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 Allmänna Sången and Anders Wall Composition Award, Sweden
Summary:Female Composers Competition
Deadline: 01 December 2018
Date Posted: 21 June 2018
Details: Deadline: Saturday 1 December 2018
Details: The Allmänna Sången and Anders Wall Composition Award aims to draw attention to female composers and their work. The competition is international and targets female composers irrespective of profession or nationality. The premiere of the winning composition and award ceremony will take place at the Allmänna Sången’s Annual Spring Concert in May 2019 in Uppsala, Sweden.

The composition has to be new and unpublished. The lyrics can be new or pre-existing and are chosen by the composer but has to be in the language of English, Swedish or Latin. The music shall be written for mixed voice a cappella choir with 4–12 parts and the duration of the piece shall be 6–9 minutes.

Application Fee: SEK 350
Prize: SEK 50,000
Contact: For more information please visit the website:

 Inversion Ensemble
Summary:Emerging Composer Contest
Deadline: 01 August 2018
Date Posted: 21 June 2018
Details: Purpose of Emerging Composer Contest:
Inversion Ensemble is looking for a young composer of color to be highlighted as part of our 2018-2019 Season on our concert entitled I, Too, Sing America: Songs of our Shared History. This concert will focus on pieces that are inspired by American History and contemporary American society with topics ranging from gun violence, LGBTQ rights and racial inequality. Pieces submitted should follow a similar theme in order to be considered for performance. Inversion Ensemble is a modern, innovative ensemble so uses of extended technique, non-traditional forms, etc. are welcomed.

To qualify you must be 35 years or younger as of October 7th, 2018 and currently reside in the United States including Alaska, Hawaii or U.S. Territories. As the contest goal is to give voice to an underserved segment of the compositional world, we prefer that submission come from young composers of color.

Composition Requirements:
1. 3-7 minutes in duration
2. Any combination of SATB voicing up to SSAATTBB
3. May be a cappella or with piano accompaniment
4. A cappella submissions MUST include piano reduction
5. Text must be public domain or be accompanied by a letter of permission from copyright owner
6. Please only submit 1 entry
7. No fee is required for submission

Please submit a PDF copy of your composition without you name anywhere on the body of composition. The PDF copy must be clear, clean and legible. No handwritten scores will be considered. Graphic scores may be a PDF scan of a written score if applicable. You will also need a cover letter that includes the following information:

1. Composer’s name
2. Physical Address
3. Phone Number
4. Email Address
5. Date of Birth
6. Current Occupation (including if you are currently an enrolled student)
7. Head shot and short bio

Judging criteria includes, but is not limited to:
1. Composition structure
2. Voice Leading
3. Harmonic language
4. Adherence to concert theme
5. Text selection and setting
6. Piano accompaniment (if applicable)
7. General understanding of choral idiom

All entries must be submitted by August 1st, 2018 to be considered.
The winner will be notified no later than September 1st, 2018. He or she will have the opportunity to have a phone meeting with Artistic Director, Trevor Shaw and members of the ensemble including other composers. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize, certificate of achievement, inclusion of piece on October 2018 concerts, and a recording of composition concert performances.

Please send submissions to Inversion Ensemble Managing Director, Robbie LaBanca at


 Third-Annual John Kuzma Young Composers Award
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 14 September 2018
Date Posted: 24 May 2018
Details: Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colorado USA, is pleased to announce the Third-Annual John Kuzma Young Composers Award, for Excellence in Choral Composition.

The competition is open to any composer aged thirty or younger (born after December 2, 1987). The winning composer will receive a $1,000 honorarium as well as a $500 travel stipend to attend the premiere of the work at Montview Church in Denver, CO on December 2, 2018.

Named in honor of Montview’s Minister of Music from 1987-2015, the Kuzma Award strives to encourage and support emerging composers of sacred choral music.

The winning piece will receive an in-concert performance by the 85-voice Westminster Choir (SATB) of Montview Church. The winning composer is also encouraged - but not required - to orchestrate an accompaniment for the professional 50 piece Montview Orchestra.

Application Deadline: Friday, September 14, 2018

Submit materials to See guidelines and instructions below.

Guidelines and Rules
• The work must not have been performed publicly in concert in the United States.
• The work must be between 3 and 5 minutes in length.
• Only one score can be submitted for consideration.
• The work must be suitable for SATB Choir.
• The work may be a cappella or with piano/organ accompaniment. The winning composer will be invited - at his/her discretion - to orchestrate the accompaniment, if so desired.
• A sacred text setting for the work, appropriate to Advent and/or Christmas, is preferred.

