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 Cantus Ensemble launches 2017 composition competition
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 26 May 2017
Date Posted: 19 April 2017
Details: Cantus Ensemble is asking composers to write a Magnificat in response to Arvo Pärt’s Nunc Dimittis.

The work must be for unaccompanied voices (SATB) and last between three and eight minutes in length. It should complement Pärt’s Nunc Dimittis, as the works will be performed together.

The overall winner will receive £500, an opportunity to hear the choir perform their composition in concert on 8 July, and a professional recording of their work.

The deadline for entries is 26 May 2017. Click here for more information:


 Capital Hearings 2017 Competition: New, Non-Traditional Holiday Music
Summary:Young Composers Competition
Deadline: 03 June 2017
Date Posted: 12 April 2017
Details: The Capital Hearings are proud to announce the 2017 Young Composers Competition! We encourage composers age 40 or below to submit works for mixed a cappella ensemble that reflect this year’s call for non-traditional holiday music.

A summary of the rules is below. However, prospective entrants should review the complete 2017 rules here.

• Open to U.S. and Canadian composers who are not older than 40. The Capital Hearings, family members, those with close professional relationships (e.g., teacher/student), and previous winners are not eligible.
• Entries for 2017 will be for a non-traditional holiday piece. We encourage submissions that reach beyond the realm of traditional holiday music, which could include setting new or unfamiliar texts, distinct settings of familiar texts, and/or secular, seasonal, or sacred themes of any faith tradition. Submissions should be through-composed rather than strophic.
• Entries must be scored for unaccompanied mixed choir, suitable for performance by 12-14 voices, either with or without divisi. Entries must be between two and five minutes in length.
• Any style or genre of music is permitted (e.g., works need not be “classical”). Jazz, pop, rock, world, crossover works, etc., are all welcome.
• Works must be original compositions (not arrangements), except that limited excerpting for artistic reasons is allowed.
• Works must not have received a premiere, and must be unpublished. Exception – self-published, unsold works that are withdrawn from sale during the competition (see rules).
• All texts must be cleared for performance and commercial recording, and evidence of copyright holder’s permission must be shown. For further guidance, see here.

• $500 cash award. We will also provide the winner with an archival recording of the premiere or an early performance.
• The winner will be announced in June 2017. All entrants will be notified by email, and the winner will also be announced on our website.
• The Capital Hearings will have a two-year exclusive right to make the first commercial recording, with standard royalty rates paid to the composer. Any future publication of the score must reference that the work was a prize-winner in this competition.

Submission Guidelines
• Only one work per composer will be accepted.
• The competition will be judged anonymously. Finalists will be selected by the music director with input from a committee. The full ensemble will select the winner.
• Entrants must submit an online application form, full score, audio realization (MIDI, MP3, etc.), standalone version of the underlying text (if not included in the score), translation (if not in English), and a resume, curriculum vitae, or program biography.
• See rules for complete submission instructions.


 Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Summary:Soprano Voice Trio/Quartet Call
Deadline: 05 June 2017
Date Posted: 04 April 2017
Details: Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble - Call for Scores

Seeking works for 3-4 adult treble voices, under 7 minutes duration, composed after Jan 1, 1993, and which have already received a premiere. No submission fee; no demographic restrictions; one submission per composer. Selected works will receive one public performance and a live recording. For complete guidelines and to submit, visit

*No Submission Fee!
*Must be a piece that has already been premiered (You will be asked to please provide date and performing ensemble info for first performance)
*3-4 adult treble voices (SSA, SAA, SSSA, SSAA , or 4 unspecified voices)
*Only 1 submission per composer
*Less than 7 minutes
*No language restrictions
*Graphic scores welcome
*Electronics are welcome but no engineer should be required
*No instrumental accompaniment
*Open to any composer regardless of residency or immigration status
*Open to any composer regardless of age, gender, race, or orientation
*Must have been composed and premiered within last 25 years (after Jan 1, 1993)

*Selected Pieces/Composers will be granted one public performance and composer will receive recording from live performance.
*Composer will be listed and promoted in public performance materials.
*Composer will not be required to be at performance (although you are more than welcome to come, but we unfortunately cannot cover travel)

*Deadline: June 5, 2017
*Results will be announced in July 2017!

