Robert Saxton : Ancora: Caritas/ Violin Concerto & other works

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Robert Saxton : Ancora: Caritas/ Violin Concerto & other works

The latest addition to NMC's Ancora series, this disc reissues Robert Saxton's opera Caritas - based on Arnold Wesker's drama about a walled-up anchoress of the 13th century - alongside his Violin Concerto, Music to Celebrate the Resurrection, In the Beginning and the set of choral motets I Will Awake the Dawn.

"NMC's Ancora series, salvaging deleted recordings, does Saxton proud with this double set. ... The first disc comprises four works, each a journey from darkness to light: Music To Celebrate the Resurrection begins with a crash and proceeds through sinous argument to a sunburst of octave Es."
The Sunday Times 2004

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Music to Celebrate the Resurrection10'17
I Will Awake the Dawn: I - Slow, sustained5'27
I Will Awake the Dawn: II - Fleeting4'26
I Will Awake the Dawn: III - Sustained, luminous4'19
I Will Awake the Dawn: IV - Flowing, moving onwards4'36
Violin Concerto: I - Vivo, agitato8'54
Violin Concerto: II - Tempo guisto5'58
Violin Concerto: III - Subito piu mosso9'47
In the Beginning: I - Slow, sustained, mysterious6'11
In the Beginning: II - Agitated, quick4'26
In the Beginning: III - Fast, joyful, dancing8'47
Caritas: Act 1 scene 112'06
Caritas: Act 1 scene 25'09
Caritas: Act 1 scene 33'15
Caritas: Act 1 scene 42'29
Caritas: Act 1 scene 54'11
Caritas: Act 1 scene 65'16
Caritas: Act 1 scene 71'52
Caritas: Act 1 scene 84'53
Caritas: Act 1 scene 94'22
Caritas: Act 1 scene 102'32
Caritas: Act 1 scene 111'02
Caritas: Act 1 scene 1211'33
Caritas: Act 219'34

Composers on this disc

Robert Saxton