Submission Instructions
There is no application fee. Applicants must submit the following materials via email to
• Score, in PDF format
• A brief biography of the composer
• Any applicable program notes
• Date of birth

All materials must be received by 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time on Friday, September 14, 2018.

Four finalists will be chosen, with a winner named by a judging committee, comprised of several Denver-based choral composers and conductors, chaired by Minister of Music Adam Waite. All applicants will receive notification by October 12, 2018. The winning composer will receive a $1,000 (USD) honorarium, as well as a $500 (USD) travel stipend to attend the concert premiere of the selected work at Montview Church on Sunday, December 2, 2018. The winning composer will also receive a professional live concert recording of the piece.

About Montview Church
Through its more than 100 year history, the first church in Denver's historic Park Hill neighborhood has built a legacy of great music, progressive theology and courageous social witness. A congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Montview’s membership numbers over fifteen hundred, fielding active education, mission and music ministries.

Montview’s broad music program has long embraced the promotion and performance of new music. This includes works written by former and current music ministers Austin Lovelace, John Kuzma, Wes Selby and Adam Waite. The church’s Westminster Choir has collaborated on numerous occasions with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and the Denver Brass. Recent major works performed include: Holst, The Cloud Messenger (Colorado Premiere); Galbraith, Missa Mysteriorum(Colorado Premiere); Paulus, Heritage Songs; Poulenc, Gloria; Hindemith, When Lilacs last in the Dooryard Bloom;Vaughan-Williams, Dona Nobis Pacem; Thompson, Frostiana; Kuzma/Whitcomb, Redemption Cantata.

For more information, please write the committee at


Summary:Children's choir competition
Deadline: 31 July 2018
Date Posted: 09 May 2018
Details: (English below)

L’Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Cori (A.E.R.CO.), unitamente alla Fondazione C.G. Andreoli dell’Unione dei Comuni dell’Area Nord di Modena, bandisce il Secondo Concorso Internazionale di Composizione per Cori di Voci Bianche CORINFESTA con l’obiettivo di creare nuovo materiale per i cori di voci bianche a cui dare larga diffusione.
La partecipazione è aperta a compositori di qualsiasi nazionalità.

Il Concorso si articola in due Sezioni:

Sezione A: Didattico – pedagogica: verso la Polifonia
massimo a due voci (SA), no divisi;
a cappella o con accompagnamento di pianoforte ed eventuali piccole percussioni e/o body percussion;
di durata massima di 3 minuti;
il testo scelto potrà essere sacro o profano, in lingua italiana (anche dialettale) o inglese o latina, allegando la traduzione in italiano; se profano, dovrà essere adatto all’età dei cantori a cui si riferisce il presente bando (6-16 anni).
Sezione B: Artistica: a più voci, una scuola di vita
a tre voci (SSA), no divisi;
a cappella o con accompagnamento di pianoforte ed eventuali piccole percussioni e/o body percussion;
di durata massima di 4 minuti;
il testo scelto potrà essere sacro o profano, in lingua italiana (anche dialettale) o inglese o latina, allegando la traduzione in italiano; se profano, dovrà essere adatto all’età dei cantori a cui si riferisce il presente bando (6-16 anni).

Ogni candidato potrà inviare al massimo due elaborati (uno per ogni Sezione o due per una sola Sezione). Gli invii avverranno esclusivamente tramite l’apposito form online entro e non oltre la mezzanotte del 31 luglio 2018.
La quota di partecipazione è di 20 euro per ogni brano inviato.
Ogni elaborato dovrà essere inviato in formato PDF. Sulla partitura non dovrà comparire il nome del compositore. L’ufficio AERCO riceverà i brani e li invierà ai membri della giuria. L’identità dei compositori sarà resa nota dall’ufficio AERCO solamente dopo la conclusione della fase di valutazione.
Ogni partecipante dovrà allegare un documento in formato DOC o RTF contenente:
i propri dati personali (nome, cognome, indirizzo, numero di telefono, indirizzo e-mail);
il proprio curriculum;
una dichiarazione attestante che i brani inviati non siano mai stati pubblicati e/o premiati;
eventuale fonte del testo letterario;
il permesso di utilizzo e di pubblicazione per i testi letterari eventualmente tutelati da parte dell’autore o dell’editore o di chi ne detiene i diritti;
eventuali note per l'esecuzione.
La giuria sarà composta da cinque membri compositori e direttori di coro. Il giudizio sarà definitivo e inappellabile.
I criteri di valutazione saranno:
attinenza della musica al testo;
impatto artistico complessivo;
eseguibilità: attenzione compositiva alle esigenze vocali e percettive.
Saranno assegnati i seguenti premi:
Primi classificati (uno per ogni Sezione)
premio in denaro di 500 euro (cinquecento euro);
esecuzione pubblica a cura del Coro Aurora (dir. Luca Buzzavi) della Fondazione C.G. Andreoli durante la IX Rassegna per cori di voci bianche e giovanili CORINFESTA che si terrà a Mirandola (MO) nel maggio 2019;
esecuzione come brano d’obbligo per la categoria speciale CORINFESTA al 6° Concorso corale Città di Riccione, edizione 2019 (;
pubblicazione, con l’autorizzazione degli autori, sulla rivista FarCoro;
medaglia e diploma.

