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Medium chamber ensemble Competitions & Call for pieces

 Ensemble Écoute
Deadline: 24 May 2019
Date Posted: 15 May 2019
Details: The Association "Ensemble Écoute" organizes a composition competition.

Art. 1 - This competition is open to composers of all nationalities, born after January 1, 1984. The participation in this competition implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these rules. By participating in this contest, the candidate cannot claim any financial compensation of any kind whatsoever or any compensation for the expenses he has incurred in this contest.

Art. 2 - The candidate will have to send TWO works for an ensemble of 5 to 12 instruments of free duration. The pieces must be written after 2014.

Art. 3 - The prize-winning composer will receive 1000 euros to write a new piece of about 10/12 minutes for 6 to 8 musicians (instrumentation to be confirmed). The new piece will be played in the last concert of the 2019 season of the Ensemble at the auditorium of the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

The new composition must be original and personal and must be sent to the Ensemble Écoute no later than September 1st 2019.

Art. 4 - By submitting their works, the composers recognize that they are entirely of their conception and that they do not infringe on the rights of third parties. The Ensemble Écoute cannot be held responsible for an infringement committed by a composer, the latter assuming all the consequences. The candidate releases the organizers of the contest of any claim or eviction, relating to the material as well as the intangible property of the work. Ensemble Écoute reserves the right to exclude any musical work for which it has reasonable grounds to believe that it infringes intellectual property or any other right of a third party.

Art. 5 - The works must reach no later than Friday 24th May 2019 before midnight by email in .pdf format at the following address : The works will be judged anonymously. The title and content of the file will not contain the name or any information of the candidate. Candidates send their application at their expense and under their responsibility. The organizers cannot be held responsible for the losses of mail that could be due to failures of the information systems (operators, network ...), or because of a third party.

Art. 6- To participate, the candidate must become adhered to the Association Ensemble Écoute for 2019 through a payment of a15€ fee to be paid by credit card on our website or by bank transfer (La Banque Postale – Account titular : Ensemble Écoute – IBAN : FR03 2004 1000 0168 4172 0H02 037). Please, join the transfer certificate with the rest of your documents.

Art. 7 - The composer can send, optionally, an mp3 file of the pieces. The title and content of the file should not contain the name nor any information of the candidate.

Art. 8 - The candidate must also send a single .pdf file with full contact information (address, telephone and email), copy of the passport or identity card, curriculum vitae and program notes of the piece in French or English and the transfer certificate. The title of the file will not contain the name or any information of the candidate.

Art. 9 - The candidates will be informed by email of the good reception of their candidature.

Art. 10 - The jury will be formed by the composer Bernard Cavanna, the conductor Jean-Philippe Wurtz and the artistic directors of the Ensemble Écoute, Fernando Palomeque and Tomás Bordalejo.

Art. 11 - The results will be sent by email in June and published on the website and the Ensemble Ecoute's Facebook site ( and

Art. 12 - The contest may be declared vacant.

Art. 13 - The jury will have the final decision on any question that is not mentioned in this Regulation.

Art. 14 – The former winners of this competition, cannot participate in the present edition.

Art 15 - The laureate authorizes, definitively and irrevocably, the organizers of the competition : - to exploit its image for all their free publications and non-commercial, on any support known or unknown to date, worldwide and for the entire period of legal protection, as part of the promotion cultural activities of the organizers, - to be exploited, on a non-exclusive basis, the work submitted for the purposes of the competition, for non-promotional purposes commercial, on any medium known or unknown to date, worldwide and for the whole legal term of protection, - to exploit, on a non- exclusive basis, the work presented in the framework of the competition by the edition of a CD, realized in the framework of a production contract (= edition) which will be signed later between the laureate and the organizers. These different assignments, that contribute to the promotion the winner for non-commercial purposes for the organizers, are granted without financial compensation

Art 16 - The nominative information collected within the framework of this competition are treated in accordance with the law of 6 January 1978 as amended, relative to computers, files and freedoms. Candidates are informed that the personal data concerning them are registered in the framework of this competition and are necessary to take account of their participation. In accordance with the aforementioned law, candidates have the right of access, rectification and opposition to all data concerning them. The requests should be addressed to the following address:

Art 17 - Only the French version of this regulation will be valid this contest.

Art 18 - The organizers reserve the right to cancel this competition at any time and the cancellation not allows any compensation.
Entry Fee:Commission competition

 International Year of the Periodic Table
Summary:Five instrument with optional electronics
Deadline: 14 June 2019
Date Posted: 08 May 2019
Details: To celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table, the European Chemical Society has developed a new version of the Periodic Table. The St Andrews New Music Ensemble in collaboration with Emeritus Professor David Cole-Hamilton are offering two prizes of £500 each to commission two composers to write a 5-6 minute work, or several shorter pieces totalling 5-6 mins based on one or more of the key messages of the new periodic table. Composers of any age and nationality are invited to apply to receive one of the two commissions.

