Alexander Goehr : Sing, Ariel/ The Death of Moses

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Alexander Goehr : Sing, Ariel/ The Death of Moses

Sing Ariel sets a patchwork of texts, ranging from Milton to Wallace Stevens, for 3 solo sopranos; it is coupled with The Death of Moses, a vast choral exploration of Hebrew myth.

"Sing Ariel is a marvellous song cycle for soprano. There's a vast range of texture and mood, often expressed through the simplest means."
BBC Music Magazine 2004

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Sing, Ariel: Sing, Ariel, sing4'23
Sing, Ariel: He ceast, and then gan0'14
Sing, Ariel: Fughetta0'42
Sing, Ariel: Postlude2'15
Sing, Ariel: Instrumental0'16
The Mouse Metamorphosed into a Maid13'30
Sing, Ariel: Tell her that she sheds1'54
Sing, Ariel: Such a sacred and home-felt delight0'28
Sing, Ariel: Rose-cheeked Laura, come1'30
Sing, Ariel: 7 (Echo) Such sober certainty0'19
Sing, Ariel: O you are well-tun'd now!0'53
Sing, Ariel: Old lecher with a love on every wind2'29
Sing, Ariel: Across the street a tenor whine3'27
Sing, Ariel: With woeful measures wan Despair0'42
Sing, Ariel: 12 Thus I, faltering forward2'28
Sing, Ariel: Rebuke the raging heart0'55
Sing, Ariel: There is so much to celebrate1'20
Sing, Ariel: I see them all, so excellently fair!0'13
Sing, Ariel: My unground grain0'17
Sing, Ariel: The time of year3'52
Sing, Ariel: Unanxious one, sing6'22
Sing, Ariel: I squeezed up the last stair5'41
The Death of Moses: 1 Let me sing of the tears1'01
The Death of Moses: 2 Man's fears are the fires2'49
The Death of Moses: 3 To the man who4'08
Sing, Ariel: Thou has neither youth nor age0'56
Sing, Ariel: The palm at the end of the mind3'13
Sing, Ariel: (Echo) Without human meaning1'04
Sing, Ariel: All's in deep sleep and night1'05
Sing, Ariel: The rock of autumn, glittering1'29
Sing, Ariel: Brilliantly, lightly2'51
The Death of Moses: 4 Today is now my last5'06
The Death of Moses: 5 And there he saw not only4'57
The Death of Moses: 6 I will not die!3'33
The Death of Moses: 7 O Earth!6'43
The Death of Moses: 8 All creatures were formed4'09
The Death of Moses: 9 But then when Moses9'59
The Death of Moses: 10 But others tell it3'15
The Death of Moses: 11 Nor did his mother9'41

Composers on this disc

Alexander Goehr