Secondi classificati (uno per ogni Sezione)
pubblicazione, con l’autorizzazione degli autori, sulla rivista FarCoro;
medaglia e diploma.

Terzi classificati (uno per ogni Sezione)
pubblicazione, con l’autorizzazione degli autori, sulla rivista FarCoro;
medaglia e diploma.

La giuria si riserva di segnalare altre composizioni oltre alle vincitrici. I compositori dei brani segnalati riceveranno un certificato di menzione.
La partecipazione al Concorso implica la completa accettazione del presente regolamento.

Membri della giuria: Tullio Visioli (Presidente), Gianni Guicciardi, Michele Napolitano, Paweł Łukaszewski, Vytautas Miskinis
Direzione artistica: Andrea Angelini, Luca Buzzavi, Gianni Guicciardi
Per maggiori informazioni: - tel. +39 051 0067024 -



1. The Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Cori (AERCO.), Together with the CG Andreoli Foundation of the Union of Municipalities of the Northern Area of Modena, announces the Second International Competition for Choirs of White Voices CORINFESTA with the aim of creating new material for the choirs of white voices to be widely used.
2. Participation is open to composers of any nationality.
3. The competition is divided into two sections:

Section A: Didactic - pedagogical: towards the Polyphony
a. maximum two-part (SA), no divided;
b. a cappella or with piano accompaniment and any small percussion and / or body percussion;
c. with a maximum duration of 3 minutes;
d. the chosen text may be sacred or profane, in Italian (also dialectal) or English or Latin, attaching the translation into Italian; if profane, it must be suitable for the age of the singers referred to in this announcement (6-16 years).
Section B: Artistic: multi-voices, a school of life
a. three-part (SSA), no divided;
b. a cappella or with piano accompaniment and any small percussion and / or body percussion;
c. with a maximum duration of 4 minutes;
d. the chosen text may be sacred or profane, in Italian (also dialectal) or English or Latin, attaching the translation into Italian; if profane, it must be suitable for the age of the singers referred to in this announcement (6-16 years).
4. Each candidate can send a maximum of two works (one for each Section or two for a single Section). Submissions will only take place via the appropriate online form no later than midnight on 31st July 2018.
5. The participation fee is 20 euros for each piece sent.
6. Each work must be sent in PDF format. The composer's name must not appear on the score. The AERCO office will receive the pieces and send them to the jury members. The identity of the composers will be announced by the AERCO office only after the conclusion of the evaluation phase.

Each participant must attach a document in DOC or RTF format containing:
a. your personal data (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address);
b. your curriculum;
c. a statement that the pieces sent have never been published and / or awarded;
d. possible source of the literary text;
e. permission to use and publish the literary texts that may be protected by the author or publisher or who holds the rights;
f. any notes for execution.
7. The jury will be composed of five composing members and choir directors. The judgment will be final and unappealable.
8. The evaluation criteria will be:
a. relevance of music to the text;
b. overall artistic impact;
c. executability: compositive attention to the vocal and perceptual needs .
9. The following prizes will be awarded:

First classified (one for each Section)
• prize money of 500 euros (five hundred euros);
• public performance by the Aurora Choir (Director Luca Buzzavi) of the CG Andreoli Foundation during the 9th Exhibition for choirs of youth and youth voices CORINFESTA which will be held in Mirandola (MO) in May 2019;
• performance as compulsory piece for the special categoryCORINFESTA at the 6th City of Riccione choral competition, edition 2019 ( );
• publication, with the authorization of the authors, in the journal FarCoro;
• medal and diploma.

Second classified (one for each Section)
• publication, with the authorization of the authors, in the journal FarCoro;
• medal and diploma.

Third classified (one for each Section)
• publication, with the authorization of the authors, in the journal FarCoro;
• medal and diploma.
10. The jury reserves the right to point out other compositions in addition to the winners. The composers of the marked pieces will receive a certificate of mention.
11. Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance of this regulation.