Application requirements:
– CV and biography
– A score and recording of an existing composition
– A 150-200 word description of how you plan to musically elucidate or illustrate one or more of the key messages (below) from Professor David Cole-Hamilton in the commission.
Applicants should send the above to

Instrumentation: flute, violin, trumpet, horn, bassoon and electronics (optional). Composers may use all five instruments, but no fewer than three. Any electronic parts should have patches provided.

Closing date: 14 June, 2019

Winning composers announced and commissioned: 28 June, 2019

Performance of new compositions: 5 October, 2019 (Byre Theatre, St Andrews). The performance will be integrated into a lecture by David Cole-Hamilton about the new Periodic Table.

Travel and accomodation expenses up to £250 will be available for the winning composers to attend the perform.
For any queries regarding instrumentation, length or brief please contact Bede Williams on

Emeritus Professor David Cole-Hamilton from the University of St Andrews has summarised the key messages of the new period table that new compositions could highlight:
• 90 elements are all the building blocks there are for our beautiful and diverse world.
• Some are in plentiful supply and/or are constantly being recycled (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen; H, C, N and O)
• Others are very vulnerable to dispersion if we go on using them as we do.
• 4 elements (tin. tantalum, tungsten and gold; Sn, Ta, W and Au) can come from mines where wars are fought over the mineral rights.
• 31 elements (including all 4 that can come from conflict minerals) are in mobile phones, the ultimate use and discard item.
• 1.5 million mobile phones are exchanged in the UK every month. Many of the old phones are left in drawers or go to developing nations where they end up in landfill after children have attempted to remove the gold using very strong acids under appalling conditions.
• The current main supply of indium (In) – used in all touch screens – is a by-product from zinc ores which will be exhausted in 20 years.
• Tantalum is used in microcapacitors. Current supplies are only enough for less than 50 years; about 1/3 of current production can come from conflict minerals.
• Helium is very stable and lighter than air. Once in the air it escapes from the upper atmosphere forever. It is used to cool MRI machines, in diving and in party balloons. It is recycled from the first two applications but continued use of party balloons could see all the helium used up in 80 years.
• Despite highlighting the problem of elements being consumed, this periodic table is about hope. It is a wake up call to change our habits so that we can solve these problems by using less, changing consumer goods less often, repairing rather than discarding, recycling consumer goods, recovering key elements, and finding new materials which do the required job but only use earth abundant materials.
• The circular economy is a must and is coming fast.

To read more about the new Period Table, please visit


Summary:Chamber competition with 2 categories
Deadline: 01 October 2019
Date Posted: 24 April 2019
Details: The 4th International Composition CompetitionGMCL/JorgePeixinho is organized by the Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa (Contemporary Music Group of Lisbon) and its main purposes are the encouragement of musical creation and his divulgation, thus contributing to the increase of the repertoire of chamber music.
Has a biennial periodicity.

Composition of the jury: Ivan Fedele (President), Gerhard Stabler, JoãoMadureira, João Pedro Oliveira, Jaime Reis and Jorge Sá Machado.
The art work and application form must be sent by registered mail, until the 1st October 2019, to the following address:

Concurso de Composição – GMCL
Rua do Varatojo, 50
2790-443 Queijas

There will be two categories within the formation of GMCL (mezzo-soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Percussion and Piano):

A – Music for the Ensemble (complete formation of the group)
B – Chamber Music (minimum of four performers).

In all categories electronics may be included.

Two prizes will be awarded in each category, 1st and 2nd prizes. The winning works will have the edition of the score and parts for AVA publisher and its presentation in concert with broadcast on national radio, Antena 2.

First awards (Categories A and B) will also be assigned € 2.000 prize money.<

Lisbon, April, 2019

Entry Fee:€80.00

Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 20 October 2019
Date Posted: 11 April 2019
Details: ◆Sponsored by Sichuan Conservatory of Music
◆Organized by Composition Department of Sichuan Conservatory of Music
ISCM-Chengdu section
Research Institute of Composition Technique of Sichuan Conservatory of Music

◆Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Zhou Siyuan
President of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music

◆Chairman of the Jury
Prof. Peter Swinnen
President of International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM)

The competition of this year is chamber music, and the establishment of music instruments to be selected of 1-9 instrumentalists combined willingly and the same instrument is not more than 4. (Without any electronic instrument, equipment and computer)
The composition should be under 12 minutes.

