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Gerald Barry : The Intelligence Park

The Intelligence Park, recorded in the 1990 Almeida Opera production and setting Vincent Deane's libretto of 18th-century Dublin, explores the relationship between an opera composer and the increasingly independent life of the characters he has created.

"It seems an even better piece now than it did 15 years ago: one moment grotesquely funny; the next touchingly beautiful. There is real pathos in some of the characters too, while an air of absurdity is ever-present."
The Guardian 2005

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Act 1 sc i. Treble: Fathers beget2'56
Act 1 sc i. Paradies: I cannot work, D'Esperaudieu5'46
Interlude: The Banquet of Dummies1'26
Act 1 sc ii. Cramer: To greater and to richer heights2'39
Act 1 sc ii. Cramer: But ye must forgive me, sirs2'08
Act 1 sc ii: Cramer: Play for us, Paradies2'23
Act 1 sc ii. Jerusha: The smiling Dawn3'01
Act 1 sc ii. Faranesi: I would have you know, sirs4'48
Act 1 sc ii. Serafino: L'onda dal mar divisa2'06
Interlude. Chorus: To board! To board!1'19
Act 1 sc iii. D'Esperaudieu: And i said, Madam3'13
Act 1 sc iii. D'speraudieu: All through the evening5'12
Interlude. Cramer: Mourn! Mourn! Day is with Darkness fled.1'59
Act 1 sc iv. Paradies: Begin: Daub's Bower6'02
Act II sc i. Serafino, Jerusha: Gatto cieco1'10
Act II sc i. Jerusha, Faranesi: Fina...sera...rosa…2'00
Act II sc i. Jerusha: L'onda dal mar divisa2'07
Act II sc i. Cramer: The tawny Nassau sun3'05
Act II sc ii. Paradies: Daub. Daub.1'47
Act II sc iii. D'Esperaudieu: The boy abandons me4'12
Interlude: D'Esperaudieu: Truly Dublin, you begin to bore me0'46
Act II sc iv: D'Esperaudieu: White bird featherless2'35
Act II sc v. Paradies: But this is foolishness!2'50
Act II sc v. D'Esperaudieu: Such passion! My! my! my!2'16
Act II sc v. Cramer: Sweet loving Jesus!1'16
Act II sc v. Paradies: My father's will annulled1'19
Act II sc v. Cramer: Burst Heavens asunder1'48
Act II sc v. Daub: Gia vicino č il momento2'49
Act 3: Prelude - Paradies' room1'46
Act 3 Station I. D'Esperaudieu: Nature inanimate1'53
Act 3 Station II. Serafino: Piu non sembra0'43
Act 3 Station III. Chorus: Bz! Bzz! Bzzz! Bzzzz!2'36
Act 3 Station IV. Serafino: Non sembra ardito e fiero0'51
Act 3 sc i. Jerusha: Dublin Packet Bari cruel finesse3'35
Act 3 sc ii. Paradies: Returned!1'25
Act 3 sc iii. Chorus: Deal. Deal. Deal. Deal.6'11
Act 3 sc iii. Chorus: Pallid the Sun3'16
Act 3 sc iii. Cramer: The devil take your damned medicines!1'23
Interlude. Chorus: Mourn! Mourn!1'56
Act 3 sc iv. Serafino: L'onda dal mar2'17
Act 3 sc iv. Serafino: Conservami il tuo amore0'30
Act 3 sc v. Paradies: Calma del cor2'02

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Gerald Barry