competitors wishing to take part in the competition must send an email by April 16, 2019 to "". All e-mails must contain:

- Registration form
- Artistic curriculum and studies
- Scanning of an identity document attesting to age and nationality - 2 recent photographs

- Receipt of the payment of € 80.00, made no later than April 16, 2019, by bank transfer to "Luogo Arte Accademia Musicale - IBAN IT14 Z087 1639 4400 0001 5080 779 stating "surname, name, participation Nova Nova Music Competition 2019, title and duration of the composition ".

- Statement by the author certifying that the composition presented is unpublished and never publicly performed. If the composers are in possession of publishing exclusive licensing, it is required to place on the score the references: "Opera composed for the International Competition of composition Musica Nova, edition 2019 ".

- Declaration of consent for disclosure of free public execution, sensitive disclaimer of recording audio/video of the composition, its transmission, the archiving of the material made and its use
for a possible record publication; in any case without requesting any compensation with the exception of copyright.

- Declaration of consent for processing of personal data of the participant in the competition according to art. 13 del D.Igs. 196/2003 e s.m.i., especially for the rights of the law ex art.7 D.Lgs. 196/2003.

- Declaration of acceptance of the competition’s rules

Art. 5 - How to participate: eliminatory phase – sending compositions

The compositions must arrive complete (score, detached parts and glossary in case there are any graphic characters or symbols) in paper format by April 16th 2019, by registered letter with signed return receipt, to:
Arte Accademia Musicale-Viale delle Industrie 6 / A, 04013 Latina Scalo (LT); Italy

It’s the competitor’s faculty to send complete compositions by email in the following formats:

- an audio file, in MP3 format, the title of the composition and the execution of the piece –
it can be shorter and purely demonstrative. This execution can be carried out in digital format;

- a score of the piece in digital PDF format;

- explanatory instructions about possible additions to the electronic part scheduled for the day of the award ceremony (in case the composition is performed live).

The examination of the compositions by the commission will take place on May 26th and 27th. The commission will evaluate the compositions presented taking into account the provisions of ARTICLE 2 and will select a maximum number of 5 finalists.

Admission to the final stage of the competition will be communicated to the finalist competitors by mail with the due advance.

Art. 6 - Art. 6 – How to partecipate: final phase

The finalists of the competition will participate in the official award event, which will be held in Latina, Palazzo della Cultura - Saturday 8th June 2019 8.00 p.m., (possible changes in location and date
will be communicated with the due advance).

The pieces of the three competition winners will be performed by the Pentarte Ensemble during the award ceremony.

The Pentarte Ensemble consists of soprano, two violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trombone, percussion.

Art. 7 - Composition and powers of the commission

The Jury, presided by Albino Taggeo, artistic Director of the Prize,
with the honorary presidency of Ennio Morricone is composed of : Ennio Morricone, Franco Piersanti, Lucio Gregoretti, Gianfranco Borrelli, Stefano Cucci, Roberto Giuliani, Alberto Giraldi,
Claudio Paradiso.

The members of the Jury can be replaced if necessary.
The decisions of the Jury are unquestionable and unappealable.

The jury reserves the right not to award prizes, if the quality level standard is not reached.

Art. 8 - Prizes

The winners of the competition will receive:

- 1st place € 1.000,00 - 2nd place € 600,00 - 3rd place € 300,00

No reimbursement of travel and / or stay expenses incurred by competitors will be made.

The recording by the Pentarte Ensemble in a DVD support will be offered to the three finalists of the Competition.

Art. 9 - Acceptance of the rules
Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance by the participant of all the rules of the competition.

Art. 10 - Disputes
The Court of Latina is competent for any disputes.
Entry Fee:€ 80.00

 DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH | Music Composers’ Competition 2019 – 2nd Edition
Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 23 August 2019
Date Posted: 04 April 2019
Details: The project ”DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH” was born with the idea of meeting and sharing among composers of various nationalities and age, on the common theme of meeting between the world of the Eastern contemporary music and the Western culture. The Competition will be made possible through one of the most renowned orchestras in Eastern Europe. The high level technique and interpretative of the KLK Ensemble , will be honored by the finalists of this international event.

The Competition is realized by the collaboration between KLKnewmusic and the KLK Ensemble. The project is open to all composers of any age and nationality, who want to share their musical and personal journey, attend seminars and opportunities for discussion, on the art of our time, on the contemporary music and on the figure of the Composer in this Third Millennium. The organization will select composers who will have the opportunity to participate in the “DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH COMPOSERS’ MUSIC COMPETITION 2019” from 19 to 23 September 2019 in the city of Lviv, inside the music center of Lviv Philharmonic Society.


Each composer must submit a score with organic from 5 to 11 players as follows:

1 flute (ottavino), 1 oboe (english horn), 1 clarinet (bass clarinet), 1 bassoon, 1 horn, 1 trumpet, 1 trombone, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 contrabass. The work must not exceed 10 minutes. All score will be sent by email (only one work for composer), in PDF format, at The selected works will be played on 19 September 2019 by KLK Ensemble. All concerts will be recorded by a sound engineer and video recording.