1. All students. (No limitation on nationalities, regions and ages).
2. The composition should be written any style and in last three years.
3. The composition must be unpublished, and must not have been awarded in any other contest prizes.
4. Each candidate is allowed to offer only one piece for the competition and should not enter for the competition with others' name.

◆How to enter
Candidates should fill out the entry form (enclosed) and offer the copies of the ID and the Student ID card, as well as 7 copies of the composition score.
The composition should be delivered by the registered letter to the Competition Committee before the deadline.
The score of the computer file (PDF format) should be sent via email to at same time.

◆Mailing Address
Committee of 15th SUN RIVER PRIZE Students' New Music Composition Competition
Research Institute of Composition Technique,
No.6 Xinsheng Road, Chengdu, 610021 Sichuan, P.R.China

◆ Contact
Mr. Gou Yong
Tel & Fax +86-28-8543 0253
Deadline: 20th October 2019
(Entries must be received before 20th October 2019)

◆ Website:

We recommend the candidates to offer the CD record of the composition, but the audio files are not required.
All materials offered by the candidates (including scores and CD) will not be returned.

◆Award and Prizes
1st Prize (1): RMB ¥15,000 (pre-tax) and the certificate.
2nd Prize (2): RMB ¥10,000 (pre-tax) and the certificate.
3rd Prize (3): RMB ¥5,000 (pre-tax) and the certificate.
Honorable Mention (several): the certificate.

The juries have the rights to decide the prizes and the number of the vacant winners, and the jury's decision is final.

◆Additional Directions
1. During the selection of the competition, any prize-winning composition could be published and played permanently and freely by the sponsors.
2. Please do not write your name and any non-musical notes on the composition score, otherwise the candidates cannot enter for the selecting procedure.
3. The entry form is enclosed (copy is available), which should be posted after being filled out with the record and copies of the composition score.

Summary:2-5 Players Competition
Deadline: 17 June 2019
Date Posted: 04 April 2019
Details: The International Composers’ Forum and Competition BRUNO MADERNA was born from the idea to create a project that will work on the meeting of the contemporary music of our time, dedicated to the memory of the great italian composer of 20th century Bruno Maderna (1920-1973).

The Competition is realized by the collaboration between KLKnewmusic and the Phoenix Ensemble. The project is open to all composers of any age and nationality, who want to share their musical and personal journey, attend seminars and opportunities for discussion, on the art of our time, on the contemporary music and on the figure of the Composer in this Third Millennium. The organization will select composers who will have the opportunity to participate in the “BRUNO MADERNA COMPOSERS’ MUSIC COMPETITION 2019” from 15 to 18 July 2019 in the city of Lviv, inside the music center of Lviv Philharmonic Society.


Each composer must submit a score with organic from two to five players: piano, two violins, viola, cello.

The work must not exceed 10 minutes. All score will be sent by email (only one work for composer), in PDF format, at The selected works will be played on 18 July 2019 by KLK Ensemble. The concert will be recorded by a sound engineer and video recording.

Deadline: 17 June 2019.
The work must not exceed 12 minutes.

All score will be sent by email (only one work for composer), in PDF format, to

Each email sent to submit a score shall include:
– The score and orchestral parts must be in A4 format, (please indicate minutes of the score) as PDF file (Sibelius or Finale program);
– A second PDF-file containing the identity of the composer (name and address, nationality, telephone number, email, website, short CV)
and a statement by the composer stating that the submitted work has never before been published, performed in public and/or broadcast before,
nor prized in any composer’s competition. Other file format than PDF are not acceptable and will result in the submission being rejected!
There is no registration form.
The Composition Staff will select the best composers, from all the application submitted, no later than 19 June 2019.


The tuition fee for all participants selected is €590 (euro 590):

€590 + 5% tax to be paid no later than 25 June 2019 by Paypal on email;

The tuition fee includes:

participation at rehearsals and check sound ofthe selected composers during the period 15 > 18 July 2019;
Final concert in Philharmonia with the works selected and performed by KLK Ensemble;
professional audio/video recording of the final concert;
certificate of participation.
The tuition fee does not include:

Administrative secretary for the International Music Composers’ Competition BRUNO MADERNA 2019 is Ms. Anastasiya Kodola.
For any question about the tuition fee and payment method write to
Please send a PDF file with your payment check to


Paolo Ugoletti (ITA) – President

Bogdhana Frolyak (UKR) – Composer

Domenico Clapasson (ITA) – Composer

Ferdinando Nazzaro (ITA) – Composer, Artistic Director KLKnewmusic

Three prizes will be awarded.
1 Prize – 600 USD, and the score published by Aldebaran Editions
2 Prize – score edited by Aldebaran Editions
3 Prize – score edited by Aldebaran Editions

The Composition Staff reserves the right not to award the prize and to award Special Mentions of merit.