Members of the jury: Tullio Visioli (Chairman), Gianni Guicciardi, Michele Napolitano, Paweł Łukaszewski, Vytautas Miskinis
Artistic direction: Andrea Angelini, Luca Buzzavi, Gianni Guicciardi
For more information: - tel. +39 051 0067024 -


Summary:Women's Chorus Composition Competition
Deadline: 01 October 2018
Date Posted: 26 April 2018
Details: The Indianapolis Women’s Chorus is pleased to announce its first women’s choral composition contest. Female (including trans women) students in two age categories are eligible to submit compositions for women’s chorus for consideration.

Composers are invited to submit compositions to Indianapolis Women’s Chorus to be considered for the final concert of the 2018-2019 season (concert dates will be announced before August 2018). The concert theme will concern the power of voices.

Categories/Eligibility (eligibility requirements are determined by an applicant’s age and school-level on October 1, 2018)

• Young Adult applicants must be ages 18-25 but not yet in graduate school.
• Young Adult applicants must live 75%+ of the year in Indiana (this may include being enrolled in an Indiana college or university).
• Young Adult applicants must be female (including trans women).

• Teen applicants must be ages 15-19 but not yet in college.
• Teen applicants must be residents of one of these Indiana counties: Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan or Shelby.
• Teen applicants must be female (including trans women).

• The winning applicant in each category will receive a $200 award.
• The winning composition in each category will be performed by the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus at the final concert of the 2018-2019 season. Winning composers are encouraged to attend a rehearsal of their composition.
• Winning composers are required to attend the premiere of their compositions. The winning composer will receive free tickets for themselves and immediate family to attend the performance of their composition.

General Requirements
• All submissions must be original compositions and must be written for women’s voices.
• Text must be in alignment with IWC mission and values (
• For any text not in the public domain, written permission from the publisher or author must be submitted for its use and performance.
• Compositions must be unpublished, and the composer’s own original work.
• No arrangements (folk songs, carols, pop songs, etc.) will be accepted.
• Composers may submit only one composition.

Specific Requirements
• Scored for three or four-part women’s chorus (e.g. SSA, SAA, SSAA) with or without piano accompaniment.
• The choral parts should be written with intermediate, community chorus members in mind.
• Small solo parts can be used.
• A percussion part is optional but must be playable by a single percussionist.
• Choral Range: F3-F5. Brief extensions outside of this range are acceptable.

• Text: Both secular and sacred texts are acceptable. However, sacred texts must be spiritually inclusive or spiritually universal. Texts that support a single religion, advocate for a single religion, or denounce other religions will not be accepted.
• Length: 3-5 minutes with a maximum length of 6 minutes.
• Languages: For languages other than English and Latin, please provide a pronunciation guide or a spoken recording of the text.

Composers retain copyright of music submitted. By submitting a composition in this competition, you (the composer) agree that your composition maybe photocopied for the purposes of adjudication and rehearsal by the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus. Also, you (the composer) grants Indianapolis Women’s Chorus the right to audio and video record the live performance and/or a studio performance of the composition, to distribute the recording for marketing/PR purposes, and to feature the recording on our YouTube page, website, and social media account.

Piece will be adjudicated via the following categories:
• Interest of musical ideas
• Formal design of composition
• Text setting
• Textures
• Appropriateness for IWC to sing
◦ Difficulty
◦ Range
◦ Text source

Listening Samples
These pieces are representative of the level of difficulty for the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus’s standard repertoire.
• Lineage composed by Andrea Ramsey (Listen Here)
• Still I Rise composed by Rosephanye Powell (Listen Here)
• O Great Spirit composed by Shawn Kirchner (Listen Here)
• Arise My Love composed by Joan Szymko (Listen Here)
• For more listening samples see our Past Performances page at Here you will find PDFs of our past concert programs.

• Submissions will be accepted through October 1, 2018. All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM on October 1, 2018.

How to Submit
• A Cover Letter form can be found Click Here. Each applicant must include the filled-out form in their submission
• Email all parts of the submission to

• Items to submit:
◦ Computer notated score (without composer name) in PDF format
◦ Computer notated obbligato part(s) (without composer name) in PDF format
◦ Cover Letter, found Click Here
◦ Permission for text or information on public domain
◦ Text in its own document for reprint in the concert program
◦ Recording (MIDI recordings are acceptable) in MP3 format
◦ If applicable, a pronunciation recording
◦ Brief description of the piece (500 word maximum)

Questions can be directed to

Download the Cover Letter PDF by Click Here The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download a PDF of the above submission guidlines by Click Here
Web Site:www.indianapoliswomenschorus.o...

