Edwin Roxburgh : Saturn/ Clarinet Concerto

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Edwin Roxburgh : Saturn/ Clarinet Concerto

Roxburgh's Clarinet Concerto features soloist Linda Merrick in a work of symphonic scope and expressivity; she is acompanied by the Royal Northern College of Music Symphony Orchestra conducted by the composer. In Saturn - a tribute to Holst, Roxburgh's predecessor at the Royal College of Music - Roxburgh explores the mythical characters of its moons and satellites in a series of orchestral showpieces which culminates in the wild abandon, and percussive onslaught, of Saturn itself; Hertfordshire County Youth Orchestra is conducted by Peter Stark.

"Saturn is an epic orchestral and electronic space-scape, effortlessly blending Roxburgh's understanding of Boulez and Stockhausen with a Birtwistle-like sense of ritual. An orbiting soprano saxophone beams down ideas to an orchestral underlay dominated by clattering percussion and mind-expanding electronics; this is an extraordinarily ballsy mission undertaken by HCYO."
The Wire 2006

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Clarinet Concerto: 1 Very still - poco agitato -15'59
Clarinet Concerto: 2 Sostenuto -6'32
Clarinet Concerto: 3 Con anima8'56
Saturn: Rings & Shepherds2'43
Saturn: Mimas2'12
Saturn: Enceladus1'10
Saturn: Tethys1'56
Saturn: Dione2'13
Saturn: Rhea0'49
Saturn: Titan2'26
Saturn: Hyperion2'37
Saturn: Iapetus0'41
Saturn: Phoebe1'44
Saturn: Saturn9'44

Composers on this disc

Edwin Roxburgh