 LIVE! International Call for Scores by mdi ensemble
Summary:Call for scores: 2–6 performers
Deadline: 15 June 2019
Date Posted: 27 March 2019
mdi ensemble, legally represented by Associazione Musicadesso, advertises for an International Call for Scores finalized to a concert performance during Sound of Wander 2019, the annual concert series organized by mdi ensemble in Milan (Italy) in November 2019. The Call for Scores is opened to every composer aged under 35 of any nationality: mdi ensemble will select from four to six works.

Composers may apply following the rules below: Scores (maximum two for each candidate) will have to be written for solo instrument or for ensemble from 2 to 6 instruments selected among:
– Flute (also piccolo in C, alto flute, bass flute)
– Clarinet (also piccolo, in A, in Bb, bass clarinet)
– Violin
– Viola
– Cello
– Piano

Differently to previous editions, the use of electronics (live or tape) and / or amplification is admitted. The reduced amount of technical requests needed for the amplification or the electronics for a single piece will be considered during the process of evaluation.

Should the candidate send two scores, both of them will allow the use of electronics (live or tape) and or/amplification. Nevertheless, one of them will have to be for solo instruments or for chamber ensemble up to 4 musicians.
If the score requires instruments/objects other than the ones listed above (little percussion instruments, gadgets, etc.), composers must provide them to the ensemble in time for rehearsals; otherwise, the ensemble could decide not to perform the piece.
Entry Fee:€25

 EAMT New Music Ensemble UMA
Summary:Cal for Works (Students)
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 06 February 2019
Details: Additional Call for Works for composition students only!

EMTA UMA (New Music Ensemble of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT)

fl, cl, trp, vl, vc, pf,
sx (alto or baritone)

All possible combination from 4 to 7 instruments are welcome. With or without conductor.

Length: Up to 10' min.

Deadline:29 Feb 2019, 12 PM GMT.

About: UMA is New Music Ensemble of EAMT. UMA has been part of playing G. Grisey "Les espaces acoustiques" and have working together with K.Penderecki and L.Andriessen.

Supervisors are Taavi Kerikmäe (head of CoPeCo program in EAMT, member of ensemble U:) and Tarmo Johannes (Tarmo: member of ensemble U:).

For any additional information, please contact:

Call for works for EAMT New Music Ensemble UMA Coordinator

Karl Tipp

 Second International Composition Competition “Carlo Sanvitale”
Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 15 June 2019
Date Posted: 15 November 2018
Details: Organised by “Amici della Musica – Guido Albanese”

The –Associazione Amici Della Musica “Guido Albanese”– invites composers of all ages and nationalities to participate in the 2nd “Carlo Sanvitale” Composition Competition. The composition should be challenging, but at the same time accessible and playable by young talented players. The goals of the contest are:
• To offer young composers the possibility to have their works performed live
• The possibility to acquire experience with a chamber ensemble (Complesso da Camera “Carlo Sanvitale”).

The Competition is open to composers and students of all ages and nationalities. The submitted works must satisfy the following criteria:
• Orchestration (max.): 2 violins, viola, cello, piano, tenor or soprano. Works whose instrumentation includes other instruments will not be taken into account for the competition;
• The length of the composition must be between 3 and 10 minutes;
• All complementary documents (music, bio sketch, program notes) have to be submitted to the jury along with the score;
• Scores have to be sent in PDF format to amicidellamusicaortona@gmail.comThe submission is not deemed successful until a confirmation e-mail has been sent;
• The composition has to be original and never performed before;
• The composer renounces to execution rights for the performance by the Complesso da Camera “Carlo Sanvitale”;
• The difficulty level of the composition has to correspond to the skills of an advanced amateur chamber ensemble with a conductor;
• Each candidate may submit one composition per year. The same composition can be submitted at most over two non-consequent years.

Shall the composition be selected as winner, the composer has to provide to the secretary of the competition the separated parts by July 30, 2019. Tempo, dynamics, articulation and rehearsal letters for the different instruments must be indicated on both the main score and the separated parts. The winner must agree to the following:
• The selected work will be performed and recorded by Complesso da Camera “Carlo Sanvitale” during the Music Day, that will be held on August 12 and 13 in Ortona, Italy.
• The author of the winning composition can participate to the rehearsals and the concert that will be held in Istituto Nazionale Tostiano, Ortona, Italy, on August 12th or 13th. Travel fees will not be refunded. Accommodation will be provided by the Association.
• The author of the selected work has to provide a short description of their work; this will be included in the concert program.
• The author of the selected work agrees to transfer the parts to the performers.