 IGNITE: The C4 Commissioning Competition 2017-18
Summary:Choral Commission
Deadline: 01 May 2017
Date Posted: 28 March 2017
Details: IGNITE, C4’s Commissioning Competition, will give three finalists the opportunity to compose new works for C4: the Choral Composer/Conductor Collective. All three pieces will be premiered in June 2018, in New York City. Prior to the performance, first, second, and third place winners will be chosen, with awards of $1,500, $1,000, and $600 respectively.

About the ensemble
C4 exists to enrich artists and audiences alike, through passionate advocacy of new choral works, performing pieces written within the last 25 years, premiering and commissioning new choral works, and mentoring emerging singers, composers, and conductors of today's choral music. C4 is collectively run by its members, and is one of the few choruses in America dedicated exclusively to performing contemporary music. C4 performs adventurous contemporary programming at a professional level, with stipends to its members making it a semi-professional ensemble. In addition to presenting the music of its own composer members, C4 programs the music of other emerging composers along with that of more established composers, filling an important niche in the cultural life of New York City.

Competition guidelines

Any composer may apply, regardless of age, career level or nationality. C4 welcomes stylistic diversity and encourages composers with fresh ideas in choral writing. Submitted works will be judged according to the following criteria:
1 Freshness/originality of ideas
2 Proficiency in choral writing
3 Sensitivity to/skill in setting text
4 Clarity of notation
Current C4 members, former C4 members who were in the group within the last 8 years, and former C4 commissioning competition winners are not eligible.

Composers should submit materials electronically, as explained below, by May 1, 2017. A panel of judges, consisting of C4 members, will select approximately twenty semi-finalists. A second panel of distinguished judges from outside of C4, consisting of James Bassi, Tarik O’Regan and Bruce Saylor, will select three finalists. The finalists will be notified by August 1, 2017.

The finalists will then compose new works for C4, to be completed by January 1, 2018. The works should be a cappella and between four and seven minutes in length. If using text, composers must show proof that rights have been secured, or that they are in the public domain. Winning pieces must clearly state “Commissioned by C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective as part of the 2017-18 IGNITE competition.”

Prior to the performance, the distinguished panel of judges will review the commissioned pieces and select first, second and third place winners. The finalists will be notified of which designation they receive before the premiere of their works. All three commissioned works will be premiered by C4 in early June 2018, in New York City.

Finalists are expected to remain in active communication with C4 throughout the composition process. Finalists are encouraged to attend rehearsals and/or listen to rehearsal recordings. They may also revise their compositions during the process as they see fit. C4 rehearses on Thursday evenings in Midtown Manhattan and will begin rehearsing the commissioned works in March 2018.

Both concerts will be recorded and the composers will receive copies. All finalists are strongly encouraged to attend one or both performances of the commissioned works. A travel stipend of up to $500 per composer will defray the cost of travel for the winning composers; all additional travel costs are the responsibility of the composer. Accommodations with C4 members will be provided as needed. The finalists should submit receipts for all of their travel expenses to C4’s treasurer, by one week following the concerts.
C4 reserves the right to perform the commissioned works indefinitely.
The commissioned works may not be premiered by another ensemble in advance of C4's June 2018 performances.

Mentoring session
When the finalists come to New York City for the premiere, they are eligible to receive one mentoring/professional development session with one of the three distinguished judges. They will be set up by C4 and will be at the convenience of both the judges and the winners.

How to apply
Online entry is at the IGNITE Entry Form
Please submit the following by May 1, 2017:
Two (2) recent contrasting works.

- One must be for a cappella chorus representing the composer’s current style or approach. This piece may be for any choral voicing and an unlimited number of parts.
- The second work should be a contrasting choral work, if possible. If the applicant does not have a second choral work to submit, a non-choral work will be accepted, with a preference for a vocal work of some type.
Submitted scores may be published or unpublished, previously performed or yet to be premiered.

Both scores must be in PDF format, and must have the composer’s name and identifying marks removed; this also includes any identifying marks such as a publishing company owned by the individual, the name of the performing ensemble or dedications.

Recordings of the submitted works should be in be in mp3 format. MIDI recordings will be accepted provided that they have been converted to mp3 format. The composer’s name must not appear in the audio file names. Recordings are optional but strongly encouraged.

