John Casken : Cello Concerto

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John Casken : Cello Concerto

Casken's lyrical Cello Concerto is coupled with Maharal Dreaming, a vivid orchestral fantasy; the glittering Darting the Skiff; and the theatrical and exuberant Vaganza.

"This well-filled disc deserves success. It is the perfect way to get to know some truly inventive and stimulating music by one of our most important contemporary composers. It should be snapped up by anyone who cares about the modern British music scene."
MusicWeb 2003

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Darting the Skiff18'19
Maharal Dreaming12'33
Cello Concerto, I: Introduction1'00
Cello Concerto, I: Leaves of farewell1'30
Cello Concerto, I: Fell wrapped in song5'45
Cello Concerto, I: From winter's tree3'34
Cello Concerto, II: On folds of stone3'51
Cello Concerto, II: Through silvern air4'33
Vaganza: I - Display3'41
Vaganza: II - Archaic Dance4'10
Vaganza: Interlude - Puppets I0'55
Vaganza: III - Eructavit in Vaganza3'52
Vaganza: IV - Puppets II - Melting Mood Blues5'08
Vaganza: V - Parade4'34
Vaganza: Interlude - Puppets III1'20
Vaganza: VI - Display3'26

Composers on this disc

John Casken