Osborne/ Powers/ Nyman &c : In Sunlight

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Osborne/ Powers/ Nyman &c : In Sunlight

Madeleine Mitchell's violin recital with reknowned accompanist Andrew Ball ranges from the lyrical minimalism of Michael Nyman's On the Fiddle and folk-influenced pieces by Stephen Montague and Stuart Jones, to the strongly-crafted Fantasia by Brian Elias, and the extraordinary effects of Nigel Osborne's new solo violin piece, Taw-Raw, which Mitchell premiered at the Huddersfield Festival in 2004. The CD was supported by the Royal College of Music, the RVW Trust and the American Embassy, London.

"For pioneering enterprise, the laurels ... go to an album from NMC called 'In Sunlight: Pieces for Madeleine Mitchell', a whole host of works written for this remarkable one-time leader of Peter Maxwell Davies's performing group The Fires of London. ... Andrew Ball is the excellent pianist."
The Independent, 2005

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Michael Nyman: On the Fiddle - Full Fathon Five4'11
Michael Nyman: On the Fiddle - Angelfish Decay2'50
Michael Nyman: On the Fiddle - Miserere Paraphrase6'25
James MacMillan: Kiss on Wood7'31
Brian Elias: Fantasia10'57
Nigel Osborne: Taw-Raw7'04
Stephen Montague: Folk Dances9'34
John Woolrich: ...that is Night - 10'54
John Woolrich: ...that is Night - 20'28
John Woolrich: ...that is Night - 31'05
John Woolrich: ...that is Night - 40'15
John Woolrich: ...that is Night - 50'38
John Woolrich: ...that is Night - 60'16
John Woolrich: ...that is Night - 72'21
Anthony Powers: In Sunlight8'30
James MacMillan: A Different World7'50
Stuart Jones: Kothektche4'07

Composers on this disc

Brian Elias
Stuart Jones
James MacMillan
Stephen Montague
Michael Nyman
Nigel Osborne
Anthony Powers
John Woolrich