Administrative fee
There is a $10 administrative fee which should be paid by PayPal during the submission process.

Please contact if you have any questions!

 Composition competition LAUDEM 2017
Summary:Choral competition
Deadline: 15 September 2017
Date Posted: 28 March 2017
Details: LAUDEM, the Association of Liturgical Musicians of Canada, organizes a composition competition on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of Montréal


Every person, regardless of nationality or age, who is not member of the Administrative Council of LAUDEM, is eligible to apply.

Important dates:

Friday, September 15, 2017: Deadline for submitting the works.

Monday, October 9, 2017: finalists and winner(s) are announced during the annual Study Day, organized by LAUDEM, which will take place on October 9.

Sunday, November 12, 2017: concert featuring the works of the finalists and the winner(s), included in the Oasis Musicale concert series at Saint George Anglican Church in Montréal.

Le mercredi 22 novembre 2017, Interprétation de certaines œuvres retenues au Concours LAUDEM à l’occasion d’une messe en l’honneur de Sainte Cécile à l’église montréalaise dont elle est patronne.

Wednesday, November 22 2017: Presentation of certain works during a mass honouring Saint Cecilia at the Montréal Catholic church of which she is the Patron Saint.

Beginning of 2018: publications of the winning compositions (and others, as per discretion of the jury) by LAUDEM Publishing House.

Jury and prizes:

The jury will comprise the members of the Administrative Council of LAUDEM.

The composer will receive a monetary prize of CAN $500

The winning work will be published by LAUDEM Publishing House.

The jury can choose more than one winning work. In this case, the monetary prize will be divided between the composers of the winning works.

The jury can accord more than one prize and can recommend more than one work for publication.

The decisions of the jury are final.


The work must use the text provided, but it does not have to be necessarily composed for the competition.

The work may have been performed before the competition.

Each composer may submit more than one work.

The work will be scored for SATB without divisi, a cappella, or with organ.


There are no fees to participate in the competition.


The following information and documents will be sent to

1) A word of PDF file containing your name, nationality, date of birth, e-mail address and phone number.

2) Score in PDF format, letter size or A4 size.

Text (translation included to facilitate comprehension):

The psalmody is included here as information only. You do NOT have to use it in your composition.

Tubas cum cytharis jam nunc assumite. Now take hold of trumpets and zythers

Triumphum Martyris jam nunc celebrate. Now celebrate the triumph of a martyr.

Angelorum et Virginum agmina. Troops of the Angels and Virgins,

Et cum voce laetitiae dicite. With the voice of gladness say:

[O felix Caecilia! O felix Caecilia!] [O blessed Cecilia! O blessed Cecilia!]

Praeclara sitiens illa victoriae Thirsting for a brilliant victory,

In corpus saeviens virtute gratiae. In her body to fury burst the strength of grace,

Tradit furentibus. (Her body) that she delivers to the furious.

Membra mucronibus. Her members (which she delivers)

to their sharp instruments.

[O felix Caecilia! O felix Caecilia!] [O blessed Cecilia! O blessed Cecilia!]

Et nos qui gemimus favens nos respice. And we who moan, look at us favorably.

Saepe quem laesimus sta coram judice. Stand before the Judge whom we have often offended:

Liberis det mentibus ad caelum tendere. May He give our souls, when detached from their bodies,

to go to Heaven.

Purgatosque sordibus fac tecum vivere. And purified from their defilements,

make them live in your company.

[O felix Caecilia! O felix Caecilia!] [O blessed Cecilia! O blessed Cecilia!]

 Call for Pieces
Summary:Choir and ensemble competition
Deadline: 01 June 2017
Date Posted: 25 March 2017
Details: Choir and improvising ensemble

We are looking for new compositions for jazz ensemble and choir for a small festival in Bern (CH). We are interested to explore the relationship between written and improvised music, between music that is programmatic through its lyrics and instrumental parts.

The choir is put into place for the festival and will feature amateur singers, standing on stage with ten jazz musicians in varying combinations.

Image a campfire atmosphere, songs about nature, loneliness or protest, rooted in an american tradition of blues, folk, jazz, combined with modern composition techniques and ideas.

