Simon Bainbridge : Ad ora incerta

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Simon Bainbridge : Ad ora incerta

Bainbridge's Grawemeyer Award-winning Ad ora incerta (At an uncertain hour), is a deeply-felt symphonic setting of four poems by Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi. It is coupled with Four Primo Levi Settings.

"The BBC Symphony Orchestra plays beuatifully, fully cognisant of the weight of the message being conveyed... Required listening if ever there was."
BBC Music Magazine 1999

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Ad ora incerta: Il canto del corvo8'21
Ad ora incerta: ll tramonto di Fossoli3'12
Ad ora incerta: Lunedi3'31
Ad ora incerta: Buna14'31
4 Primo Levi Settings: 25 febbraio 19446'05
4 Primo Levi Settings: Attesa6'24
4 Primo Levi Settings: La strega6'21
4 Primo Levi Settings: Da RM Rilke5'29

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Simon Bainbridge