Various : Live from State of the Nation 2001

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Various : Live from State of the Nation 2001

New works by 10 young composers - including Tansy Davies, Richard Ayres and Joe Cutler - recorded live at State of the Nation 2001

The Guardian Classical CD of the Week, April 2002

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Jo Thomas: Wolfie1'39
David Horne: Broken Instruments9'27
Fraser Trainer: The Colour of Scars5'17
Rolf Hind, Solgata8'51
Larry Goves: walking underground7'20
Tansy Davies: Small Black Stone6'41
Luke Bedford: Five Abstracts - II2'09
Luke Bedford: Five Abstracts - IV6'09
Luke Bedford: Five Abstracts - II4'38
Joe Cutler: Without Fear of Vertigo7'54
Richard Ayres: No. 24 Noncerto14'14
Peter Batchelor: Steamin'3'06

Composers on this disc

Richard Ayres
Peter Batchelor
Luke Bedford
Joe Cut;er
Tansy Davies
Larry Goves
Rolf Hind
David Horne
Jo Thomas
Fraser Trainer