Anthony Gilbert : Dream Carousels

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Anthony Gilbert : Dream Carousels

Both Anthony Gilbert's brilliant woodwind writing and his long association with the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester are showcased on this disc, featuring performances by the RNCM's acclaimed New Ensemble and Wind Orchestra.

"With engaging performances and clear, crisp recordings, this disc serves Gilbert's cause admirably. Other companies please take note."
Gramophone 2000

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Dream Carousels: ...and shadow theatre begins3'26
Dream Carousels: ...cyclone breeze5'31
Dream Carousels: ...moths... batter the darkā3'38
Quartet of Beasts: Sirens3'13
Quartet of Beasts: Those which, from a distanceā2'57
Quartet of Beasts: Those which are mythological2'32
Quartet of Beasts: Frenzied creatures3'24
Igorochki: Lullaby1'44
Igorochki: Song5'29
Igorochki: Dance4'22
Igorochki: Improvisation5'09
Igorochki: Moto perpetuo4'28
Six of the Bestiary: Stray dogs1'35
Six of the Bestiary: Those drawn with a fine brush2'33
Six of the Bestiary: Those which have just broken0'12
Six of the Bestiary: Those embalmed3'37
Six of the Bestiary: Those which are included0'15
Six of the Bestiary: Suckling pigs3'05
Towards Asavari: Softly crying cranes6'16
Towards Asavari: Movements to embrace a serpent3'07
Towards Asavari: Swift movements of arm and cloud4'48
Towards Asavari: Movements of shining wind6'52

Composers on this disc

Anthony Gilbert