John Woolrich : The Ghost in the Machine

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John Woolrich : The Ghost in the Machine

Four major orchestral works by John Woolrich: The Barber's Timepiece, inspired by a short story by Italo Calvino; the Oboe Concerto; The Ghost in the Machine, which explores the idea of order sliding into chaos; and the lyrical Viola Concerto.

Editorís Choice: "A strong and individual voice in music of real substance. The fine soloists bring the concertos vividly to life. Well worth exploring."
Gramophone 2001

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
The Barber's Timepiece7'54
Oboe Concerto: I3'33
Oboe Concerto: II0'49
Oboe Concerto: III1'08
Oboe Concerto: IV2'02
Oboe Concerto: V0'50
Oboe Concerto: VI3'12
Oboe Concerto: VII1'04
Oboe Concerto: VIII1'06
Oboe Concerto: IX1'05
Oboe Concerto: X3'12
Oboe Concerto: XI3'24
Oboe Concerto: XII2'28
Oboe Concerto: XIII4'56
The Ghost in the Machine14'21
Viola Concerto: Soave sia il vento5'22
Viola Concerto: Torna il tranquillo al mare2'01
Viola Concerto: Distant3'22
Viola Concerto: Placido e il mar2'10
Viola Concerto: Tristansburg4'34
Viola Concerto: Chorale1'52
Viola Concerto: O sia tranquillo il mare6'44

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John Woolrich