- two works will be chosen and performed and recorded (audio/video) at the festival, winning composers will be rewarded 200£
- submitted works must be new, unpublished and not yet performed
- instrumentation: choir, alto and tenor saxophone, two guitars (acoustic or electric), piano. Works can feature either choir+saxophones, choir+guitars, choir+piano, choir+piano+guitars, or choir only. The choir consists of 10-15 singers (soprano, alto), choir parts should preferably be in unisono or two parts, in a comfortable range for amateur singers
- works should be between 1-5 minutes in length
- works can, but don't have to, include lyrics. Lyrics can be provided if needed
- scores must be submitted via e-mail (vignettiste (at), an administrative fee of 15£ will need to be transferred via Paypal
- additional information on

Deadline: June 1, 2017

 Christmas Carol Competition
Summary:Carol Competition
Deadline: 31 May 2017
Date Posted: 20 March 2017
Details: The Hallé Choir is delighted to announce that our Christmas Carol Competition is now open. The winner will be the entrant whose composition, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates originality and flair.

The deadline for receipt of entries is 1700 hours BST on 31 May 2017. Entries received after this time will not be considered.

• One entry per person only
• The composition (original music) must be written for performance by the Hallé Choir (i.e. SATB a cappella choir), and be not more than 5 minutes in length
• Open to UK residents born after 1st January 1987
• Entries may be sacred or secular, using new or existing text, but must be an original musical composition

▪ Matthew Hamilton – Hallé Choral Director
▪ Jonathon Heywood – Hallé Assistant Conductor
▪ Prof. Adam Gorb – Head of Composition, RNCM
▪ Merryl Webster – Chair, Hallé Choir

The winning entry will receive its first public performance by the Hallé Choir in a Christmas Concert in December 2017
The winning composer will be awarded a commission by the Hallé Concerts Society to write for the Hallé Choir, Hallé Youth Choir or Hallé Youth Orchestra, at the sole option of the Hallé Concerts Society
One winner will be chosen from the shortlist by the final judges. Results of the competition will be published in October 2017 on
The prize includes reasonable standard class travel to and from the December 2017 concert and, if necessary owing to distance, to one night’s accommodation for the winner and a guest. The accommodation will be on a room-only basis sharing one twin/double room. The travel method(s) and level of accommodation and exact location will be selected by the Promoter at its sole discretion and notified reasonably in advance to the winner.

Entrants should send 3 printed copies of their entry, along with full contact details, proof of age, and (if applicable) proof of permission to use any text in copyright, to:

Hallé Carol Competition
FAO Jo Pink,
Hallé Concerts Society
The Bridgewater Hall,
Manchester M1 5HA
Entries will be anonymised before being passed to the judging panel.

 Orchestre d’Auvergne Composition Contest
Summary:Choir Competition
Deadline: 31 May 2017
Date Posted: 20 March 2017
Details: The Orchestre d’Auvergne and the Orchestre des Pays de Savoie are organizing a composition contest for the creation of a participative piece for amateur singers. This will be a short piece for string orchestra and amateur singers. This contest is inviting composers of all nationalities and aged up to 40 years old at the due date of registrations. Deadline for submissions: 31st of May 2017. 1st Prize awarded by the jury: 3 000 € 2nd Prize awarded by the public: 1 500 € The winner’s composition will be recorded and performed.


 CALL FOR SCORES | Compose yourself! Re-defining the Typical Composition Contest
Summary:Choir Competition
Deadline: 22 May 2017
Date Posted: 20 March 2017
Details: With support from New Music USA, MPLS (imPulse) is pleased to announce a contest for original music. Three compositions will be selected for performance in upcoming concert cycles; chosen composers will each receive a $1000 award.

About the ensemble:
• Fully-paid, professional ensemble. 24 voices equally distributed among SATB
• Singers are flexible and versatile

Score and Eligibility Requirements:
Our vision as an ensemble seeks to redefine the typical choral experience in a changing world. We encourage composers to embrace this vision and use the competition as an opportunity to challenge his/her compositional voice.

