Robin Holloway : Violin Concerto & Horn Concerto

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Robin Holloway : Violin Concerto & Horn Concerto

Holloway's rhapsodic, romantic Violin Concerto was inspired both by the Tiffany stained glass of a New York mansion, and by a Fauré song; the accompanying Horn Concerto combines neo-classicism with a darker, Mahlerian mood.

"The rich romanticism of Holloway's writing in these concertos will confound those who think of contemporary classical music as ditchwater dull or ridiculously complex... Echoes of Richard Strauss, British light music, Alban Berg and Fauré emerge from the fabric of both works, leaving the strong individual flavour of Holloway’s writing intact."
Music Week 2003

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Violin Concerto: Opening2'13
Violin Concerto: Windows I-II3'15
Violin Concerto: 1st Scherzo & Window IV2'55
Violin Concerto: Trio & Window V2'29
Violin Concerto: Window VI1'57
Violin Concerto: Slow movement5'31
Violin Concerto: Continuation1'36
Violin Concerto: 2nd Scherzo1'54
Violin Concerto: Window VII1'25
Violin Concerto: 2nd Scherzo, Part 22'34
Violin Concerto: 2nd Scherzo, Part 32'29
Violin Concerto: Climax & Fall2'15
Violin Concerto: Window IX2'10
Violin Concerto: Cadenza4'12
Violin Concerto: Coda2'05
Horn Concerto: I - Sonata12'52
Horn Concerto: II - Adagio8'22
Horn Concerto: II - Cadenza2'58
Horn Concerto: III - Rondo9'43

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Robin Holloway