Judith Weir : A Night at the Chinese Opera

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Judith Weir : A Night at the Chinese Opera

Judith Weir's colourful tale of 14th-century China is by turns comic, melodramatic and tragic. Set during the invasion of China by Genghis Khan, it tells the story of orphaned Chao Lin.

"What are those weird, slashing, wondrous orchestral chords? How did she do that?"
New York Times 2002

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Act 1 sc 1: Nightwatchman's Song with Sky Pictures4'12
Act 1 sc 1: Aubade2'34
Act 1 sc 2: Sextet7'16
Act 1 sc 2: Mrs Chin's Peroration1'26
Act 1 sc 3: Kite, in moto perpetuo3'40
Act 1 sc 5: Chansonette1'46
Act 1 sc 4: Aria, with rising floodwaters4'58
Act 1 sc 5: Seven-part Motet3'23
Act 1 sc 6: Finale3'48
Act 2: A Performance - The Wedge (or Prelude)4'36
Act 2: A Performance - 1st Act of The Orphan7'22
Act 2: A Performance - 2nd Act of The Orphan5'57
Act 2: A Performance - 3rd Act of The Orphan6'59
Act 2: A Performance - 4th Act of The Orphan0'58
Coda: Eathquake2'37
Act 3: Introduction - Recitativo1'50
Act 3 Sc 1: Prisoners' Chorus6'44
Act 3 Sc 2: Misterioso4'30
Act 3 Sc 3: The Ascent2'24
Act 3 Sc 4: Scena4'57
Act 3 Sc 5: Nocturne4'48
Act 3 Sc 6: Finale6'20

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Judith Weir