Barrett/ Ferneyhough/ Fox &c : Tracts

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Barrett/ Ferneyhough/ Fox &c : Tracts

Acclaimed pianist Ian Pace is heard on this disc in an unapologetically avant-garde programme featuring Brian Ferneyhough's gnomic Lemma-Icon-Epigram and Richard Barrett's dense and complex Tract, as well as Chris Dench's complex Topologies, James Erber's You done torn your playhouse down and Christopher Fox's driving lliK-relliK (a tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis).

The Wire 2001 Records of the Year "Awesome performances"
The Wire 2002

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Brian Ferneyhough: Lemma-Icon-Epigram14'25
James Erber: You done torn your playhouse down6'05
Christopher Fox: lliK.relliK: 1 lliK6'00
Christopher Fox: lliK.relliK: 2 relliK9'01
Chris Dench: Topologies11'32
Richard Barrett: Tract I14'36
Richard Barrett: Tract II - hypothesis2'35
Richard Barrett: Tract II - husk1'23
Richard Barrett: Tract II - the light gleams4'10
Richard Barrett: Tract II - lacunae2'07
Richard Barrett: Tract II - as heard so murmured6'16

Composers on this disc

Richard Barrett
Chris Dench
James Erber
Brian Ferneyhough
Christopher Fox