Brian Elias : Laments/ Ratushinskaya Songs

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Brian Elias : Laments/ Ratushinskaya Songs

Elias's acclaimed settings of the anguished poetry of exiled Russian author Irina Ratushinskaya are coupled with Laments, which sets traditional folk texts of loss and mourning in the nearly extinct Sicilian-Greek dialect, Grico

"Shot through with furious dark passion"
The Sunday Times 2000

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
5 Ratushinskaya Songs: 1 It seemed to you5'08
5 Ratushinskaya Songs: 2 And I undid the old shawl3'22
5 Ratushinskaya Songs: 3 No, I'm not afraid6'32
5 Ratushinskaya Songs: 4 Pencil letter7'56
5 Ratushinskaya Songs: 5 Mermaids and stars5'26
Laments: 1 And you, burned heart, weep6'13
Laments: 2 I had in my orchard10'34
Laments: 3 Apples, twelve apples8'49

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Brian Elias