Deadline: 23 August 2019.
The work must not exceed 9 minutes.

All score will be sent by email (only one work for composer), in PDF format, to

Each email sent to submit a score shall include:
– The score and orchestral parts must be in A4 format, (please indicate minutes of the score) as PDF file (Sibelius or Finale program);
– A second PDF-file containing the identity of the composer (name and address, nationality, telephone number, email, website, short CV)
and a statement by the composer stating that the submitted work has never before been published, performed in public and/or broadcast before,
nor prized in any composer’s competition. Other file format than PDF are not acceptable and will result in the submission being rejected!
There is no registration form.
The Composition Staff will select the best composers, from all the application submitted, no later than 25 August 2019.


The tuition fee for all participants selected is €590 (euro 590):

€590 + 5% tax to be paid no later than 29 August 2019 by Paypal on email;

The tuition fee includes:

participation at rehearsals and check sound ofthe selected composers during the period 19 > 23 September 2019;
Final concerts in Philharmonia with the works selected and performed by KLK Ensemble;
professional audio/video recording of the final concert;
certificate of participation.
The tuition fee does not include:

Administrative secretary for the International Music Composers’ Competition DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH 2019 is Ms. Anastasiya Kodola.
For any question about the tuition fee and payment method write to
Please send a PDF file with your payment check to


Yuri Lanyuk (UKR) – President

Bogdhana Frolyak (UKR) – Composer

Domenico Clapasson (ITA) – Composer

Ferdinando Nazzaro (ITA) – Composer, Artistic Director KLKnewmusic

Three prizes will be awarded.
1 Prize – 700 USD, and the score published by Aldebaran Editions
2 Prize – score edited by Aldebaran Editions
3 Prize – score edited by Aldebaran Editions

The Composition Staff reserves the right not to award the prize and to award Special Mentions of merit.

Summary:Competition 1-10 players
Deadline: 21 June 2019
Date Posted: 10 January 2019
Members of the International Jury:
Michele Dall’Ongaro
Richard Causton
José Manuel López López
Alessandro Solbiati
Gabrio Taglietti

The composition submitted for the competition must use the following instruments, involving a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10 performers, to be chosen from the following list:

flute (including piccolo, G alto flute and C bass flute: single performer); B-flat clarinet (including A-clarinet, E-flat piccolo clarinet and B-flat bass clarinet: single performer); two violins (two single performers); viola (single performer); cello (single performer); double bass (single performer); piano; harpsichord (Copy of an original French instrument Nicolas and Francois-Etienne Blanchet, 1730). Compass: FF-f3 (61 notes); Disposition: two keyboards, with shove coupler, Three stops (8’8’4′ and lute) disposed on two manuals: I manual: 8’ 4’, II manual: 8’ (nasal, with possibility of lute effect); percussion (a single performer for the following instruments: vibraphone, glockenspiel, three suspended cymbals of different pitches, three tom-toms of different pitches, three wood- blocks of different pitches, three triangles of different sizes, basque drum, maracas, castanets, flexaton, wind chimes, two bongos, claves).

No form of amplification is allowed.
All scores for trios or larger groups will be conducted.

Scores will not be accepted if they differ even minimally from the possibilities listed above.

The length of each work must be: A) between 5 and 12 minutes long for pieces played by 3–10 players; B) between 3 and 7 minutes long for pieces played by 1–2 players. The exact length must be indicated on each score and will be verified.

The composition submitted must be anonymous; unpublished; never been broadcast, recorded for commercial use and/or released on the web; never been awarded a prize in other competitions or performed in full at a public concert. Performances in a didactic context (workshops, masterclasses, courses, etc.) and in private situations are allowed.

Deadline: June 21, 2019
Prize: Euro 5,000.00
Prize giving: December 8, 2019

Registration fee (non-refundable): euro 80.00:
A) bank transfer (from Italy or from a foreign bank linked to Banca Prossima for Euro payments) made out to:
Associazione dčdalo ensemble
trav. X n°25 - Villaggio Prealpino
25136 Brescia - Italy
Banca Prossima, branch 05000 - Milano
- IBAN: IT30 W033 5901 6001 0000 0003 926

N.B.: In case A), if the foreign bank transfer is made through a bank that is not linked to Banca Prossima for Euro payments, ensure that the sum paid is Euro 86.00 and that a proviso is added “without costs to payee”.

B) PayPal to (€ 84.00 5% surcharge for PayPal commission).

Full regulations on the web-site within January 2019

Summary:Ongoing Chamber Call
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 04 December 2014
Details: rarescale has an ongoing call for scores and are interested in hearing from composers of all ages and nationalities. We are seeking quality chamber works for any combination of the following instruments:

flute/alto flute/bass flute (Kingma System)
oboe/cor anglais
clarinet/bass clarinet

Please note that due to the high volume of works received we are unable to perform all the works sent to us, but we will keep details of all submissions in our database for future performance opportunities.

Please send scores and all performance materials as PDF or Sibelius 6 files to Recordings are preferable but not essential, and please bear in mind rarescale's charitable remit to promote the alto and bass flute.