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Large chamber ensemble Competitions & Call for pieces

Summary:Chamber Call
Deadline: 15 January 2020
Date Posted: 17 October 2019
Details: Each year the nnSF Call for Scores invites submissions of contemporary scores for chamber ensemble that are performed by Performance Fellows at the annual Nief-Norf Summer Festival. Composers of selected compositions will be invited to attend the festival and coach festival students and faculty in the preparation of the work.


The nnSF20 Call for Scores invites submissions of works for chamber ensemble (3-12 players) for any of the following instruments.



clarinet (all family)

double bass

electronics (requiring a separate performer)

flute (all family)

guitar (acoustic or electric)





piano / keyboard

saxophone (all family)







The call is open to all composers without restriction. We welcome any of the following: scores requiring multiples of any of the above instruments (such as percussion ensemble or string quartet); works including improvisation, electronics (including audio or video fixed media), indeterminate notation or open instrumentation; works that have been performed, recorded or published. All interested composers, at any point in their career are eligible to apply.

Submission fee: $15 for the first composition, $10 for each additional work (up to three).

Submission deadline: January 15, 2020

Details: Selections will be made in part based on the instruments of enrolled fellows in the Performance Workshop. If your score is selected, you will be invited and expected to attend the nnSF20, during a three-day period determined by the rehearsal and performance schedule. Composers will be given the opportunity to work directly with the fellows in preparation for a performance of their pieces. Selected composers will be offered accommodations for two nights and meals for three days. However, travel will not be covered or reimbursed. Selected composers are expected provided performance materials for their work.


Applicants should submit:

1) Completed Call for Scores Competition Submission Form including submission fee (when you submit the form, you will be provided a PayPal link to pay the submission fee). Please note the submission form will call for:

Your bio

Title of each submission

Program note for each submission.

Link to audio or video of the work, if available.

2) Email to containing a PDF of the score for each submission.

Please scan any hand-written materials. Please do not email audio or video files; these will not be accepted. Please post audio or video on a streaming service such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive and include the link on the submission form.

Questions? Send us a note to
Entry Fee:$15

 18th Joan Guinjoan International Prize for Young Composers
Summary:6-15 instruments, competition for young composers
Deadline: 02 December 2019
Date Posted: 10 October 2019
Details: The contest is open to composers of every nationality under the age of 35 at December 1st, 2019. Former winners of this award are not allowed to submit again.

Each participant may submit up to two works, which cannot previously have been published, premiered or commissioned. Works performed in the educational context of conservatories and schools of music will not be considered premieres, unless they have been retransmitted through the media or disseminated through networks in any type of channel or format: YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.

The work, in a contemporary style, should be 10 to 15 minutes long.

The work must be written for an open formation of 6 to 15 instruments, with optional electronics, chosen from among those in an orchestra, piano, accordion, guitar, voice and typical jazz –electric guitar, bass and keyboards– instruments, “cobla” instruments, and instruments of early music: harpsichord, recorder, viola da gamba, cornet, sackbut, early bassoon and plucked string instruments. It is also possible to include a small choir of four voices (SATB, 4-4-4-4), which will be considered as four different instruments. There may not be more than two instruments the same, except for violins, for which there is a maximum of 10, violas and cellos, for which there is a maximum of 4. Regarding percussion instruments, up to two performers may be taken into account.

The composer will submit the full score, the inscription ballot and a copy of his/her identity card (EU citizens) or passport as three separate PDF files compressed in a single ZIP or RAR file. The compressed file must be sent via WeTransfer or similar service to The composer is responsible for sending the parts in case s/he is chosen as the winner. The score can only be labeled with the title of the piece and the pseudonym.

The net amount of the award is 3.000 €. The chosen work will be premiered by the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya with the option to be professionally recorded on CD by the School.

The jury can declare the prize void. Apart from the winning work, the jury may decide to give honorific mentions to other works submitted which are considered of special interest. The works worthy of this distinction will be premiered together with the winning work.

The Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya will have publishing and distribution rights to the score, the CD or any other format of the winning work.

All written or audio-recorded editions of the winning work will be marked “Premi Joan Guinjoan de l’Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, 2019”.

The jury will be made up of five composers chosen from the Department of Theory and Composition. The names of the members of the jury will be announced once the award decision has been made public. Their decision may not be appealed. The decision will be announced before January 10th, 2020.

The deadline for submitting scores is Monday 2nd December, 2019.

The works will be submitted under pseudonym.

Summary:Chamber music call
Deadline: 31 January 2020
Date Posted: 04 September 2019
Details: The 1st international composition competition

In conjunction with its June 2020 Concert tour of Japan

Supported by the US Embassy in Tokyo

Applications accepted sept 1, 2019 – Jan 31, 2020

About the competition
The Asia / America New Music Institute (AANMI) announces its inaugural composition competition, to coincide with the organization’s 2020 concert tour of Japan, Passing the Torch. The winner will join AANMI on an all-expenses-paid concert tour of Japan featuring their piece on multiple concerts throughout the country.

Music is a critical and meaningful component of the Olympic Games. Since 1924, the national anthem of the winner of each event has been played at the medal ceremonies in recognition of their victory.

These songs are not just sonic statements of patriotism; they are historical affirmations of national pride and finely crafted musical compositions in their own rights. Much about a country can be gleaned from its canon of songs, whether they be historical anthems, traditional folk tunes, or hymns of religious significance. Yet, in an age when the velocity of cultural change outpaces the ability of institutions to adapt, some may feel that these pieces of music no longer represent the character of their country faithfully. Furthermore, even if each song is unique in its own right, in toto they share many common musical characteristics: chorale-based melodies, military march figurations, etc.

AANMI’s tour program, Passing the Torch, aims to revitalize the inspirational force of this body of songs in transnational contexts. 6 composers representing 6 different cultural traditions, as well as the winner of the inaugural AANMI composition competition, will present world-premiere pieces based on songs of historical significance of their choosing. These compositions can use the original song as inspiration in any way whatsoever - in some cases, as a thematic premise through the quotation of melody; in others, only as a theoretical underpinning. Passing the Torch highlights the work of some of the most talented young composers in the world who have taken on the mantle of cultural diplomacy. Through this concert, we will hear both the unique musical evolution that these composers have given rise to in their cultures through music, as well as the uniting musical structures in these compositions that bring us together.

The submitted piece must conform to the guidelines below.

• 5 - 10 minutes in length.
• Instrumentation: 1 flute, 1 clarinet, 1 horn, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 double bass, 1 percussionist (snare drum, cymbal, woodblocks, shakers, tambourine, triangle, glockenspiel), conductor.
• Based in some way on a historical / traditional piece of music significant to the composer. Examples of such pieces include:
o A national anthem (e.g. “Kimigayo” of Japan)
o A folk tune (e.g. “Arirang” of Korea)
o A patriotic song (e.g. “Bayan Ko” of the Philippines)
• The submitted piece need not be a world premiere, and can be an arrangement of a pre-existing piece, so long as it conforms to the guidelines above. However, preference will be given to world premiere pieces.

Please submit the following via by January 31, 2020


• $25 application fee (payment details on website)
• Copy of passport
• Completed application form
• 1-page résumé / CV
• Full score of the composition (PDF)
• 1 - 2 page statement addressing the following:
o How AANMI’s mission resonates with the composer
o How the historical / traditional piece of music is significant to the composer
o How the historical / traditional piece of music is used in the submission
o What the composer hopes to gain from Passing the Torch
• [Optional] Audio recording of the piece. Well-rendered MIDIs are perfectly acceptable.

Applicants will be notified of results by March 1, 2020. The winner will be a featured composer on AANMI’s 2020 concert tour of Japan, Passing the Torch. The tour runs from June 18 - 30, 2020 consisting of performances in some of Japan’s most prominent cultural sites and concert halls. All travel, lodging, and per diem will be paid for.
Entry Fee:$25