The author of the winning competition will receive a prize of 150 Euros. Composers classified first, second and third will receive a Diploma. The winning composition, together with no more than three other compositions, will be recorded during the Music Day.

Furthermore, the Jury will select, out of the first three classified, a composer that will be appointed “Composer in residence” in the diocese of Agnone-Trivento. This composer will be commissioned to write a composition for the organ of the San Marco church in Agnone (IS, I). This organ dates back from the XVIII century, holds only one keyboard and features the Scavezza octave. The selected composer will have to spend three days, in August 2019, in the city of Agnone, to match the composition to the organ. The resulting composition will be performed by organist Simone Perrotta during the next musical season of “Progetto Culturale della Diocesi di Agnone/Trivento”

How to Participate
All living composers are eligible. The submissions will be received by the Associazione “Amici Della Musica”, made anonymous and then presented to the jury. Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2019. The results will be announced on July 1st, 2019. The jury’s decision is non-contestable and all decisions are final. The premiere of the selected piece will take place in August 12th or 13th 2019 in Ortona (I).

If you want to participate, please send us the following:
• One digitized anonymous copy of the score (PDF) (also digital copy of manuscripts are accepted);
• A computer-generated recording (if possible)
• A copy of a bank transfer for the amount of 30 Euros to:

“Amici Della Musica Guido Albanese”
IBAN: IT97Z0311177780000000000139
Subject : “Iscrizione 2019”

Communication will be held in Italian, English or French. The Italian version of this call for submissions should be considered definitive. Translations are without guarantee.

• Celso Mojola, Professor of composition at “Escola Superior de Música da Faculdade Cantareira”, São Paulo (BR)
• Bartomeu Moll Mas, Artistic Director of the Festival « Phona, cicle de noves musiques de Mallorca » (ES)
• Simone Di Felice, Kappelmeister of Opera-Frankfurt (D)
• Marco Reghezza, First Prize of the Competition « Carlo Sanvitale » in 2018 (I)
• 3 members of the Chamber Ensamble “Carlo Sanvitale”, to be selected on June 2019.

 11th Joan Guinjoan International Prize for Young Composers
Summary:Prize for ensemble
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 31 October 2012
Details: 1.The contest is open to composers of every nationality under the age of 35 at December 1st, 2012. Former winners of this award are not allowed to submit again.
2.Each participant may submit an unlimited number of works, which cannot previously have been published, premiered or commissioned. Works performed in the educational context of conservatories and schools of music will not be considered premieres.
3.The work, in a contemporary style, should be 10 to 15 minutes long.
4.The work must be written for an open formation of 6 to 15 instruments, with optional electronics, chosen from among those in an orchestra, piano, accordion, guitar, voice and typical jazz –electric guitar, bass and keyboards– instruments, “cobla” instruments, and instruments of early music: harpsichord, recorder, viola da gamba, cornet, sackbut, early bassoon and plucked string instruments. It is also possible to include a small choir of four voices (SATB, 4-4-4-4), which will be considered as four different instruments. There may not be more than two instruments the same, except for violins, for which there is a maximum of 10, violas and cellos, for which there is a maximum of 4.
5.The composer must submit six copies of the score and one registration form for each work presented. The work must be written and printed with a notation software which allows automatic extraction of parts, or the participants must commit to send the parts in case of being winners. Once the winner has been chosen, the composers may collect 5 copies of their works within one month from date of the award. One copy will remain in the archives of the School.
6.The amount of the award is 3.000 €. The chosen work will be premiered by the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya with the option to be professionally recorded on CD by the School.
7.Apart from the winning work, the jury may decide to give honorific mentions to other works submitted which are considered of special interest. The works worthy of this distinction will be premiered together with the winning work.
8.The Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya will have publishing and distribution rights to the score, the CD or any other format of the winning work.
9.All written or audio-recorded editions of the winning work will be marked “Premi Joan Guinjoan de l’Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, 2012”.
10.The jury will be made up of five composers chosen from the Department of Theory and Composition of the School. The names of the members of the jury will be announced once the award decision has been made public. Their decision may not be appealed. The decision will be announced before January 10th, 2013.
11.The deadline for submitting scores is December 1st, 2012.
12.The works will be submitted under pseudonym.
2nd Prize:Euro 3000
Age Limit:35
Duration:6 to 15 minutes