Alexander Goehr : Behold the Sun/ Romanza

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Alexander Goehr : Behold the Sun/ Romanza

Goehr's neo-classical works - Bach tribute ...a musical offering (JSB 1985)... and Sinfonia - plus the dazzling coloratura aria Behold the Sun, the Romanza for cello and orchestra, and the vivid variation-set Metamorphosis/Dance.

"Moments of ear-catching, rarefied beauty"
BBC Music Magazine 2004

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Theme1'01
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Variation 11'06
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Variation 21'37
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Variation 33'24
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Variation 44'09
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Variation 51'46
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Variation 61'22
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Variation 71'21
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Alla breve1'09
Metamorphosis/ Dance: Pochissimo meno mosso1'24
Romanza - Andante moderato6'57
Romanza - Subito lento3'48
Romanza - Tempo dell'inizio2'27
Romanza - Liberamente4'59
Romanza - Andante4'48
a musical offering (JSB 1985): Prelude6'09
a musical offering (JSB 1985): Ancient Dance Steps4'27
a musical offering (JSB 1985): Ricercar5'08
Behold the Sun14'40
Lyric Pieces: I Con forza3'39
Lyric Pieces: II Sostenuto4'26
Lyric Pieces: III Vivo ma pesante1'40
Lyric Pieces: IV3'22
Lyric Pieces: V Largamente2'14
Lyric Pieces: VI Scherzando3'30
Sinfonia: Introduzione10'32
Sinfonia: Praeludium1'19
Sinfonia: Centrum1'10
Sinfonia: Recitando2'50
Sinfonia: Varazioni6'09
Sinfonia: Dankgesang0'58

Composers on this disc

Alexander Goehr