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Chris Dench : ik(s)land[s]

Chris Dench's wide-ranging extra-musical influences - from Angela Carter and Ludwig Wittgenstein to Thomas Dolby - are displayed on this disc of works written for the acclaimed Australian new music ensemble ELISION: the glittering mosaic of Driftglass contrasts with Funk, a punchy duet for bass clarinet and percussion; while the two most substantial pieces on the disc - The blinding access of the grace of flesh and Ik(s)land[s] itself - both set the calligrammatic poetry of berni m janssen.

"...A series of intricate highly complex scores that seemed to be carrying on the tradition that composers such as Ferneyhough had established out of the wreckage of total serialism."
The Guardian 2005

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
ruins within10'22
the blinding access of the grace of flesh11'03

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Chris Dench