▪ Composers must currently live or have lived in Minnesota
▪ Scores must be approximately 3 - 5 minutes in length
▪ SATB (opt. div), a cappella (opt percussion and/or obbligato instrument, if desired)
▪ Submissions must evoke the subject matter of the chosen concert cycle (see options and deadlines in the Concert Cycles section)
▪ Any text used must be public domain or, in the case of copyright, come with proof of permission for use.
▪ Composers may submit scores for one or more concert cycle.

Scores must be delivered via email in PDF format to with the subject line “Call for Scores.” MIDI recordings in MP3 format are welcome, but not required. Submissions will be received by an MPLS (imPulse) board member who will assign the score a number and remove composer identification for anonymous review by our Artistic Director. All questions regarding the contest are welcome.

 Pacific Edge Voices Call for Scores
Summary:Vocal call
Deadline: 01 August 2017
Date Posted: 01 March 2017
Details: February 25, 2017
Pacific Edge Voices, Call for Scores 2017

Berkeley CA, 2/20/17 - Pacific Edge Voices announces a call for scores for performance in 2018. This is an opportunity for composers to hear their work performed live and in concert. Scores must be submitted by August 1st, 2017.

This call for scores is open to composers of all ages and of all nationalities. Up to two compositions will be selected.

“Pacific Edge voices is a vocal ensemble with deep experience in rhythmic, innovative work,” explains Director Dr. Lynne Morrow. “We have a fondness for texts that speak to the best of the Human Condition.”

Pacific Edge Voices prides itself on performing cutting-edge music. Works that stand out as genre-bending or out of the ordinary will be given special consideration. Scores do not need to be premieres although never-performed work is encouraged. Pieces should be under 30 minutes in length. Longer works may be considered for performance in 2019. This call is for music written for mixed chorus, SATB, with up to eight parts. Scores can be a cappella arrangements or have piano accompaniment. Mp3 is desired but not required for entry.

Composers will be notified about score selection by October 1st, 2017.

Scores can be submitted in one of two ways. PDF scores can be emailed to Printed scores can be mailed to:

Pacific Edge Voices
PO Box 8568
Berkeley, CA 94707

More information about Pacific Edge Voices is available at

 Edwin Fissinger Choral Composition Prizes
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 01 June 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017
Details: NDSU Music honors the legacy and traditions of noted choral composer and long-time NDSU choral conductor Edwin Fissinger with its annual choral composition competition.

The Edwin Fissinger Choral Composition Prizes will be awarded to the first and second place winners.

2017 Deadlines
-Score submission: must be received by June 1, 2017
-Announcement of winners: September 1, 2017
-Premiere of winning composition: October 2017
-Application fee: $25 per composition
Pay online at NDSU Marketplace
Or mail check (payable to North Daktoa State University) to:
Dr. Jo Ann Miller, NDSU Challey School of Music, Dept 2334, PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050
Must be postmarked by June 1, 2017

Entries should be:
-for mixed choir (SATB), divisi is acceptable
-unaccompanied, or with keyboard accompaniment, obbligato instruments ok
-three to eight minutes in duration
-original, not previously performed publicly, and unpublished (by an -established commercial firm) works only. The text may be sacred or secular, either in the public domain or copyrighted, as long as a letter of permission from the copyright owner is included with the submission
suitable for an accomplished high school or university choir

-Open to all composers, except for current NDSU faculty, staff, and students.
Prior winners may re-enter only after five years.
-First: $1,000
-Second: $500
-NDSU reserves the right to not award prizes in any given year.
-The composer of the first prize work must be present at the premiere performance in October 2017.
-NDSU will reimburse actual travel, lodging and food expenses up to a maximum of $750.
-Winners will be announced at by September 1, 2017.
-The first prize winner's piece, with the approval of the composer, will have their composition considered for publication in Pavane Publishing for placement in the Jo Ann Miller Choral Series. The second prize piece will be considered for publication.

