Edward Elgar : Sketches for Symphony No.3

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Edward Elgar : Sketches for Symphony No.3

Elgar's complete sketches for the 3rd Symphony, exactly as the composer left them, are brought to life by pianist David Owen Norris, Robert Gibbs playing Reed's own violin and the BBCSO with a commentary from Anthony Payne.

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Bb minor fragments1'03
Bb minor episode (Elgar/Payne)2'09
1st Movement: Allegro molto maestoso1'13
End of exposition0'59
Violin bowing0'30
End of exposition, 2nd time1'15
Development fragment I0'48
Development fragments ii-iv1'34
Development fragment v0'10
Development fragment vi0'23
Development fragment vii0'15
Development (Elgar/ Payne)2'10
'leading to reprise'1'27
Recapitulation (including orchestral fragments)2'31
'near the end'0'56
Unused fragments1'32
2nd movement: Scherzo: Allegretto1'06
Main theme1'45
D Major episode0'43
Modulating sequence0'20
A-major episode1'15
1st movement theme1'13
Unused fragments1'43
3rd Movement: Adagio solenne2'00
Opening span1'45
Chord progression0'23
Continuation fragment0'13
D major melody3'15
'cumulative cresc'2'45
Eb major melody (Elgar/Payne)1'13
Sequence with variation1'45
'This is the end'1'28
4th Movement: Finale: Allegro1'04
Fanfare (orchestra)1'17
Fanfare & possible continuation2'14
Fanfare & continuation leading to 1st subject1'55
Second subject group I0'43
Second subject group ii0'25
Second subject group iii0'32
Second subject group iv0'17
Second subject group v0'28
G minor theme0'38
1st subject group recapitulation, A minor1'16
1st subject group recapitulation, Ab minor0'57
Unused fragments3'15

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