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Brian Ferneyhough : Shadowtime

Described as a "thought opera", Brian Ferneyhough's Shadowtime sets Charles Bernstein's inventive and complex libretto based on the work, life and imagined death of philosopher and cultural critic Walter Benjamin: it includes a movement for a speaking pianist - Opus contra naturam, the opera's fourth scene - a guitar concerto (Scene II) and ends in an ethereal haze of voices and electronics, Stelae for Failed Time.


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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Scene I: New Angels/ Transient Failures (Prologue)20'39
Scene II: Les Froissements d'Ailes de Gabriel (First Barrier)17'23
Scene III: The Doctrine of Similarity (13 Canons): Amphibolies I (Walk Slowly)2'12
Scene III: Dust to Dusk1'25
Scene III: Cannot Cross2'45
Scene III: Indissolubility (Motetus absconditus)2'10
Scene III: Amphibolies II (Noon)4'30
Scene III: In the Dark (But Even Fire Is Light)2'07
Scene III: Sometimes2'32
Scene III: Anagrammatica0'34
Scene III: dew and die1'40
Scene III: Schein1'20
Scene III: Dusts to Dusks2'21
Scene III: Amphibolies III (Pricks)1'25
Scene III: Salute1'31
Scene IV: Opus Contra Naturam (Descent of Benjamin into the Underworld): I - Untitled2'27
Scene IV: Opus Contra Naturam: II - Katabasis11'26
Scene IV: Opus Contra Naturam: III - Kataplexy2'53
Scene V: Pools of Darkness (11 Interrogations): Three Giant Mouths2'14
Scene V: Headless Ghoul1'40
Scene V: Karl Marx and Groucho Marx, with Kerberus2'07
Scene V: Pope Pius XII1'03
Scene V: Joan of Arc1'32
Scene V: Baal Shem Tov Disguised as Vampire2'21
Scene V: Adolf Hitler1'22
Scene V: Albert Einstein1'37
Scene V: Border Guard0'56
Scene V: Four Furies1'30
Scene V: Golem1'42
Scene VI: Seven Tableaux Vivants Representing the Angel of History as Melancholia (Second Barrier): Laurel's Eyes (after Heine's Lorelei)1'31
Scene VI: Tensions1'08
Scene VI: Can'ts1'01
Scene VII: Stelae for Failed Time (Solo for Melancholia as the
Scene VI: Hashish in Marseilles1'22
Scene VI: After Heine's "Der Tod, das ist die kulhe Nacht"1'27
Scene VI: One and a Half Truths1'42
Scene VI: Madame Moiselle and Mr. Moiselle5'06

Composers on this disc

Brian Ferneyhough