 Indianapolis Symphonic Choir Announces Ninth Annual Christmas Carol Commission Competition
Summary:Christmas Carol Commission
Deadline: 31 August 2018
Date Posted: 19 April 2018
Details: INDIANAPOLIS – April 16, 2018 – The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir announces the ninth annual Christmas Carol Commission Competition as part of its commitment to the future of choral music. Submitted works must be original, unpublished, and have not been publicly performed; between 3 and 5 minutes long; written for SATB (divisi is acceptable), mixed adult choir; and may be a cappella or utilize keyboard accompaniment. Text and language are at the discretion of the composer, and should be suitable for a Christmas/holiday performance.

Recent commissions by the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir include works by composers Mohammed Fairouz, Molly Ijames, Dan Locklair, James Mulholland and others. Winners of the Commission Competition have been published by these and other publishers: EC Schirmer, Shawnee Press, Beckenhorst Press.

“Inspiring composers to create new, beautiful choral music is among the greatest obligations of a leading chorus today,” states Artistic Director Eric Stark. “Elementary as it may appear initially, we are wise to remind ourselves that all music was once new. It is imperative that recognized musical institutions like the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir are at the fore of commissioning new works, consistently expanding the body of choral music.”

Adds General Manager Michael Davis, “With more than 35 million Americans singing in a chorus, more people participate in choral music than are involved with any other art form. Bringing to life a new work for chorus is an avenue to reach a large, impressive number of artists and audiences alike.”

Composers 35 years of age or younger (as of December 1, 2018) who are United
States citizens or legal residents may submit one composition via email (PDF) to the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir by 11:59 p.m. (EST), August 31, 2018. Compositions must be in PDF format and emailed to No consideration will be given to entries received after the deadline. Submitted materials will not be returned. Questions may be emailed to There is no entry fee, although a submission form must accompany the composition.

Further requirements include: the text should be suitable for a Christmas or holiday (secular texts are permitted) performance, and the text should be from a non-liturgical tradition (for example, contemporary poetry) or verse (secular or sacred). Hymn texts and the like are permitted, while texts such as “Ave Maria,” “Gloria” or “Hodie Christus Natus Est” are discouraged.

The winner will be notified by September 30, 2018 and the selected composition will be performed by the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir at its five annual Festival of Carols performances in Indianapolis. A cash prize of $1,000, plus travel and lodging for the world premiere in December 2018, will be awarded to the winning composer. Full details are available at

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is proud to be one of the nation’s largest, most active and respected choral musical institutions, marking its 82nd season in 2018/2019. Among the most prolific independent symphonic choruses in the United States, the Choir reaches in excess of 25,000 people each season with more than 25 performances and a comprehensive educational outreach program. The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir performed at The Kennedy Center in April 2018 as part of the SHIFT Festival of American Orchestras soon after their October 2016 return to Carnegie Hall to perform Zabur, a Symphonic Choir-commissioned work by composer Mohammed Fairouz. The 200 volunteer singers demonstrate the Choir's commitment to musical excellence through their talent and dedication during each 42-week season. The choral partner of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Symphonic Choir was founded in 1937 at the ISO’s request to perform the great choral-orchestral repertoire. This continued partnership exhibits the very best of collaborative ideals – two independent arts organizations combining their strengths to create beautifully lasting musical results. The Choir is dedicated to excellence in the performance of choral music, the creation of new choral masterworks, and to community outreach and education throughout the community. The Choir is now in its ninth year as the official choral partner of the Indianapolis Public Schools, providing teacher training, educational resources, performance experiences and free printed music. For more information about the Symphonic Choir, visit

 5th International Composition Competition of the City of Homburg / Saar
Summary:Composition for choir
Deadline: 01 September 2018
Date Posted: 19 April 2018
Details: The Homburg Symphony Orchestra is proud to announce the 5th International Competition for Composers organized in cooperation with the City of Homburg.

The theme for this competition is „Psalm 39“. The composition should be a work for mixed choir (S,A,T,B / 8 voices maximum) and symphonic orchestra. As for the lyrics, the following text, from psalm 39 (5-8) is to be used:

Herr, lehre doch mich,
daß ein Ende mit mir haben muß. Und mein Leben ein Ziel hat,
und ich davon muß.
Siehe, meine Tage sind
einer Hand breit vor Dir,
und mein Leben ist wie nichts vor Dir.

The lyrics should be in German.

Participation: Only work by composers born after January 1st 1983
is eligible to be accepted for the competition. Submissions must be unpublished work. The level of difficulty should be consistent with the expectations of a highly ambitious amateur orchestra and choir.

