Various : a white room

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Various : a white room

Commissions for young and amateur musicians from The Schubert Ensemble's Chamber Music 2000 project

"Definitive performances from the Schubert Ensemble, beautifully recorded."
The Strad 2001

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Judith Weir: Arise, arise! you slumbering sleepers2'33
David Knotts: Coyote Star Song2'15
Howard Skempton: La gora di mulino1'39
Piers Hellawell: a white room1'34
Philip Cashian: music for the night sky5'08
Rory Boyle: Campani in Aria3'33
Gerald Barry: snow is white1'57
Elena Firsova: Frozen Time6'28
John Woolrich: toccata/ calmo/ nocturnal4'03
Edward Rushton: Combat in the Year Thousand6'05
David Matthews: Y Deryn Du2'02
Pavel Novak: Year of a Bird2'34
Owen Leech: when the moon risesą4'16
Colin Matthews: Waltz1'29
Colin Matthews: March1'21
Sally Beamish: HAUNTED HOUSE1'35
Stephen Warbeck: Less Fighting3'48
Daryl Runswick: Follow, Follow4'23
Roxanna Panufnik: Let Me B2'59
Jean Hasse: Next Dance3'10

Composers on this disc

Gerald Barry
Sally Beamish
Rory Boyle
Philip Cashian
Elena Firsova
Jean Hasse
Piers Hellawell
David Knotts
Owen Leech
Colin Matthews
David Matthews
Pavel Novak
Roxanna Panifnik
Daryl Runswick
Edward Rushton
Howard Skempton
Stephen Warbeck
Judith Weir
John Woolrich