Robert Simpson : Ancora: Symphony No.3/ Clarinet Quintet

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Robert Simpson : Ancora: Symphony No.3/ Clarinet Quintet

A powerful and original symphonist, Robert Simpson (1921-1997) gave new life to the form at a time when the avant garde was enthusiastically declaring its death. His Symphony No 3, the latest addition to NMC's Ancora series, is dedicated to his friend and fellow composer Havergal Brian. It is a work of dramatic contrasts and irrepressible energy; Robert Simpson described the second of its two movements as “a huge composed accelerando”. The London Symphony Orchestra is heard here under legendary Russian conductor Jascha Horenstein. Coupled with the Symphony No.3, the Clarinet Quintet recalls Simpson's lifelong study and admiration of Beethoven - particularly, in this case, the String Quartet in C-#, Op.131.

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Symphony No.3: Allegro ma non troppo15'01
Symphony No.3: Adagio - andante…15'53
Clarinet Quintet: Adagio - Allegro6'08
Clarinet Quintet: Adagio molto6'49
Clarinet Quintet: Prestissimo5'33
Clarinet Quintet: Lento grazioso5'44
Clarinet Quintet: Allegro molto9'49

Composers on this disc

Robert Simpson