Judging Panel
Jo Ann Miller, Director of Choral Activities, NDSU
Michael Weber, Associate Director of Choral Activities, NDSU
Charlette Moe, Assistant Director of Choral Activities and Music Education, NDSU
Dale Warland
Allan Petker, Pavane Publishing

Submission Guidelines
-Include name, address, phone number(s), and email address when making payment via NDSU Marketplace or if paying by check, in a sealed envelope accompanying the score.
-Send by PDF file to
-Submitted scores must be in Finale or Sibelius.
-A midi file is strongly recommended
-All scores selected for performance will be reproduced by NDSU
-Submissions must be submitted via email by 11:59 PM on June 1, 2017 or postmarked by June 1, 2017.
-If not submitting a PDF, mail submissions to:
Dr. Jo Ann Miller, NDSU Challey School of Music, Dept 2334, PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050
-Email compositions to:
Jo Ann Miller, Director of Choral Activities,


 Boston Choral Ensemble's Commission Competition
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 01 May 2017
Date Posted: 14 February 2017
Details: Boston Choral Ensemble's Commission Competition aims to identify a talented composer and support her or him in the performance of a new work for chamber choir to be premiered by Boston Choral Ensemble. The commissioned work will be rehearsed, prepared, and integrated into the Ensemble’s program during the calendar year 2018.

Boston Choral Ensemble is a highly-skilled, auditioned choir of volunteers. Applicants are encouraged to consult past programs and audio samples to learn more about what might be appropriate for the ensemble.

The Ensemble is soliciting proposals for unaccompanied choral works under 10 minutes in length. The texts may be sacred or secular and in any language.

Details of the 2018 competition may be found below. Applicants with further questions are encouraged to contact the competition coordinator at

This competition is open to composers regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or veteran status.
The following groups are ineligible to enter the competition:
• current Boston Choral Ensemble singing members;
• current Boston Choral Ensemble board members;
• current members of the Commission Competition Jury;
• spouses, partners, or family members of any of the above groups; and
• those who were members of any of the above groups within one year of entry deadline.

If selected as the competition's winner, the commissioned piece will meet the following criteria:
• for UNACCOMPANIED mixed voices (SATB)
• up to 10 minutes in length
• generally no more than 4 parts but may include limited divisi (up to two per voice)
• limited or no solo vocal material
• the work must not have been performed in any public setting, recorded, promised to another group for first performance or first recording

This piece will be performed in our 2017/18 season during the Rainbow Connection concert which will be in May or June 2018 (tbc). This performance will honor the LGBTQAI community. The commissioned work can be on any subject however, it is strongly encouraged that chosen text be written by an LGBTQAI author or be about the LGBTQAI subject matter. Texts may be sacred or secular, and in any language provided it meets the parameters for the new work. If the intended lyrics are not in the public domain, and the composer is not the author and copyright holder of the lyrics, it is the responsibility of the composer to obtain permission from the copyright holder before the application deadline.

A completed online application form including
1 A short proposal idea for the new work outlining the details, at the discretion of the composer including, but not limited to proposed text, compositional technique, etc. (File name: Last Name, Proposal.pdf)
2 A short biography (about 250 words) and (File name: Last Name, Bio.pdf)
3 A works list, PDF files only. (File name: Last Name, Works.pdf)
4 Three (3) work samples that demonstrate current compositional activity. (File name: Last Name, Sample 1.pdf, Last Name, Sample 2.pdf, Last Name, Sample 3.pdf)
▪ It is recommended that composers include work samples that indicate skills appropriate to write for an unaccompanied choral ensemble.
▪ PDF files only. Notation files will not be accepted. Please combine ancillary materials—such as notes, texts, instructions—into a single PDF per work.
▪ Include (within the score PDF) an English translation for any text not in English.
▪ Include date of composition on the score.
5 Recordings of the submitted work samples (optional but recommended). Although this is optional, audio may assist in the initial assessment. These may be acoustic recordings or MIDI renderings; the quality of performances or MIDI renderings will not be judged. MP3 files only. (File name: Last Name, Audio 1.mp3, Last Name, Audio 2.mp3, Last Name, Audio 3.mp3)
6 An application fee of US $25 submitted via the application form.

Did you try to submit your application to BCE's Composition Competition but receive an error message or a blank screen? If so, please try one or all of the following to complete your application:
1. Update your browser to the most recent version
2. Make sure javascript is enabled for your browser
3. Download Google Chrome
4. If all of these do not work, please email all of your attachments to and we will make sure that your application is submitted.
Thank you so much for your dedication to the competition. We are so excited to review all of this new music!

▪ Late entries
▪ Incomplete entries
▪ Illegible copies

Materials must be submitted on or before May 1, 2017. Questions should be directed to Late applications will not be considered.

