Hugh Wood : Symphony/ Scenes from Comus

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Hugh Wood : Symphony/ Scenes from Comus

Hugh Wood's Symphony is his most ambitious work to date: its four movements refer to musical sources as diverse as Mozart, Wagner and Janacek while never detracting from its coherence and power. It is coupled with Wood's setting of Milton's masque.

"One of the outstanding British symphonies of the last century." BBC Music Magazine 2002
Gramophone Awards nomination 2002

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Symphony: Tempesta: oscuro, agitato, minaccioso7'14
Symphony: Elegia: Adagio13'45
Symphony: Scherzo: con fuoco7'43
Symphony: Finale: Calmo12'27
Scenes from Comus: Opening music2'49
Scenes from Comus: The Entrance of the Lady3'45
Scenes from Comus: The Wilde Wood2'40
Scenes from Comus: The Entrance of Comus1'37
Scenes from Comus: 'Rigor now is gon to bed'4'05
Scenes from Comus: The Dances3'31
Scenes from Comus: The Lady Reappears3'15
Scenes from Comus: 'Sabrina Fair'6'25

Composers on this disc

Hugh Wood