David Matthews : Cantiga/ Symphony No.4

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David Matthews : Cantiga/ Symphony No.4

Cantiga sets the tragic, bloodthirsty story of the 14th-century Spanish noblewoman Inęs de Castro; Matthews Symphony No.4 subverts its classical model with plainsong and a tango.

"Beautiful, individual things in all four pieces... Matthews is at his best when he’s most unashamedly Romantic."
BBC Music Magazine 2003

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Cantiga: I have almost forgotten6'01
Cantiga: High on the border with Castile5'05
Cantiga: When the snow beat at the fretted windows6'04
Cantiga: We are together now6'32
September Music10'00
Symphony No.4: I - Light and flowing6'19
Symphony No.4: II - Hard driving and rhythmic3'58
Symphony No.4: III - Andante con moto5'42
Symphony No.4: IV - Fast tango, slightly manic3'06
Symphony No.4: V - Adagio - Allegro vivace8'14

Composers on this disc

David Matthews