The $25 application fee can be paid on the application form.
Application fees are non-refundable and will not be returned to those disqualified for not meeting the requirements herein.

The winner will receive a prize of $1,500. Payment will be in US funds only. Prize monies will be subject to applicable tax laws and it the responsibility of the winner to properly report the prize.
The performance in concert of the newly-composed work will be recorded on CD and/or DVD. One copy of any such recordings will be furnished to the composer.

No materials submitted for this competition will be returned.

The winner is encouraged to attend the final concert as well as any rehearsals for this event. Unfortunately, travel and accommodation expenses for the winner will not be covered by Boston Choral Ensemble.

The applications will be examined by a 4-5 person Jury chosen by Boston Choral Ensemble and will include the artistic director, a current member of the group, and one or two professional musicians not otherwise affiliated with Boston Choral Ensemble. The Jury will select a winner and identify any applicants deserving of an "honorable mention.” Boston Choral Ensemble, at the advice of the Jury, reserves the right not to award the prize. The Jury’s decision is final and may not be appealed.

Boston Choral Ensemble will publicly announce the names of the competition winner (and "honorable mentions", if applicable), no later than June 1, 2017. The names of non-winners will not be made public and will be held in strict confidence. Composers whose works do not win the prize will be informed no later than June 1, 2017.

 The Claremont Chorale
Summary:Choir Competition
Deadline: 01 September 2017
Date Posted: 14 February 2017
Details: The Claremont Chorale, a volunteer, independent community chorus based in Claremont, California, will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the 2017-2018 season. As a part of a year-long celebration, the Chorale is sponsoring a choral composition competition. The winning composition will be performed by the Chorale in a Spring 2018 concert that will conclude the anniversary year.

Difficulty level: The winning composition must be at a technical level that makes its performance possible by a volunteer adult choir of 60 voices: SATB with occasional divisi, moderate vocal ranges and harmonic language. Due to the intention of performing the winning work, this criteria will be very important in the judging process.

Text: of the composer’s choosing, sacred or secular. The text should be in the Public Domain, of the composer’s own creation, or else be accompanied by documentation clearly confirming that the composer has secured permission to set it to music and to present it in public performance. [Any costs related to securing said permission are solely the responsibility of the composer.] Texts that somehow relate to themes of singing or the anniversary occasion are particularly encouraged. English is preferred, but pieces that use other languages will be considered.

Accompaniment: a cappella or with piano accompaniment Length: less than 10 minutes

Submission Process:
Submissions must be received by September 1, 2017

• Compositions need not be newly created for this competition; however all submissions must not have been previously performed in public.
• Electronic submissions (PDF) are strongly preferred, using the email address below. Scores submitted in hard copy will only be returned if they are accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
• Scores must be clear and ready for duplication and performance, using one of the standard music printing programs (Sibelius, Finale, etc.).
• A completed copy of the form below must accompany each submission (see p. 3). Please remove all identifying marks from submitted scores as the judging will be conducted anonymously.
• The names of all participants will be held in confidence. No more than two compositions will be accepted from a single composer.

Evaluation: A panel comprised of two guest judges and the Chorale’s Music Director will review all submissions and select the winning composition. This evaluation will take into account the quality of the piece and its suitability for a successful performance by the Chorale. The winning piece and composer will be announced before December 31, 2017. The decision of the judging panel is final; the Claremont Chorale reserves the right to make no award.

 Leith Hill Musical Festival Competition for Composers
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 01 July 2017
Date Posted: 08 February 2017
Details: This renowned Choral Festival now in its one hundred and twelfth year provides a wonderful opportunity for hundreds of amateur singers. Each year twelve local choirs join together over three days to sing in competition and then perform concerts of music by some of the great composers of yesteryear and always some living composers. The Festival is very keen to support new music and to this end is launching this competition.

Entries are invited from UK resident composers of any age. The music must be written for TBB voices and piano and the text must be in English. Three prizes will be awarded and the winner will have his or her work performed in the Leith Hill Musical Festival. The entries will be judged by Jonathan Willcocks, Festival Conductor and another member of the LHMF Music Committee.

Full details of the competition can be found on the LHMF website: