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 13th Póvoa de Varzim International Composition Competition 13th Póvoa de Varzim International Composition Competition
Summary:Percussion competition
Deadline: 06 May 2020
Date Posted: 24 December 2019
Details: The Póvoa de Varzim International Music Festival announces the 13th Póvoa de Varzim International Composition Competition.

The CICPV aims to reward works by composers born after 1st of January of 1985.

The guest grouping for the 2019/2020 edition is the Drumming Grupo de Percussão.
• 2 marimbas, 5 octaves
• 2 vibraphones
• 1 xylophone
• Steel Drum Lead in C
• Glockenspiel
• Crotales, 2 octaves
• Aluphone
• 2 timpani (big and medium).

The deadline for submission of works is April 17th, 2020, and the finalists results will be announced on May 6, 2020.

Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 31 May 2020
Date Posted: 24 December 2019
I. General Conditions

Art. 1
The Competition is announced every year. The deadline for children’s choir compositions in odd years alternates with the deadline for youth and adult choirs in even years. All categories have identical General Conditions, however, there are specific rules for each target group.

Art. 2
The scores must be sent by 31 May of the respective year either by e-mail in pdf format to, or by post in A4 format (legible manuscripts, their copies or prints) to the Competition Organizer’s address, labelled with „Opus ignotum“ (date is determined by the postmark). We also recommend sending a demo recording of the composition.

Art. 3
The Competition is anonymous. Each piece must be labelled solely by its category and a codename, which substitutes the author’s name for the duration of the Competition. The email must also contain a text document named with the author’s codename and containing the author’s name, address, phone number, postal and email address.[1] In case of sending by post, a sealed envelope labelled by the codename and containing the aforementioned data should be enclosed.

Art. 4
Each author is allowed to submit one composition in each category. Compositions that have already been awarded a prize in another competition, have been commercially published or do not meet the conditions set out in the Competition Rules, will not be admitted.

Art. 5
The received scores, manuscripts, copies or prints will not be returned, they will remain property of the Competition Organizer. Following the end of each Competition, selected scores will be placed in musical section of the NIPOS library, where it will be available for borrowing.

Art. 6
Official results of the Competition will be published in October of every year. Winning compositions may be published in the Polyhymnia Bohemica edition and will be presented at national festivals and seminars organized by NIPOS. The award ceremony will take place at an upcoming choir festival or competition organized by NIPOS.

Art. 7
The Competition Rules are published in the Czech and English language. In case of doubt or ambiguities, the Czech version takes precedence.

II. Conditions for Children’s Choirs (deadline May 31, 2021)
Art. 1
The composers may send their scores intended for children’s choirs, composed with lyrics primarily in Czech, Slovak or Latin.

Art. 2
Categories of children’s choirs:
A1 (children up to ~10 years)
A2 (children up to ~15 years)
A3 (children up to ~18 years)

Art. 3
Recommended voice types for each category:
Category A1: one or two voices (SA)
Category A2: two voices (SA), three voices (S1, S2, A), or four voices (S1, S2, A1, A2)
Category A3: two voices (SA), three voices (S1, S2, A), or four voices (S1, S2, A1, A2)

Art. 4
Recommended vocal range for each category:
Category A1: B♭3 – E♭5
Category A2: A♭3 – F5
Category A3: G3 – G5

Art. 5
Compositions may be a cappella, accompanied by piano, or other commonly available instruments (accompaniment is recommended especially for the A1 category).

Art. 6
Duration of the compositions should not exceed:
Category A1: 2 minutes
Category A2: 3 minutes
Category A3: 4 minutes

III. Conditions for Youth Choirs (deadline May 31, 2020)
Art. 1
The composers may enter the Competition with their compositions intended for youth choirs (boys’, girls’, mixed), with regard to the vocal abilities of young people and the specifics of the work in youth choirs.

Art. 2
The Competition will accept scores with lyrics primarily in Czech or Latin, possibly in other languages. Lyrics written in other than the Latin script need to be supplemented by phonetic transcription in the Latin script (incl. the names of the composer and lyricist) as well as indicative Czech or English translation.

Art. 3
Categories of youth choirs:
B1 (compositions for girls’ choirs)
B2 (compositions for boys’ choirs)
B3 (compositions for mixed choirs)

Art. 4
Recommended voice types for each category:
Category B1: four voices (S1, S2, A1, A2), or three voices (S, Mz, A)
Category B2: four voices (T1, T2, B1, B2), or three voices (T, Bar, B)
Category B3: four voices (SATB), or three voices (SAB)
The voices in youth choir compositions should not be further divided.

Art. 5
Recommended vocal range for each voice:
Soprano: highest note G5
Alto: lowest note G3
Tenor: highest note
E4Bass: lowest note G2

Art. 6
Compositions may be a cappella with the possibility of piano, percussion, or one or two melodic instruments, but primarily based on singing, with the possibility of using other means of expression or spoken word. Required duration is 2–4 minutes.

IV. Conditions for Adult Choirs (deadline May 31, 2020)
Art. 1
The composers may send adaptations or original scores intended for adult choirs (women’s, men’s, mixed).

Art. 2
The Competition accepts adaptations or original scores composed from specific textual and melodic incipits, stated below. The authors can choose one of two incipits in each category and adapt it for three- or four-part harmony, or create their own composition based on it. The authors do not have to observe the original key of the melody, they should however respect the character of the song.

Art. 3
Categories of adult choirs
C1 (compositions for women’s choirs)
C2 (compositions for men’s choirs)
C3 (compositions for mixed choirs)
The composers may send a maximum of one adaptation/original composition for each category.

Art. 4
Recommended voice types for each category:
Category C1: four voices (S1, S2, A1, A2), or three voices (S, Mz, A)
Category C2: four voices (T1, T2, B1, B2), or three voices (T, Bar, B)
Category C3: four voices (SATB), or three voices (SABar)
The voices should not be further divided.

Art. 5
Recommended vocal range for each voice:
Soprano: B3 – G5
Alto: G3 – D5
Tenor: E3 – F4
Bass: G2 – D4

Art. 6
Adaptations/compositions may be a cappella, accompanied by piano or with the possibility of using other commonly available instruments or spoken word but primarily based on singing.
The duration should not exceed 4 minutes.

Art. 7
Melodic incipits
In each category, the composer may choose one from two incipits, which will form the base of the composition. For further information, we also provide the name of the collection, from where the incipits were taken, and literal translation.

Art. 7
Melodic incipits
In each category, the composer may choose one from two incipits, which will form the base of the composition. For further information, we also provide the name of the collection, from where the incipits were taken, and literal translation.

C1 (women’s compositions):
Co se to tam blejská (Holas, Čeněk: České národní písně a tance. Part 3, Jižní Čechy, Praha 1909, 157, no. 232.)
Což ten slavíček (Jindřichův chodský zpěvník. Part III, Kdyně 1928, p. 25, no. 18.)

C2 (men’s compositions):
Sluníčko polední (Bělík, Vratislav: Horácký zpěvník, Havlíčkův Brod 1954, s. 40.)
Ešče som sa něoženil (Poláček, Jan: Slovácké pěsničky VI., Praha 1951, p. 33, no. 47.)

C3 (mixed compositions):
Už je słúnko (Kunc, Jan: Slovácké jednohlasé písně, Moravská Ostrava 21918, p. 151, no. 194.)
Zelené sem seła (František Bartoš: Nové národní písně moravské, Brno 1882, p. 22, no. 56.)
Literal translation


Summary:Chamber music competition
Deadline: 15 April 2020
Date Posted: 18 December 2019
Details: Art. 1 – Definition
The cultural association MusiCosmicaMente announces a composition contest on the occasion of the first anniversary of its activity (July, 3rd 2020), in order to establish its own musical archive and to have it performed in a public representation of unpublished music composed especially for the occasion, foreseeing also the assignment of final prizes.

Art. 2 – Requirements
The notice is open to composers of all ages and of any nationality. The score must be composed for solo piano or piano combined with one or more of the following instruments: violin, transverse flute, clarinet, saxophone. The score must be original, therefore never executed and in any case not deposited at institutions that protect copyrights.

This deposit can be made at the composer's discretion, in the future, only after the final execution of the three scores selected as winners.

The score must have a minimum duration of 4 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes.

The piece of music must be inspired by the following theme: "The Cosmos". The title of the composition can be freely chosen by the author. Each candidate can participate with a single piece, which must be sent in the manner described in the following Art. 3, in PDF format.

Art. 3 - Presentation procedure
The score must be presented exclusively by e-mail in PDF format at

The PDF of the score, must not bear the name of the composer, to not being excluded from the competition.

At every PDF file will be assigned by the Organization board a numerical code and presented with it to the Commission, to hide in advance the name of the composer. In addition to the PDF of the music score, the payment slip of the participation fee must also be attached to the e-mail, as it's reported by the following Art. 5, adding a copy of a valid identity document. The following data must be indicated in the e-mail:

1) Surname and name; 2) Place (or foreign state) and date of birth; 3) Municipality of residence and address; 4) Italian fiscal code (if in possession); 5) Telephone number (optional); 6) E- mail address (mandatory) where you wish to receive communications for the conduct of the competition, if different from the sender; 7) Duration of the sent score; 8) Short musical curriculum.

Personal data will be processed in compliance with current privacy legislation. The personal data (from 1 to 4) have the purpose of inserting the candidate in the Members' Book of this association

(the Statute of the association is always available at ). The e- mail address is mandatory and fundamental to receive the essential data for the competition from the Organization. All scores received through this mode will become part of a special archive at the headquarters of the Association.

Art. 4 - Timing and development of the competition
The deadline for the presentation of the scores is set for April 15th, 2020. The Commission will judge the candidates' works with unquestionable opinion and will express it by May 30th, 2020. The Commission will decide the five most deserving works, but without creating a score ranking. The five most deserving candidates will therefore be invited to perform their own compositions on the occasion of a concert organized by the Association for the celebrations of its first year of activity (second half of June, by July, 3rd). On this occasion the Commission will decide the first, second and third place, after listening to the works. Candidates who request, can have a rehearsal with the performers in the afternoon before the concert, to be able to listen to their own composition in advance, and relate to the performers. Expenditure for executors is in responsibility to the Association. The exact date and the exact location (city of Perugia) of the execution will be communicated to all the participants by e-mail and however reported on the website of the Association .

Art. 5 - Costs and premiums
Participation in the competition requires the registration of each candidate in the Members' Book of the MusiCosmicaMente Cultural Association (Statute available on the website Therefore, participation in the competition also includes the payment of the membership fee, valid until 2020 and possibly renewable by February 15th 2021. Therefore, the candidate is required to pay a participation fee of € 100.00 (one hundred / 00), including: - membership fee: € 50.00 + - competition fees: € 50.00. The payment of the participation fee must be made by bank transfer to a current account held by Ass.Cult. Musicosmicamente, bank Crédit Agricole (Perugia) to the following

IBAN: IT 43 O 06230 03000 000043331239, specifying in the description "Concorso Anniversario" plus the surname of the candidate.

The payment slip must be attached to the submission e-mail. The prize for the three finalists is as follows:

– first prize: € 500.00
– - second prize: € 300.00 – - third prize: € 100.00.

To the first classified will also be offered a printing contract at a publisher affiliated with the organizing Association, for the publication of the score considered winner of the competition. 25 copies will be printed, one of which will remain in the Association's archives and the other 24 will be delivered to the winner.

– Note 1 to Art. 5: The membership fee is set by Resolution 2/19 of this Association; the validity for the whole of 2020 of the membership fee, even for those who register during the year 2019, is set by Resolution 3/19 of this Association.

– Note 2 to the Art. 5: The event is not part of: competitions or prize operations pursuant to Art. 6 paragraph 1 of Presidential Decree 430/2001 (Italian law), therefore the prizes will not be subject to withholding tax. The earner is responsible for understanding the amount of the prize in his annual income tax return.

Art. 6 - Commission
The judgment of the Commission is unquestionable. In compliance with the anonymity of the candidates and the proper conduct of the competition, the names of the commissioners will be announced during the performance evening of the five pieces selected and added on that occasion to the Association's website.

Perugia, November 7th 2019

MusiCosmicaMente Cultural Association via del Parione, 7 – PERUGIA (Italy)
CF: 94172340542

 A4 Brass Quartet
Summary:Brass Quartet Competition
Deadline: 10 April 2020
Date Posted: 11 December 2019
Details: This year A4 Brass are looking for a concert work inspired by the city, culture, and/or heritage of Manchester — the quartet's spiritual home.

Works for either acoustic brass quartet or works incorporating backing tracks and/or audio electronics will be accepted.


The brief for the compositions is very free, but the following must apply to each entry:

Compositions must be of 4-8 minutes in duration

Works must never have been performed before

Instrumentation of: Bb Cornet (doubling Flugel), Tenor Horn in Eb, Baritone Horn in Bb (treble clef) and Euphonium in Bb (treble clef)

Mutes are available if required for all instruments

It is not necessary to submit scores anonymously

Please consider score/part presentation, practicality and suitability for concert performance for the entry

Entries MUST contain a set of BOTH score and parts.

Under 24 award (if both 1st and 2nd prize fall into this category, the next highest U24 entry will receive this award).

1st Prize: £400 and regular performances on the quartet's concert series in 2020/21.

2nd Prize: £150 and regular performances on the quartet's concert series in 2020/21.

Under 24 Prize: £100

How to Enter:
Scores can be submitted as either a Sibelius 7 (or earlier) file OR as PDF files accompanied by an mp3/m4a file, and need to be emailed to with 'A4 COMPOSITION COMPETITION' in the subject line.

The closing date for entries is Friday 10th April 2020.


 Sydney International Composers Concerts
Summary:Opportunity for performance and video recording of orchestral works
Deadline: 31 December 2020
Date Posted: 04 December 2019
Details: It is designed for the composers who wish to hire a symphony orchestra to perform and video record their orchestral compositions in Sydney International Composers Concerts. Supported by the SCO Foundation, continually contributed by Dr Brian Chatpo Koo, the hiring fee has been set as small portion of the cost as possible. (less than 10% of the total cost).

The contribution fee covers:
• Concert Performance - Selected works will be performed by the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra in a magnificent concert hall in Sydney Australia.
• Rehearsals - Composers are welcome to the six open rehearsals, one dress rehearsal before the concert.
• Video Recording - The recording will be taken during the concert,
• Digital Publishing -The recordings will be published on our website via YouTube, enabling a lasting legacy for personal and/or commercial purposes.
• List composers' names on our website - All recorded works will be listed on our website, one of the largest websites for contemporary composers and contemporary compositions with a high visitor traffic flows.

Composers of all nationalities and all ages who wishing to video record the orchestral works may submit the works to apply a share position.

No entry fee.

Solo piano

Contribution Fees:
1. up to 10 minutes - $500 AUD
2. more than 10 minutes and up to 15 minutes - $1,000 AUD
3. more than 15 minutes and up to 20 minutes - $1,500 AUD

String quartet - Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello

Contribution Fees:
1. up to 10 minutes - $1,000 AUD
2. more than 10 minutes and up to 15 minutes - $1,500 AUD
3. more than 15 minutes and up to 20 minutes - $2,000 AUD

Any instrumentation within the following combination:,, timp., 1 perc., 1 harp (optional) 1 piano (optional)
Contribution Fees:
1. up to 10 minutes - $1,500 AUD
2. more than 10 minutes and up to 15 minutes - $2,000 AUD
3. more than 15 minutes and up to 20 minutes - $2,500 AUD

Double winded symphony orchestra,, timp., 2 perc., 1 harp (optional) 1 piano (optional)

Contribution Fees:
1. up to 10 minutes - $3,500 AUD
2. more than 10 minutes and up to 15 minutes - $4,500 AUD
3. more than 15 minutes and up to 20 minutes - $5,500 AUD

Selecting criteria:
• High artistic value and musical content
• High level compositional techniques
• Passion for new music
• Willing and be able to make contribution fee

Composers must provide the following materials:
1. Score
2. Orchestral parts (if ready)
3. Audio or video (if available)
4. Photo
5. Biography
6. Program notes

The materials can be submitted by:
1. Email attachments (in PDF format and for orchestral parts in .zip files, audio MP3/MP4 files)
2. Please write to us for the address if you would like to post your hard copy of the score (if it has been published or if it is an oversized score) and DVD/CD (if available).

(Submitted materials will not be returned )
• There is no dead line for submission. Program for each concert will be announced whenever the 90 minutes music is finalised. Later submissions maybe scheduled for next year. Since we are supporting each concert more than half portion of the costs, so we must keep the concert standard as high as possible with the best quality compositions.
• If the work is selected you will receive an official confirmation letter/invoice, and an instruction for contribution fee payment.
• After the payment you will receive an official receipt and the details of the concert and rehearsal schedules.

For composers who submitted for video recording concerts:
Submission policy has been updated. Entry fee is not required and all entry fees will be refunded. If you have paid your entry fee and not yet receive our email regarding to this, please write to us to process refund.

For composers who previously submitted for free concerts and successfully listed:
We hope will be able to host free concerts again in future. However, if you don't want to wait, please write to us with your payment details to process your entry fee refund.

If you have any questions please contact us:
Web Site:www.sydneycontemporaryorchestr...

 Busan Choral Composition Competition
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: 31 May 2020
Date Posted: 04 December 2019
Details: General Regulations

Throughout its festival and competition history, Busan Choral has fostered cultural exchange and promoted high quality of choral music by attracting notable artists, conductors, and composers to one of Asia’s top choral festivals. The Busan Choral Composition Competition seeks to engage with aspiring young composers and to encourage the creation and performance of new works written for the choral music genre. The 1st winning work will be premiered at the 2020 Busan Choral Festival & Competition during the week of October 21-24,2020.

1. Composer must be born between MAY 31, 2000 and MAY 31, 1980. (exceptions may be considered under the BCFC committee's review.)
2. Compositions must not have been previously published or awarded in previous composition competitions and never publicly performed.

Length and Format
1. 3-10 minutes in duration
2. Piece must be for unaccompanied, equal or mixed voices choir.
3. Smaller, portable percussion instruments are allowed. (Xylophone, vibraphone and timpani not allowed).
4. Text can be chosen from Latin, English or Korean. If another language is chosen, a detailed English synopsis and pronunciation must be included in the score.

Application (May 31, 2020 Deadline / Korea Standard Time)
1. Complete Online Application Form
2. Resume/CV (*.doc / *.docx)
3. Copy of passport or ID Card with date of birth in JPEG format
4. Score in PDF format
5. English synopsis and pronunciation
6. Midi recording (by computer software) in MP3 format
7. 3 original copies of the score mailed to the Busan Choral office by May 31, 2020 (postmark deadline). Submitted original copies of
scores will be used only for judging so there MUST be No Personal Information Included on the score for a fair evaluation.
Scores submitted to the Busan Choral office will not be returned (Address: Busan Choral Festival & Competition / Busan Cultural
Center, UN pyeonghwa-ro 76-1, Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea 48534).

Application Fee
1. Free

1. Winners will be announced on July 20, 2020 on BCFC Website.
2. Composition will be judged by a panel of international jury. The jury's decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

1. First Prize: $1,000
-The top prize winning work will be premiered at the 2020 BCFC in the week of October 21-24, 2020.
- Invitation to Busan. Lodging Expenses for the duration of the BCFC.
- International composers will be provided with round-trip ticket up to $2,000. Domestic composers will be provided with travel expenses.
2. Second Prize: $800
- Invitation to Busan. Lodging Expenses for the duration of the BCFC.
- International composers will be provided with HALF of round-trip ticket up to $1,000. Domestic composers will be provided with travel expenses.
3. Third Prize: $500
- Invitation to Busan. Lodging Expenses for the duration of the BCFC.
4. All meals including BREAKFAST are to be borne by winners.

Publication and Rights
1. Busan Choral Festival & Competition and the Korea Choral Institute will hold publication rights of the score. Busan Choral Festival & Competition will hold performance and recording rights for up to two years following the results of the competition. This will be negotiated between Busan Choral and the composer.
2. Copyright will be retained by the composer.
3. The winning work cannot be submitted for future composition competitions.

1. Online Application: By May 31, 2020
2. Result Announcement: On July 20, 2020

 ORIENT / OCCIDENT | Music Composers’ Competition 2020 – 7th Edition
Summary:Orchestra / Voice + Orchestra
Deadline: 10 June 2020
Date Posted: 27 November 2019
Details: ORIENT / OCCIDENT | Music Composers’ Competition 2020 – 7th Edition
City: Lviv (Ukraine)
Sponsored by : Lviv Philharmonic Society
Date: 15 > 18 July 2020

The project ”ORIENT/OCCIDENT” was born with the idea of meeting and sharing among composers of various nationalities and age, on the common theme of meeting between the world of the Eastern contemporary music and the Western culture. The Competition will be made possible through one of the most renowned orchestras in Eastern Europe. The high level technique and interpretative of the KLK Symphony Orchestra, will be honored by the finalists of this international event.

The project is open to all composers of any age and nationality, who want to share their musical and personal journey on the art of our time, on the contemporary music and on the figure of the Composer in this Third Millennium. The organization will select composers who will have the opportunity to participate in the “ORIENT/OCCIDENT COMPOSERS’ MUSIC COMPETITION 2020” from 15 to 18 July 2020 in the city of Lviv, inside the music center of Lviv Philharmonic Society.


Each composer must submit – deadline: 10 June 2020 – a score with organic selected in the following list :

a) Symphonic orchestra;
b) Soprano or mezzosoprano, and symphonic orchestra.
The number of the orchestra’s instruments can be up to the following list, max 50 players: 1 ottavino, 2 flutes, 2 oboe ( english horn), 2 clarinets (bass clarinet) 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombone, 1 tuba, 2 percussionists, 10 violins I, 8 violins II, 6 violas, 4 cellos, 3 contrabass. All score will be sent by email (only one work for composer), in PDF format, at The selected works will be played on 18 July by KLK Symphony Orchestra. The concert will be recorded by a sound engineer in audio / video professional recording.

Deadline: 10 June 2020.
The work must not exceed 10 minutes.

Each email sent to submit a score shall include:
– The score and orchestral parts must be in A4 format, (please indicate minutes of the score) as PDF file (Sibelius or Finale program);
– A second PDF-file containing the identity of the composer (name and address, nationality, telephone number, email, website, short CV)
and a statement by the composer stating that the submitted work has never before been published, performed in public and/or broadcast before,
nor prized in any composer’s competition. Other file format than PDF are not acceptable and will result in the submission being rejected!
There is no registration form.
The Composition Staff will select 12 scores, from all the applications submitted, no later than 12 June 2020. The physical presence of the composer in Lviv is not obligatory.


The tuition fee for all participants selected is €1100 (euro 1100):

€400 + 5% tax to be paid no later than 15 June 2020 by Paypal on email;

€700 payable on 15 July upon arrival at Lviv or by Paypal for composers who will not be in Lviv.

The tuition fee includes:

participation at rehearsals and check sound ofthe selected composers during the period 15 > 18 July 2020;
Final concerts in Philharmonia with the works selected and performed by KLK Symphony Orchestra ;
professional audio/video recording of the final concerts;
certificate of participation.
The tuition fee does not include:

Administrative secretary for the International Music Composers’ Competition ORIENT/OCCIDENT 2020 is Ms. Anastasiya Kodola.
For any question about the tuition fee and payment method write to
Please send a PDF file with your payment check to


Paolo Ugoletti (ITA) – President

Bohdana Frolyak (UKR) – Composer

Domenico Clapasson (ITA) – Composer

Yuri Laniuk – (UKR) – Composer

Ferdinando Nazzaro (ITA) – Composer, Conductor, Artistic Director KLKnewmusic

Three prizes will be awarded.
1 Prize – 1300 USD, and the score published by Aldebaran Editions
2 Prize – score edited by Aldebaran Editions
3 Prize – score edited by Aldebaran Editions

The Composition Staff reserves the right not to award the prize and to award Special Mentions of merit.

 2020 Taiwan Band Clinic
Summary:Wind Band Composition Competition
Deadline: 30 April 2020
Date Posted: 27 November 2019
Details: Objective
Taiwan Band Director Association (TBDA) advocates the creation of original music by establishing a comprehensive platform of music composition, publishing, advertising and promotion. TBDA encourages composers from around the world to present their original work and advance the quality and quantity of musical works. This competition aims to discover new talents, cultivate innovative composers, enrich Taiwan wind band music, and build an open platform where composers can readily discuss their craft. It is a clear statement to the international community that Taiwan champions musical diversity and vitality.

Registration Qualification
No age and nationality limit

I. All materials must be submitted via post.
II. The attachments of submission must include the following:

-Application Form(please download the application form from
-An affidavit of Composition with signature
-A synopsis of Composition
-A brief bio of composer
-Eight copies of Full Score: Please binding the scores as B4 (25.7cm x36.5cm) Size.
-A CD Includes Midi file or WAV file of the composition.

III. The deadline for registration: Please send all of documents to organizer before 30th April,

Competition Rules
I. Submissions must be:
·not accessed co-composition more than one person.
·an original, unpublished composition for wind band.
·grade 3-4 level of difficulty.
·7-8 minutes in duration.
·each participant submits up to 2 works.
II. Composers may re-submit non-winning compositions from other competitions. However, once a work has been awarded a prize in any competition, it may not be submitted again.
III. All submitted compositions must include a synopsis of his/her composition and description that explains his/her work and musical materials used. The word limit of the synopsis is 500 words.
IV. The Organizer is not responsible for any misprint or mistakes on the score and parts of the selected compositions.
V. Participation in this contest means that each participant agrees and accepts to all rules and regulations.
VI. Instrumentation (maximum)

Flute 1. 2.
(Opt.) Oboe 1. 2.
(Opt.) Bassoon 1. 2. (Opt.) bE Clarinet
Bb Clarinet 1. 2. 3. (Opt.) bE Alto Clarinet Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone 1. 2. Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1. 2. 3. F
Horn 1. 2. 3. 4. Trombone 1. 2. 3.
String Bass

Bass Drum
Snare Drum
Aux: Triangle, Wind Chime,
Tambourine, Bongo, Conga......etc

More information:

 DSQ National Composition Competition - 2020!
Summary:Saxophone Quartet Competition
Deadline: 15 April 2020
Date Posted: 20 November 2019
Details: In furtherance of developing the repertoire for the modern saxophone quartet and showcasing the great work of today’s young composers, we are pleased to announce the 7th DSQ Quartet Composition Competition!

1st Prize - Two 1st-prize winners will receive $500 each, have their piece premiered by DSQ, and receive recordings of
the performance.

Runner-Up - Up to 3 runners-up will have their pieces premiered by DSQ and receive recordings of the performance.

The premiere date for all winning and runner-up selections is August 7th, 2020 at Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, MI

Eligibility/Further Information:

- All composers must be currently registered students, of any degree level from Bachelor's through Doctorate, in a music program in the United States as of January 2020.

- Previous first-prize winners of this competition are not eligible, all other composers are welcome.

- There is no application fee.

- Previously premiered pieces are welcome, provided that if selected, the composer allows DSQ to be listed as a co-premiering ensemble with the work’s previous performers.

- New arrangements/transcriptions of your own previous works are welcome provided they have not been
performed in a premiere performance setting in that version before.

- Pieces must be at least 3 minutes in length. The suggested maximum length is 8 minutes, works that are longer than this will be considered equally, though if selected, may not be performed in their entirety due to program length restrictions. Individual movement(s) of a larger work are welcome provided that they meet the criteria listed above.

- Instrumentation for competition is SATB saxophone quartet.

- All composers are encouraged to view our recordings to become acquainted with various technical possibilities for the ensemble. Any composer with specific questions regarding technique, extended techniques, or instrument specific notation used in composing for saxophone quartet is encouraged to contact Dan Graser -

- Pieces must be submitted, score and parts in PDF format with a MIDI/digital realization of the piece to by April 15th 2020. Included with your piece please include a brief bio and resume detailing your current enrollment in a collegiate music program in the United States

 2020 Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award
Summary:1-15 performers competition
Deadline: 13 April 2020
Date Posted: 13 November 2019
Details: Eligibility: Any composer, regardless of age or nationality is eligible. Previous winners, faculty, and currently-enrolled students at the University of Illinois are ineligible for the competition.

Awards: First Prize cash award of $1000 and second prize cash award of $500 plus performances by the Illinois Modern Ensemble in the fall of 2020 on the 24th Annual Martirano Award Concert on the campus of the University of Illinois. Additional awards and performances may be given at the discretion of the judges.

Judges: A panel of judges consisting of international composers and University of Illinois music composition faculty members will select the winning compositions.


1. Medium: Full scores of any style or aesthetic direction for 1-15 performers (including vocalists) may be submitted. Works for electronics and/or mixed media (including video), with or without instruments and voices, are eligible.

2. Duration: 20 minutes maximum.

3. Limit: One entry per composer.

4. Entry fee: A non-refundable entry fee of twenty US dollars (20.00 USD) is paid online at the time of submission. All major credit cards are accepted.

5. Anonymous Submission: The composer's name must not appear on the score or in any accompanying materials submitted online.

6. The winning composers are expected to attend the award concert and reception, and will be responsible for their transportation costs (the competition will provide lodging and some meals). The winning composers will assume full responsibility for providing adequate performance materials upon request.

Entries must be submitted and paid for online by Monday, April 13, 2020 11:59PM CST (23:59 GMT-0600).

For more information and to submit scores go to:

For questions:
Zack Browning
Entry Fee:$20

 Please Yourself Composition Competition
Summary:Free form composition competition
Deadline: 30 September 2020
Date Posted: 04 November 2019
Details: Compose or submit an original work
of any duration and scale,
from a solo piece to chamber orchestra*

First prize £1000
The Mullord Award £500

Closing date September 30th 2020

For the tenth occasion, the Álvarez Chamber Orchestra (ÁCO) is inviting composers of any age and nationality to submit works for an annual composition competition.
• There is no specification as to the length or nature of the work.
• If electronics are used, if not notated conventionally and fully in the score, a CD or mp3 should be supplied.
• A recording of the work should also be submitted if the score is notated graphically or in any other unconventional format.
• There is no restriction on the number of works submitted by each composer but each piece will incur the same entry fee of £26.
• The work may be a new piece or may have been written at any time in the composer’s career.
• Each piece should have only its title printed on the cover: the identity of the composer, including address, email, phone number, biography, photograph and programme notes should be placed in a separate sealed envelope also marked with the same title.
• All scores must be submitted electronically as pdf files to the address of the competition administrator, Trevor Huntley: The electronic version of the score should have only its title displayed on the front page and there should be no mention of the composer's name or include any markings by which the composer could be identified.
• A second and separate email should be sent at the same time as the score submission and this should include the identity of the composer, their address, email, contact telephone number, short biography, photograph and programme notes. No hard copies of scores will be accepted.
• Composers submitting their scores via a link on a file sharing site such as Dropbox should ensure the files remain uploaded until receipt of the written adjudication following the conclusion of the competition. All entries that the ACO receives will be acknowledged prior to adjudication. Composers will be notified if any files of an electronic submission are corrupt or missing. It is the responsibility of the composer to provide the ACO with pdf files that can be opened. If the composer is unable to supply the requested downloadable and readable files within the time limits detailed above, the entry will be deemed disqualified.
• Please contact the adminstrator, Tevor Huntly for further clarification.

The maximum* size of the orchestra is as follows:

2 flutes (2nd doubling piccolo)
2 oboes (2nd doubling cor anglais)
2 clarinets (2nd doubling bass clarinet)
2 bassoons (2nd doublng contrabassoon)
2 horns
timpani (doubling second percussionist)
percussion (one player)
any keyboard
8 violins
4 violas
4 cellos
2 double bass.

Minimum specification is a single performer

In addition to the prizes, there is the possibility of a performance
by the Álvarez Chamber Orchestra at a future season.

 Third International Composition Competition “Carlo Sanvitale”
Summary:Chamber works with voice
Deadline: 15 June 2020
Date Posted: 17 October 2019
Details: The –Associazione Amici Della Musica “Guido Albanese”– invites composers of all ages and nationalities to participate in the 3rd “Carlo Sanvitale” Composition Competition. The composition should be challenging, but at the same time accessible and playable by young talented players. The goals of the contest are:
• The possibility to acquire experience with a chamber ensemble (Complesso da Camera “Carlo Sanvitale”).
• To offer young composers the possibility to have their works performed live

The Competition is open to composers and students of all ages and nationalities. The submitted works must satisfy the following criteria:

• Orchestration (max.): 2 violins, viola, cello, piano, tenor or soprano. Works whose instrumentation includes other instruments will not be taken into account for the competition;
• The length of the composition must be between 3 and 10 minutes;
• All complementary documents (music, bio sketch, program notes) have to be submitted to the jury along with the score;
• Scores have to be sent in PDF format to amicidellamusicaortona@gmail.comThe submission is not deemed successful until a confirmation e-mail has been sent;
• The composition has to be original and never published before;
• The composer renounces to execution rights for the performance by the Complesso da Camera “Carlo Sanvitale”;
• The difficulty level of the composition has to correspond to the skills of an advanced amateur chamber ensemble with a conductor;
• Each candidate may submit one composition per year. The same composition can be submitted at most over two non-consequent years.

Shall the composition be selected as winner, the composer has to provide to the secretary of the competition ( the separated parts by July 30, 2020. Tempo, dynamics, articulation and rehearsal letters for the different instruments must be indicated on both the main score and the separated parts. The winner must agree to the following:

• The selected work will be performed and recorded by Complesso da Camera “Carlo Sanvitale” during the Music Day, that will be held on August 12 and 13, 2020, in Ortona, Italy.
• The author of the winning composition can participate to the rehearsals and the concert that will be held in Istituto Nazionale Tostiano, Ortona, Italy, on August 12th or 13th. Travel fees will not be refunded. Accommodation will be provided by the Association.
• The author of the selected work has to provide a short description of their work; this will be included in the concert program.
• The author of the selected work agrees to transfer the parts to the performers.

The author of the winning competition will receive a prize of 150 Euros. Composers classified first, second and third will receive a Diploma. The winning composition, together with no more than three other compositions, will be recorded during the Music Day.

A special prize will be granted to a composition inspired to the “Risorgimento” period in Italy.

How to Participate

All living composers are eligible. The submissions will be received by the Associazione “Amici Della Musica”, made anonymous and then presented to the jury. Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2020. The results will be announced on July 1st, 2020. The jury’s decision is non-contestable and all decisions are final. The premiere of the selected piece will take place in August 12th or 13th 2020 in Ortona (I).

If you want to participate, please send us the following:
• One digitized anonymous copy of the score (PDF) (also digital copy of manuscripts are accepted);
• A computer-generated recording (if possible)
• A copy of a bank transfer for the amount of 30 Euros to

“Amici Della Musica Guido Albanese”
IBAN: IT97Z0311177780000000000139
Subject : “Iscrizione 2020”

Paypal transfer are also possible to the address

Communication will be held in Italian, English or French. The Italian version of this call for submissions should be considered definitive. Translations are without guarantee.

• Roberto Tagliamacco, Director of the Conservatorio “Niccolò Paganini”, Genova (I),
• Gerhard Praesent, Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and President of “Steirischen Tonkünstlerbundes” (AT)
• Luigi Verdi, full professor of Composition at Conservatorio “Santa Cecilia”, Roma (I)
• Giacomo Danese, full professor of Harmony and Analysis at Conservatorio “Luisa D’Annunzio”, Pescara (I)
• Pierpaolo Turetta, titular organist at San Marco Cathedral, Venezia (I)
• Hafedh Makni, Musical Chief Director of Carthage Symphony Orchestra (TN)
• 3 members of the Chamber Ensemble “Carlo Sanvitale”, to be selected on June 2020.
Entry Fee:30 Euros

 Walter Hussey Young Composer Competition
Summary:Choir competition
Deadline: 30 June 2020
Date Posted: 10 October 2019
Details: The Walter Hussey Composition Competition is a choral music composition competition that was launched in January 2018.

The 2020 competition follows Reading Phoenix Choir’s aim of working with young people and is for composers aged between 16 and 24.

With a 1st prize of £500 and a 2nd prize of £200, and a line-up of top judges from the choral and composition world, the Walter Hussey Composition Competition continues to be one of the leading choral composition competitions of our time.
The competition is named in honour of Walter Hussey, Dean of Chichester Cathedral from 1955 to 1977, who commissioned many choral works throughout his lifetime.

Entry for the 2020 competition will start in January 2020, with a deadline for entries of 30th June 2020. The winner is expected to be chosen by December 2020 and the winning piece will receive its world premiere in March 2021.
The 2020 Walter Hussey Composition Competition is being promoted by Reading Phoenix Choir and having celebrated its 50th anniversary season in 2019, the theme for the competition is both encouraging the musicians of the future and looking forwards, and is therefore ‘New Horizons’.

 5th International Composition Prize SEM 2020
Summary:Orchestral Competition
Deadline: 30 April 2020
Date Posted: 10 October 2019
Details: Details: Associazione Ensemble Serenissima of Sacile (PN) - Italy, in collaboration
with Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia publishing house, announces the fifth edition of the
international competition for orchestral composition "5th INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION PRIZE –
SEM 2020”.

The competition is open to musicians of all nationalities with no age limit.

The submitted compositions, for orchestra without soloists, must never have been (either entirely or partially): published, awarded in other competitions, performed in public concerts, distributed via the web, broadcasted by radio and/or television, nor recorded for commercial use.

The submitted compositions must be scored for an orchestra. The instrumentation must consist of not more than the following instruments (which can also be totally or partially used):
2 flutes (one of them can also be a piccolo);
2 oboes (one of them can also be a English horn);
2 clarinets (one of them can also be a bass clarinet);
2 bassoons (one of them can also be a contrabassoon);
2 horns;
2 trumpets;
PA System is not permitted. The duration of the composition must range from 4 (four) to 7 (seven) minutes.

Prize Details
The contest winner will receive:
- Euro two thousand five hundred (€ 2.500), gross of taxes (the Prize may be divided
between more than one participants);
- the performance of the score during the final orchestra concert which will close the 23rd
edition of the FVG International Music Meeting;
- published* by Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia publishing house.

*Those who are bound by an exclusive contract with a publishing house must attach a
special waiver.

The work can also be recorded audio/video and can be included in the Festival’s live CD
and DVD.

The compositions that will not win but that will be considered worthy by the Jury Panel
would be performed during the final orchestra concert which will close the 23rd edition of
the FVG International Music Meeting. They would also be recorded (audio and video) and
included in the Meeting’s live CD and DVD.

Adjudication: The panel, chaired by Maestro Daniele Zanettovich, will be made up of
distinguished, international names from the world of music and contemporary
composition. The composition of the jury will be announced after the deadline for

Instructions for Submission
The scores and all documents must be sent exclusively by email and must be received no
later than by midnight of Aprile 30th, 2020(computer's time and date will be proof of
dispatch) to the email address: specifying with regard to “IV International
Composition Prize SEM 2019”.

It can be sent via:
Web Site:www.internationalcompositionpr...

 New Sounds of the Millennium: What Makes Us Human
Summary:Chamber orchestra competition
Deadline: 20 June 2020
Date Posted: 02 October 2019
Details: The Chamber Orchestra of the Springs is accepting submissions for an original composition competition for US-based composers ages 40 years old and younger on the date of submission. The winning piece will be featured as a world premiere during the spring half of the orchestra’s 2020-2021 season. Entrants are encouraged to explore the use of vocal, instrumental, and oratorical soloists.

Application Process
• US citizenship
• 40 years old and younger on date of application submission
• Piece must be composed for this specific competition
• No public performance of the piece may have taken place before its world premiere by the Chamber Orchestra (read-through recordings are acceptable with submission)

Deadline: June 20th, 2020
Entrance Fee: $50 per entry

• How well submission reflects the competition theme
• Artistic excellence and orchestration suitability for a chamber orchestra

Submission Requirements:
• 12 – 20 minute original composition
• Full score in .pdf format
• Representative recording of the piece (synthesized mock-ups from notation software programs or piano reductions are all acceptable)
• Written for Chamber orchestration: 2222 2200 tmp/perc str
o Note: Instrumentation can be somewhat flexible. For example, Piccolo, English Horn, B-flat/A/E-flat clarinet are all acceptable in second parts; percussion is flexible beyond timpani; minor additions or subtractions are acceptable

1st Place: $2,500 and professional, concert quality audio and video recordings of the piece with archival-quality recording of the live performances for personal use and composition promotion only (No sales).
2nd Place*: $1,000
3rd Place*: $500
*per budget availability and adjudicator discretion

If the winner is available, the Chamber Orchestra will cover travel (up to $500) and lodging at a home of an orchestra board member to enable attendance of the dress rehearsal and performances. The winner will coordinate with the orchestra librarian to provide legible score and parts (.pdf format) for use in rehearsals and performances.

Direct additional questions to

Entry Fee:$50
Web Site:www.chamberorchestraofthesprin...

 Universal Marimba Competition
Summary:Percussion Competition
Deadline: 01 June 2020
Date Posted: 02 October 2019
Details: Preliminary rules & regulations

- Maximum one work of each category: Marimba Solo, Duo, Chamber Music, Ensemble and Concerto can enter the competition.
- The composer can choose to send in one work for each category!
You can send a work for one single category or for more categories.

-The duration:
Solo: minimum 7 minutes / maximum 12 minutes
Duo: minimum 7 minutes / maximum 12 minutes
Chamber music: minimum 7 minutes / maximum 12 minutes
Ensemble: minimum 7 minutes / maximum 12 minutes
Concerto: minimum 15 minutes / maximum 25 minutes

- It is allowed to add extra tape!
- Scores has to be send in before June 1st, 2020 (post mark to be received by 01/06/2020).
- The works are composed for 5 octaves ranged marimbas performed with 2 to 4 mallets (each player).
- Works which are awarded a prize in any other competitions, or have been published and performed before or are scheduled to be published in the near future cannot enter the competition.
- The competitor agree that the winning compositions will be worldwide promoted and published by Splendid Arts Edition.
- * If the competitor is bound exclusively to another publisher, he/she shall be responsible for obtaining an exemption (clearance) to participate the competition with this work and to agree to inform clearly the title of obtained Prize and the website of the Universal Marimba Competition Belgium 2020 on further publishing's.
- It can appear that publishing is offered to non-winning compositions. In that case the composers will be contacted by the organization after August 1st, 2020.
- The music score has to be finalized ( Sibelius, Encore or Finale sheet music) for publication review. Handwritten manuscripts are not accepted.
- Only the title, the year and date of the composition and the duration of the work may be included in the score. The composer's name may not appear in/on the score so that the selection committee can judge the scores anonymously. The organization will handle to identify a registration number on the received scores.
- The composer's name, his/her correspondence address, and the title of the work must be clearly written in the application form.
- After the application the competitor will receive a registration number to be used for all communication and identification.

- The competitor will send before June 1st, 2020 in an enclosed envelop following:
• A) a biography of the composer ( in English, max 150 words, on CD-R with one extra printed sample)
• B) a commentary on the work ( in English, max 100 words, on CD-R with one extra printed sample)
• C) a CD-R with all finalized scores ( finale, encore or Sibelius sheet music)
• D) 3 printed copies of each score.
• E) a signed declaration dated by the competitor stating that the work has been written specially for this Competition, that it has not been published and performed before.

- Further and future performances during the Universal Marimba Competition may not result in charges such as rental fees.
- All entered works will be deleted. Only the selected winning compositions will be kept in the library of the UCCB and Internationally promoted.
- The participation fee is nonrefundable.
- All works received within the deadline on the address of Marimba-Projects vzw, will be judged and selected for the UCCB Prizes by an International selected jury committee.
- The jury reserves the right not to award a prize by non-appearing required level and its decisions are final.
- By entering his/her work, the competitor indicates his/her acceptance of the conditions and the decisions of the selection committee on the entry forms.
- Works by composers who do not submit to the requirements above will be disqualified.

 New Opportunity for Composers
Summary:Trio call
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 12 June 2019
Details: We are seeking new performance music for trio, to be part of our new and exclusive series, Continually Advancing Music (CAM). Submit compositions for trio that have at least one double bass or one cello. All instruments and voice are acceptable. Compositions cannot exceed 22 minutes and must be for professional performance. Composers can be of any age, nationality, gender, or career stage. Composers are limited to five submissions, maximum. Of those reviewed, up to 5 compositions will be accepted for publishing contract. This open call will expire April 2021, or before if five compositions have been identified. As of June 11, 2019, approximately 20 compositions have been submitted (thank you all!). The call is still open.

To submit, send your score as a PDF attachment to or within an email, or send us a link to a cloud folder. No recording is required but an MP3 will be accepted (up to 10mb). Our email is info at

 Periapsis Music and Dance
Summary:Dance collaboration opportunity
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 06 March 2019
Details: Composer List: an ongoing opportunity for composers

Are you interested in seeing your music choreographed and/or developing new collaborations with dance artists? Choreographers are always searching for new music that speaks to them, and Periapsis Music and Dance is developing free resources to facilitate these collaborations:

The first such resource we’re creating is an uncurated list of composers interested in collaborating with dance, with links to the individuals’ websites. Choreographers from around the world will be able to peruse the list (also for free), visit your site, listen to your music, and get in touch if they’re interested. The list is organized by city, and you may enter up to two locations of residence.

To join the Composer List:

Create a free login on our login page.
Visit our Composer List page (also found under Information).
Click the “form” button on the right-hand column and fill out a quick Google form.
That’s it! We’ll verify your link and add you to the list within a few days, often sooner. Choreographers
searching for composers will then be able to easily find you.
The only requirement is that you be a composer with a website, and the site should have examples of your music and a way to contact you (or your representative)—if you have your own standalone site that’s great, but you can also use a SoundCloud page, New Music USA profile, etc. (Note: Please see the FAQ on our information page for some exceptions to this.) We will not post a link to an email address or to any site that appears to compromise the security of visitors.

Participating in no way obligates you to collaborate with anybody or offer your work for free if you don’t want to. It simply gives choreographers an easy way to find you and connect, knowing that you might be interested in hearing from them. Your stuff is already out there—this is just a tool to get you more traffic and more listeners, potentially including some people who would want to set your existing music or collaborate on a new project.

Also, this is not a competition. Aside from making sure the links aren’t spam or otherwise illegitimate, we don’t filter, and composers of all genres are welcome to participate. If you would like to be removed from the list at any point, or need to change your link, just send us a message at (We will also check the list periodically to remove broken links.)

We’re also developing other informational resources for artists working at the intersection of dance and music, with pages for choreographers about working with music and musicians, and for composers about working with dance. So please check in with us over the coming months, and thanks for participating!

More info:

 EAMT New Music Ensemble UMA
Summary:Cal for Works (Students)
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 06 February 2019
Details: Additional Call for Works for composition students only!

EMTA UMA (New Music Ensemble of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT)

fl, cl, trp, vl, vc, pf,
sx (alto or baritone)

All possible combination from 4 to 7 instruments are welcome. With or without conductor.

Length: Up to 10' min.

Deadline:29 Feb 2019, 12 PM GMT.

About: UMA is New Music Ensemble of EAMT. UMA has been part of playing G. Grisey "Les espaces acoustiques" and have working together with K.Penderecki and L.Andriessen.

Supervisors are Taavi Kerikmäe (head of CoPeCo program in EAMT, member of ensemble U:) and Tarmo Johannes (Tarmo: member of ensemble U:).

For any additional information, please contact:

Call for works for EAMT New Music Ensemble UMA Coordinator

Karl Tipp

 Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble
Summary:Open call to submit scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 17 October 2018
Details: Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble has begun work on a new system, our Scores Database. Composers are now able to submit works at any time to be considered for future performances, free of charge! Due to the nature of our ever changing instrumentation and desire to work with new, living composers, we have decided replace our original Call for Submissions with something more accessible to composers of all abilities and locations.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out the information form found here:
Submit a score and (optional) recording, either via email to (note that this is not our normal contact email), or you can add files in the form itself.

As for the instrumentation of works, we will be selecting pieces based on the needs of each individual performance. Our core instrumentation is Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet or Baritone Saxophone, and French Horn, so works that include some or all of these instruments are more likely to be performed, but don’t feel limited by this. We often add other performers to our concerts, such as percussionists, vocalists, other woodwinds and brass, and strings. We are also open to works with non Western-traditional instrumentations, electronics, and added media elements. Ensemble size usually ranges from solo instruments to about eight musicians. We do not accept works for large ensembles such as orchestras or wind ensembles, or full operas, but will consider chamber orchestra and chamber opera pieces. We welcome graphic scores, text-based scores, and whatever other type of non-traditional score you might have. Completed works only, please, no drafts. Works may have been performed previously. There is no submission/adjudication fee (AKA, it’s free to submit as many works as you’d like)!

 CoMa Partsong Project
Summary:Call for scores in open scoring
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 26 September 2018
Details: Deadline: N/A

Details: The Partsong Project is central to CoMA’s aims, responding to a need to create a repertoire of flexible pieces for multiple (but solo) voices. Submissions should be 3-5 minutes in length for 3-6 voice parts in Open Scoring. We are looking for fresh, exploratory, experimental approaches to the vocal medium (not a traditional-style partsong) and welcome non-conventional notation, unusual vocal techniques, speech, movement, auxiliary instruments etc.

Fee: N/A

Contact: For more specifics on the brief and for information on submitting works, please visit:

 The Space City New Music Festival
Summary:New Music Festival Composing and Networking Opportunity
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 06 June 2018
Details: The Space City New Music Festival (SCNMF) is a one-of-a-kind summer festival in Texas housed in the heart of downtown Houston near the Theater District at the new arts facility: Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston.

SCNMF is a week-long summer festival that brings composers, performers, conductors, and teachers together to collaborate on newly composed works, study contemporary music, build lifelong relationships, and present 3 to 4 concerts for the community of Houston.

The 2018 Space City New Music Festival will be working and collaborating with:

- Guest Composer: Marcus K. Maroney
- Guest Artist: Crystal Chu (solo percussion)
- Guest Chamber Ensemble: 3G Percussion

Festival participants will have the opportunities to:
- Collaborate, promote, and perform newly composed works with guest artists
- Attend masterclasses and full-length concerts showcasing our guest composer, artist, and chamber ensemble
- Take composition lessons with guest composer, Marcus K. Maroney
- Perform for the community of Houston
- Each piece is guaranteed at least one performance by one of our guest artists.

Categories & required materials
I. Composer
- Completed 2018 Application
- up to 3 representative scores for any combination of instruments with a LIVE Recording/MIDI (preferably scored from 1-6 performers)
- A list of works
- A resumé OR CV
- (Optional) Up to 1 Letter of Recommendation
- (Optional) any other documents you want to share

II. Performers
- Completed 2018 Application
- up to 3 recordings (audio and/or video) of you performing in contrasting styles
- A repertoire list
- A resumé OR CV
- (Optional) Up to 1 Letter of Recommendation
- (Optional) any other documents you want to share

III. Conductors
- Completed 2018 Application
- Up to 2 videos (around 15 minutes total) of you conducting chamber and/or large ensembles (preferably contemporary music)
- A repertoire list
- A resumé OR CV
- (Optional) Up to 1 Letter of Recommendation
- (Optional) any other documents you want to share

IV. Auditors
- Completed 2018 Application
- A brief resumé

Web Site:www.spacecityperformingarts.or...

 Minute of Music Project
Summary:Call for Scores – Female Composers
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 26 April 2018
Details: Entry Deadline: 12/31/2018 at 11:55 P.M. MST
Entry Fee: None (project is crowdfunded)
Eligibility: All adult (18 or older) composers who self-identify as female (any nationality)
Prize: None, but I will record your piece for posterity!

Submission Link Below (please read the rules first)!

One entry per person.
Entrant must be at least 18 when submission is completed.
Entrant must self-identify as a female.
Entry must be for solo B-flat trumpet (with no accompaniment or electronics).
Entry must be no longer than one minute in length. Moderate difficulty is preferred.
Entry must be engraved with the dedication “For the Minute of Music Project.”

Composition must have been written since January 1, 2018.
Entry must be the sole property of the composer and entirely original.
No arrangements or copyrighted material will be accepted.
The secret word for the submission form is “change.”
Composers reserve their copyright and recording rights.

Mr. Taurins reserves the sole right to accept or reject submissions.
Mr. Taurins reserves the sole right to judge submissions.
All judgement decisions will be made by Mr. Taurins and are final, without the ability to appeal.
Mr. Taurins reserves the right to decline any and all submissions.
Mr. Taurins will pay no license or rental fees for the music.
Mr. Taurins will perform selected entries and record them on YouTube. By submitting your piece, you agree to allow Mr. Taurins to record your entry free of charge. You will receive a .WAV copy of the recording for your use.
Selected pieces will be announced here and composers will be notified via email.
Donations are optional, and will not effect score selection.
By submitting your piece, you agree to the terms listed here.