John Buller : Proenca/ The Theatre of Memory

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John Buller : Proenca/ The Theatre of Memory

Buller's dramatic score Proença sets the lyrics of Troubadour songs for orchestra and two soloists: mezzo-soprano and electric guitar; while The Theatre of Memory takes its inspiration from ancient Greek drama.

"Buller combines ferocious, sonorous immediacy with complex intellectual subtexts... there is a psychedelic glitter to the score of Proença."
The Sunday Times 2003

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Proenca: Quand lo rius de la fontana4'32
Proenca: Amors vai com la beluja5'52
Proenca: Tot jorn contendi4'21
Proenca: Ai, tantas vetz2'08
Proenca: Douc brais e crits4'14
Proenca: Clergue si fan pastor3'52
Proenca: L'aura amara2'14
Proenca: L'apostioli'lh legat1'24
Proenca: En breu brisara'l temps braus1'19
Proenca: Instrumental1'24
Proenca: Be'm degra de chanter tener2'19
The Theatre of Memory I4'51
The Theatre of Memory II9'58
The Theatre of Memory III7'38
The Theatre of Memory IV5'25
The Theatre of Memory V9'27

Composers on this disc

John Buller