Duration: 5-7 minutes

The submission should include one full score of the composition in print, one copy of the score in digital form (pdf) and all instrumental parts in digital form (pdf) either on CD or USB.

In order to participate it is important to carefully hide the name of the composer on the orchestral scores and the orchestral material (in both digital and paper form). Instead it is required to mark all the material with the same code.

The code should also appear on an additional separate envelope in which the candidate should provide the following information and documents:

• Name, address, phone number, and email address
• curriculum vitae
• a recent photograph
• a written statement which confirms that the submitted work is the candidate’s own original creation, has not yet been published else- where and that he/she gives permission to the Homburg Symphonic Orchestra to perform and disseminate the work.

Awards: The jury will award 3 prizes. These allow laureates to work on their composition together with members of the jury and the con- ductor. In preparation for the concert, laureates will also have the opportunity to attend rehearsals, work with the orchestra and make corrections or changes to their composition, if needed. A first series of rehearsals is planned on October 13th and 14th in the Thomas Morus Haus, Schleburgstr. 17, 66424 Homburg – Erbach.

Costs for travel and accommodation will be reimbursed.


 VOICES 21C – First Annual Call for Scores
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 21 July 2018
Date Posted: 12 April 2018
Details: Deadline: July 21st 2018

Our mission:
VOICES 21C is a Boston-based chamber choir who seeks to combine high technical proficiency with creativity and compassion. The choir creates personal meaning in performance by connecting their musical messages to social justice issues in the USA and abroad, representing the voices of the silenced, the forgotten, and the marginalized. VOICES 21C Is a welcoming space for LGBTQ, committed to contemporary composers, and improvisational, interdisciplinary modes of performance through their co- creating, egalitarian leadership model.

Coming up on our 4th year, we want to reach out to composers outside of our own circle. We are a group of 20+ teachers, composers, and conductors looking to establish connections with composers and refine the 21st Century components of our voice.

For those Chosen:
Winners of our 2018 Call for Scores will receive a live performance recording and a spot in our 2019 season, including our performance at the renown 2019 Choralies festival in Vaison-la-Romaine, France! Composers are also offered a chance to come workshop their piece at a live rehearsal in 2019. (V21C is not able to cover any travel expenses for this opportunity).

What we are looking for:
-Unaccompanied SATB (divisi conscious that we are +-6 on a part)
-Pieces that align with our group mission (note: we are not an overtly political or protest-based organization)
-Preferably pieces able to show, more than instruct/tell our audience about their messages
-Music that could cater well to elements that VOICES 21C showcases in performance:
-Group movement in performance
-Concert programs presenting a constructed narrative
-Improvisation on the individual and collective level
-Potential for an added instrumental solo - please consult with Michael from our leadership team at in order to explore instrumental capabilities, as these options are based upon our roster for the season.

Submission Fee:
Our $20 submission fee goes directly towards defraying the cost of this season’s expenses for our singers. As a non-profit organization, our singers are not compensated for our work in VOICES 21C, which includes purchasing airfare for our season’s performances, performance preparation, and all that goes into planning each year of our existence. Your submission fee is tax deductible, and greatly appreciated as part of our 2018 fundraising efforts. Composers are encouraged to send as many pieces as they like, while filling out our form and submitting separate payment for each entry. (Ex: 2 submissions - $40, etc).

Please go to to make your submission by July 21st, 2018. Results will be announced via our monthly newsletter in December 2018!

Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 31 August 2018
Date Posted: 29 March 2018
Details: The VBC is pleased to announce the inaugural year of a new Choral Composition Competition. The competition was established by a generous private donor to encourage the creation of new choral music by Canadian composers and to honour the organization’s history of engaging local and national composers.

The competition is open to unpublished composers who are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or landed immigrant. If a citizen, you are not required to be currently residing in Canada. There is no age restriction.

The winner of the competition will receive:
• A cash prize of $2000 issued after the premiere performance.
• A premiere of the work presented at Christmas with the Bach Choir on December 2nd, 2018.
• Access to an archival recording of the premiere.

Works to be submitted must be unpublished, but do not need to have been composed specifically for this competition. You may only submit one composition per year for consideration.

Submissions must be:
• Target length is 4-6 minutes.
• A sacred or secular work for the winter holiday season. Arrangements of already-composed Christmas carols are not eligible. However, text from already composed carols may be used in a newly composed format. The composed work should be accessible to a wide range of listeners.
• Scored for SATB, either a cappella or accompanied by organ, brass quintet or organ and brass quintet. Occasional divisi is allowed.
• Composed using a text that is 1) original (written by the composer), 2) in the public domain, or 3) under copyright, but with written permission of the copyright holder.
• Submissions must be written in a computer engraved format such as a PDF and written in open score with a piano reduction underneath. The successful applicant will be asked to provide appropriate instrumental parts if necessary. Please note that e-mail attachments must not exceed 8MB in size. If your manuscript is larger it must be sent via dropbox or other file transfer method.
• Do not include any identifying marks on the manuscript. Please add a cover page with title, composer and text source details.

VBC Music Director’s Leslie Dala and Marisa Gaetanne with a jury of peers will review all applications. Submissions will be evaluated anonymously. One winner will be contacted by October 15, 2018 with a public announcement being made by November 1st, 2018.

The deadline for submission of all materials is August 31st, 2018. To apply, click here to complete the application form. If you have any questions, please direct them to


Summary:Competition for vocal ensemble
Deadline: 01 July 2018
Date Posted: 01 February 2018

Ein in Regensburg stattfindender Kompositionswettbewerb zum gegenwartsbezogenen Jahresthema des Kulturreferats 2018: „Stadt – Land – Fluss “. Der Wettbewerb richtet sich an Komponistinnen und Komponisten jeden Alters, die neue Werke komponieren und nach Regensburg zur Uraufführung bringen.
Neben dem Jahresthema wird als Vorgabe lediglich die Besetzung des ausführenden Ensembles (Sextett, SMezATBarB, solistisch besetzt), sowie eine Gesamtwerklänge von maximal 6 Minuten angegeben. Den Komponisten wird somit ein möglichst kreativer Umgang mit frei gewählten Texten eingeräumt.

Die Kompositionen müssen folgende Kriterien erfüllen
• Inhaltliche Auseinandersetzung mit dem Motto „Stadt – Land – Fluss“
• Textgrundlage frei wählbar
• Aufführungsdauer maximal 6 Minuten
• Sechsstimmige A‐cappella‐Komposition für das StimmGold Vokalensemble (SMezATBarB, solistisch besetzt)
• Nur eine Komposition pro Komponist
• Falls es sich beim vertonten Text um nicht gemeinfreies Material handelt, muss das Nutzungsrecht zur Aufführung und Veröffentlichung in einem Verlag vorliegen.
• Das eingesendete Werk darf weder publiziert noch Preisträger bei einem anderen Wettbewerb sein.

Der Wettbewerb wird anonymisiert durchgeführt. Folgende Unterlagen müssen eingereicht werden:
• Partitur in fünffacher Ausfertigung, gebunden und gut leserlich ohne Namensnennung
• Anmeldeformular mit Name, Anschrift, Telefon und E‐Mail‐Adresse des Komponisten/der Komponistin und Angabe des Titels der eingereichten Komposition
• Kurzbiografie des Komponisten/der Komponistin mit Foto

Die WettbewerbsteilnehmerInnen erklären ihr Einverständnis mit Rundfunk‐ und Fernsehaufnahmen sowie mit Aufzeichnungen auf Ton‐ und Bildträgern (einschließlich deren Vervielfältigung) im Zusammenhang mit dem Wettbewerb. Etwa hieraus entstehende Rechte übertragen sie mit der Anerkennung der Teilnahmebedingungen des Kompositionswettbewerbs auf die Veranstalter.
Die Organisatoren sind nicht verantwortlich für Verlust oder Beschädigung der eingereichten Unterlagen. Die eingereichten Unterlagen werden nicht zurückgesandt.

1. Platz: 1.500 € (gestiftet vom Deutschen Komponistenverband)
2. Platz: 1.000 € (gestiftet von der REWAG AG & Co KG Regensburg)
3. Platz: 500 €

Einsendeschluss: 01. Juli 2018 (Poststempel)
Jury-Auswertung: Juli 2018
Bekanntgabe der Preisträger: Ende August 2018
Preisträgerkonzert: 20. Oktober 2018

Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Musik Regensburg
Untere Bachgasse 15
93047 Regensburg

Bewertende Jury
Prof. i. K. Steven Heelein (Komponist, Prof. für Dirigieren, HfK Bayreuth)
Prof. Kunibert Schäfer (Prof. für Dirigieren, HfKM Regensburg)
Tomasz Skwerez (Komponist, Solocellist Theater Regensburg)
Jakob Steiner, Christoph Schäfer (StimmGold Vokalensemble)

Die Entscheidung der Jury ist endgültig und unanfechtbar.

StimmGold Vokalensemble
Als Ensemble für das Abschlusskonzert wurde das junge Regensburger Vokalensemble StimmGold ausgewählt.
Das junge Regensburger Vokalensemble StimmGold wurde Anfang 2014 von Studierenden der Hochschule für katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik Regensburg (HfKM) und der Fakultät für Musikpädagogik an der Universität Regensburg gegründet. Die sechs klassisch ausgebildeten Sänger verbindet neben jahrelanger Ensemblepraxis und reichhaltiger Chorerfahrung (u.a. im Neuen Kammerchor Regensburg) vor allem die Freude am gemeinsamen Singen anspruchsvoller Werke.
Als Schwerpunkt des Ensembles gilt die deutsche romantische Vokalmusik sowie aktuelle a cappella-Literatur, darunter Uraufführungen zeitgenössischer Werke (2016 Bastian Fuchs, 2017 Rihards Dubra) und moderne Volksliedbearbeitungen, in der die professionellen Stimmen mit Ausdrucksstärke und harmonischer Transparenz überzeugen.


A composition competition in Regensburg for the present-day theme of the Kulturreferats 2018: "City - Land - River". The competition is aimed at composers of all ages who compose new works and bring them to world premiere in Regensburg.
In addition to the annual theme, the default is only the cast of the performing ensemble (sextet, SMezATBarB, solo cast), as well as a total length of a maximum of 6 minutes. The composer is thus given the most creative possible use of freely chosen texts.

The compositions must meet the following criteria
• Content related to the motto "City - Country - River"
• Textual basis freely selectable
• Performance duration up to 6 minutes
• Six-part a cappella composition for the StimmGold vocal ensemble (SMezATBarB, solo part)
• Only one composition per composer
• If the text that is set to music is non-public domain material, the right of use must be available for the performance and publication in a publisher.
• The submitted work may neither be published nor awarded a prize in another competition.
conditions of participation
The competition will be conducted anonymously. The following documents must be submitted:
• Score in five copies, bound and legible without attribution
• Registration form with the name, address, telephone and e-mail address of the composer and the title of the composition submitted
• Short biography of the composer with photo
Competitors declare their consent to radio and television recordings as well as recordings on sound and image media (including their duplication) in connection with the Competition. Any rights resulting therefrom shall be transferred to the organizers upon acceptance of the conditions of participation in the composition competition.
The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage of the submitted documents. The submitted documents will not be returned.

1st place: 1,500 € (donated by the German Composers' Association)
2nd place: € 1,000 (donated by REWAG AG & Co KG Regensburg)
3rd place: 500 €

Closing date: 01. July 2018 (postmark)
Jury Evaluation: July 2018
Announcement of the winners: end of August 2018
Prizewinners Concert: October 20, 2018

Closing Address
Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Music Regensburg
Lower Bachgasse 15
93047 Regensburg

Evaluation jury
Prof. i. K. Steven Heelein (Composer, Prof. for Conducting, HfK Bayreuth)
Prof. Kunibert Schäfer (Prof. for Conducting, HfKM Regensburg)
Tomasz Skwerez (Composer, Solocellist Theater Regensburg)
Jakob Steiner, Christoph Schäfer (vocal gold vocal ensemble)

The decision of the jury is final and incontestable.

StimmGold vocal ensemble
The young Regensburg vocal ensemble StimmGold was chosen as the ensemble for the final concert.
The young Regensburg vocal ensemble StimmGold was founded at the beginning of 2014 by students of the Hochschule für katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik Regensburg (HfKM) and the Faculty of Music Education at the University of Regensburg. The six classically trained singers, in addition to years of ensemble practice and rich choir experience (including the Neue Kammerchor Regensburg), primarily combines the joy of singing together demanding works.
The focus of the ensemble is German romantic vocal music as well as current a cappella literature, including world premieres of contemporary works (2016 Bastian Fuchs, 2017 Rihards Dubra) and modern folk-song arrangements, in which the professional voices convince with expressiveness and harmonious transparency.

 Walter Hussey Composition Competition
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 01 July 2018
Date Posted: 11 January 2018
Details: The Walter Hussey Composition Competition is a brand new choral music composition competition launched in January 2018.

With a prize of £750 for the winning entry and a line up of top judges from the choral and composition world, the Walter Hussey Composition Competition promises to become one of the leading choral composition competitions of our time.

The competition is named in honour of Walter Hussey, Dean of Chichester Cathedral from 1955 to 1977, who commissioned many choral works throughout his lifetime.

The inaugural competition takes place in 2018, with a deadline for entries of 1st July 2018. The winner is expected to be chosen by 1st December 2018 and the winning piece will receive its world premiere on 9th March 2019.

The Walter Hussey Composition Competition is being promoted by Reading Phoenix Choir as part of its 50th anniversary season. The theme for the inaugural competition is therefore ‘Gold’.